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Oil type: 5W-30; Oil pan drain plug tightening torque: 33 ft/lbs; 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Lexus RX Oil Type 2003-2007 Lexus RX Oil Capacity. 3.3L 6-cyl 3MZ-FE Lexus RX330: Oil capacity with filter: 5 quarts (4.7 liters); Oil type: 5W-30; Oil pan drain plug tightening torque: 33 ft/lbs;

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What kind of oil does a Lexus RX 2010 take?

However, in 2010 models (which still use the 2GR-FE engine) Lexus specifies 0W20 oil only.

How much oil does a Lexus rx450 take?

2022 3.5L 2GR-FXS Lexus RX450 takes 5.8 quarts (5.5 liters) of 0W-20 oil with filter. The engine oil capacity is a suggested amount that should be used when changing the engine oil. Wait more than 5 minutes and check the oil level on the dipstick after turning on and stopping the engine.

What is the capacity of RX 300 engine oil?

Oil capacity (with filter) Oil viscosity (grade) 1MZ-FE RX 300: 4.7 L (5.0 qt., 4.1 lmp.qt.) 5W-30. 10W-30

Why does the RX350 use 5W30 instead of 5W20?

The TSB about the use of 5w20 was for the 3MZ-FE engine (the 3.3 V6 in the RX330/400h). The RX350 uses the 2GR-FE engine (the 3.5 V6) so that probably explains why the later model’s manuals state 5w30.

Oil Change on 2005 Lexus RX330

How to Change the Oil on a Lexus RX330 3.3L V6

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