Kubota ZD1211 Engine Oil Type, Capacity, Filter, & Change Cost


Kubota ZD1211 Engine Oil Type: The maintenance of your ZD1211 Zero-turn mower is essential to ensure the best performance and longevity. 

The most important element is selecting the appropriate engine oil and observing the proper maintenance intervals. 


With a myriad of options for engines and fuel types, understanding the selection of oil could be a bit confusing. 

Worry not, fellow Kubota enthusiasts! This detailed guide will help you understand Kubota’s official guidelines for ZD1211 engine oil capacity, selection of filter, and the cost of changing the filter helping you make informed choices for your favorite lawn mower.


Kubota ZD1211 Engine Oil Type

Kubota ZD1211 Oil Type

The type of oil recommended for your ZD1211 Kubota depends on two important elements: engine type (internal EGR, external EGR, and non-EGR) and the fuel type (Ultra Sulfur Fuel, Ultra Sulfur Fuel, or High Sulfur Diesel Fuel as well as the High Sulfur Diesel fuel). See this table for a quick breakdown of:

Type of EngineType of FuelAPI Classification: Recommended API Classification
External EGR ExternalULSF, LSDFAPI CJ-4 or CJ-4 API or
Notice: Internal EGR engines are not recommended to use in conjunction with HSDF.HSDFN/A

Kubota ZD1211 Oil Capacity  

The capacity of your oil for the Kubota ZD1211 will also vary based on the engine model. Check the owner’s manual to determine the exact capacity of the engine. The typical capacities are 3.7 and 5.3 quarters.

Kubota ZD1211 Oil Filter

 The most recommended oil filter for the Kubota ZD1211 engine would Be the Kubota Original Oil Filter, 57230-3840.

The replacement of the oil filter with each oil change is vital for removing contaminants And ensuring an oil flow that is clean inside the engine.

Kubota ZD1211 Engine Oil Change Cost

Costs for changing the engine oil in the Kubota ZD1211 may depend on factors such as how far you are located, the kind of oil you use, and whether you opt to perform the task yourself or entrust it to an expert. Expect to pay anything from $50-$100 for an oil change or filter change.


kubota ZD1211 Engine Specs 

Engine Specifications
Engine modelKubota D1105
Engine type4-stroke, SOHC, three-cylinders
Displacement1.1 L, 1,123 cm3, (68.5 cu·in)
Bore and stroke78.0 mm X 78.4 mm (3.07 in X 3.09 in)
Max. horsepower25.2 PS (18.5 kW; 24.8 HP) at 3,000 rpm
Cooling systemLiquid-cooled
Coolant capacity:3.5 L (3.7 US. qt, 3.1 Imp. qt.)
Fuel usedDiesel fuel
Starting systemElectric starting with 12V starter
Starting support deviceGlow plug-in the combustion chamber
GovernorAll-speed mechanical governor
Charging systemAlternator 12V
PTO shaft rotationCounterclockwise
Valve clearance
Intake valve clearance:0.145-0.185 mm (0.0057-0.0073 in)
Exhaust valve clearance:0.145-0.185 mm (0.0057-0.0073 in)
Oil system
Lubrication system:Forced lubrication by trochoid pump
Oil type:CF or higher
Recommended oil:SAE 10W-30, 10W-40
Oil capacity:3.9 L (4.1 US. qt, 3.4 Imp. qt.)
Oil pressure:At idle speed: 49 MPa (0.5 kgf/cm2, 7 psi)
At rated speed: 196 to 441 MPa (2.0-4.5 kgf/cm2, 28 to 64 psi)
Oil filter:Full-flow paper filter (Cartridge type)
Oil pressure indicating:Electrical type switch
Oil and oil filter change interval:Every 200 hours
Fuel system
Fuel injection pump:Bosch MD type mini fuel injection pump
Injection nozzle:Mini Nozzle (DNOPD)
Firing order:1-2-3
Injection pressure:13.73 MPa (140 kgf/cm2, 1,991 psi)

Kubota ZD1211 Engine Oil Change

  1. Get the engine warm. Run the mower for A short time to warm the oil, allowing it to be less difficult to drain.
  2. Place the lawnmowers on an even ground and use the brake for parking.
  3. The drain pan should be placed beneath the drain plug that is located At the lower part of the crankcase.
  4. Utilize the socket wrench 14mm for loosening the drain plug. Allow the oil to completely drain.
  5. As the oil drains, you can use the wrench for filtering to take off the old filter. Be careful not to spill any oil.
  6. Clean the surface of the seal on the engine, where the oil filter is mounted.
  7. Spread A fine layer of fresh engine oil on the gasket of the brand-new oil filter.
  8. The New filter onto the oil using your fingers until it is snug up Then tighten it 3/4-1/2 turn using the wrench to tighten the filter. Don’t over-tighten.
  9. Install the drain plug, And tighten it securely.
  10. Inject the fresh engine oil, And check the dipstick regularly until the oil level is At the level. Don’t overfill.
  11. Begin the engine, And Allow it to run for A couple of moments. Check for leaks around the drain plug As well As the oil filter.
  12. Switch off the engine, And check the level of oil. Add more oil when needed.

FAQs – Kubota Zd1211 engine oil type

What kind of engine does a Kubota zd1211 have?

The Kubota ZD1211 is a 2WD zero-turn mower from the ZD1200 series. This mower has been manufactured by Kubota since 2016. The Kubota ZD1211 is equipped with a 1.1 L three-cylinder diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears. The Kubota ZD1211 zero-turn mower used the Kubota D1105 engine.

What type of oil to used in Kubota diesel?

What Type of Oil to Use in Kubota Diesel? 1 Internal Engine Oil. Engine oil in Kubota diesel should be monitored regularly, and you must have the right oil. It is recommended to use … 2 External Lubricating Oil. 3 Power Steering.

How to check the engine oil pressure on a zd1211?

KiSC issued 06, 2017 A ZD1211, ZD1211R, ZD1211L, ZD1211RL, WSMENGINE 1-S13 (2) Lubricating System Engine Oil Pressure 1. Remove the engine oil pressure switch, and set an oil pressure tester. 2. Start the engine. After warming up, measure the oil pressure of both idling and rated speeds. 3.

How to reset the Kubota zd1211 zero-turn mower?

You need to hold down the button on the dash to reset it. But make sure to turn to the on position first. Despite having so many Kubota ZD1211 complaints from various users, it’s still worth having this zero-turn mower.

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Kubota Zd1211 engines require the highest-quality diesel engine oil which conforms to the specifications in the manual for operators. The use of the correct oil is vital to ensure the engine’s performance And durability.

Following the manufacturer’s suggestions And guidelines, you can ensure that your Kubota zd1211 is running smoothly And efficiently.

Thank you for spending this time to go through the article I hope it will help guide you to the Appropriate oil for your Kubota Zd1211.

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