LQ9 Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


LQ9 Engine Specs

The LQ9 is a 6.0L Gen III small block engine that was used in GM trucks from 2002 to 2007. It was also referred to by the names of Vortec the HO6000 And VortecMAX to serve As A marketing tool.

 Here are A few of its specifications:

Displacement6.0L (364 cubic inches)
Stroke and bore4.00 inches 3.622 inches
Horsepower345 HP (257 kW)
Torque380 lb-ft (515 Nm)
Compression ratio10.1:1
Block materialCast iron
Cylinder headsAluminum
ValvetrainOHV (overhead valve)
Fuel systemElectronic fuel injection
Engine oil capacity6 quarts (5.7 liters)
Type of oil that is recommended5W-30 or synthetic 10W-30
Oil filter typeAC Delco’s PFP48E and equivalent
The typical cost for changing oil$50-$75 (USD)


The LQ9 engine is One of the 6.0L Gen. 3 Small block engines employed for GM vehicles between 2002 And 2007 features A compressive ratio of 10.1:1 with A Horsepower figure of 345 Horsepower And An engine torque rating of 338 Ft-lbs.


If you’re working on this model, it’s essential to Adhere to the precise specifications of torque for various Components to ensure correct Assembly and function. I hope this information is useful to you.


I Thank you for exploring the LQ9 engine specifications, And I wish you all the best in your car-related endeavors!

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