Kohler CV730 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Kohler CV730 oil type: Maintaining your Kohler CV730 engine in tip-top condition is essential to ensure its longevity And maximum performance.

Regular oil change is essential to maintain the health of your engine And understanding the proper oil capacity, type and cost for changing is crucial for maintaining the engine in a proper manner.

In this thorough guide, I’ll explore the specifics of Kohler CV730 oil maintenance. I’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure your engine runs Efficiently.

The Oil Type: The most Recommended type of oil recommended for the Kohler CV730 engine is synthetic 10W-30 oil. This kind of oil offers greater protection and performance, especially under extreme temperatures or operating conditions.

Capacity: The capacity of oil in the Kohler CV730 engine is around 1.6 quarters. It is essential to fill your engine with the right quantity of oil to prevent overfilling or underfilling. This could result in damage to the engine.

Filter: It is important to note that the Kohler CV730 engine is equipped with an oil filter with a spin-on. It’s essential that you replace your oil filter using an authentic Kohler filter or a comparable quality filter to ensure the highest level of cleaning and engine protection.

The cost of change: The price of changing the oil on the Kohler CV730 engine ranges from between $50 to $75. The cost of the oil includes And filter as well as the labor.

Kohler cv730 oil type

The oil of choice for the Kohler CV730 engine will be KOHLER(r) PRO 10-W-50 Synthetic oil. The oil is specifically designed to prolong the oil filter and oil change interval by 300 hours when combined with a KOHLER Pro Extended-Life Oil Filter.

But, you are able to utilize other kinds of oil, however you’ll have to change the filter and oil more often. If you’re using conventional oil, you must replace it once every one hundred hours. If you are using an oil blend made of synthetics you should replace it at least every 200 hours.

This table summarizes the oil suggestions for the Kohler CV730 engine.

Oil TypeChange Interval
KOHLER(r) PRO10W-50 Synthetic oil300 hours
Conventional oil100 hours
Synthetic blend oil200 hours

Kohler cv730 Oil Capacity

Kohler CV730 Kohler CV730 is a 725cc (44.2 cubic inches) single-cylinder, air-cooled four-cycle gasoline engine produced by Kohler Co. from 1998 until 2008. 

The CV730 was specifically designed to be used as a power source for the outdoors like snowblowers and lawn lawnmowers and garden tractors. 

The engine was withdrawn in 2008 as a result of the introduction of Kohler Command’s CV20, which has higher power output and a higher fuel efficiency.

The capacity of oil in Kohler CV730 is Kohler CV730 will be 1.9 U.S. quarts (1.8 Liters). The recommended type of oil for this engine is Kohler PRO 10W-50 oil.

It is crucial to select the correct oil for your engine since using the wrong type of oil could damage your engine. 

If you’re unsure which oil type to apply, it is best to look up the manual of your engine’s owner or call Kohler Customer Service.

Kohler cv730 Oil Filter

It is the Kohler CV730 is a 23.5 HP V-twin engine that is utilized in a range of garden And lawn equipment. It is essential to select the proper filters for the engine in order to ensure it runs well And effectively.

This Kohler CV730 oil filter Functions as a spin-on filter which is situated on the left side that is on the block of the engine.

It is crucial to replace the filter once every 50 hours every year or as often as it is needed, Whichever occurs first. There are several different oil filters suitable for the Kohler CV730 engine such as the following:

Kohler 5205002S Oil Filter

WIX 51334 Oil Filter

Purolator L14459 Oil Filter

Fram The PH2954 Oil Filter

Kawasaki 99999-1023 Filter for Oil

Kohler cv730s Specs

These are the specs of this engine: Kohler CV730S engine.

  1. Type of Engine: 4-stroke, air-cooled V-twin
  2. Displacement: 725 cm (44.2 cubic inches)
  3. Bore Stroke: by 67 mm (3.27 inches by 2.64 inches)
  4. Rate of Compression: 9.0:1
  5. Type of Fuel The type of fuel is Gasoline.
  6. Fuel Capacity is typically 6.5 gallons (24.6 liters)
  7. The Lubrication System: Full-pressure Lubrication utilizing an oil filter
  8. Governor: Mechanical, variable-speed
  9. The Ignition System is Electronic Inflammation, with a solenoid shift starter
  10. Cooling System: Air-cooled
  11. Clean Air: Double element that includes foam pre-cleaner
  12. Capacity of Oil: 2 quarts (1.9 Liters)
  13. Recommended Oil Type SAE 10W-30
  14. Spark Plug Gap: 0.030 inches (0.76 mm)
  15. Spark Plug: Kohler 25 132 12-S or equivalent. Plug: Kohler 25 132 12-S or equivalent
  16. Horsepower: varies based on the model and the purpose
  17. Starter System Starts with Electricity (with recoil backup for certain models)
  18. Dimensions (L x W x H): Varies depending on installation/application
  19. Weight: Varies depending on installation/application

It is important to note that the specifications can differ slightly based on the specific model and the application for the Kohler CV730S engines. 

It is highly recommended to look up the manual of the engine or call Kohler customer service for current and accurate information on the engine’s specifications specific to your model.

 Kohler CV730 Oil Change 

A regular change of oil is vital for maintaining the good health of the Kohler engine. Changing your oil is simple if you follow these steps: 

  1. To guarantee that the oil flows smoothly, it is crucial to warm the engine for a few minutes.
  2. Locate the drain plug for oil under the engine.
  3. Use a container that is suitable for the drain plug to catch the oil left over.
  4. Unplug the drain and let the old oil drain completely.
  5. Replace the drain plug with a strong seal.
  6. Find the cap for oil filling or dipstick, and take it off.
  7. Use the recommended amount of freshly poured SAE 10W-30 engine oil in the.
  8. Make sure the oil level is checked with the dipstick and adjust it if needed.
  9. Replace the cap on the oil filler or dipstick.
  10. Remove the old oil in a safe manner, observing the local rules.

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The right type of oil and ensuring it is properly maintained in the Kohler CV730 engine is vital to its durability and performance to the highest level. 

If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and regularly check the level of oil, replacing the oil in the time intervals specified, you can make sure that your engine runs smoothly and effectively. Be aware that a well-maintained vehicle is a reliable one.

FAQs – Kohler cv730 oil type

What are the parts numbers for a Kohler cv730?

Kohler Cv730 Parts Diagrams CV730-0001 BASIC 23.5 HP (17.5 kW) CV730-0004 BASIC 23.5 HP (17.5 kW) CV730-0005 BUSH HOG 23.5 HP (17.5 kW) CV730-0006 JOHN DEERE 23.5 HP (17.5 kW) CV730-0007 GREAT DANE 23.5 HP (17.5 kW) CV730-0008 GREAT DANE 23.5 HP (17.5 kW) CV730-0009 HUSQVARNA TURF CARE 23.5 HP (17.5 kW)

What type of oil do you use in a Kohler engine?

Use straight 30-weight oil. With service class SG SH, SJ, or higher oil of viscosity specified under “Oil Types”. Kohler Overhead Valve Engines CS Series, CH Series, CV Series, KT Series (7000), LH Series, LV Series, RH Series, SH Series, SV Series, ZT Series, XT Series Engines- Use 10W30 weight oil.

What type of oil is used in a Kohler command pro 999cc engine?

With service class SG SH, SJ or higher oil of viscosity specified under “Oil Types”. Kohler has tested and approved the use of 20W-50 oil in its Command PRO 999cc engines.

Why does Kohler command Universal Oil?

Providing the full protection of an SAE-30 oil at operating temperatures, KOHLER Command universal oil is extremely resistant to viscosity shearing and stays in grade through its normal service life. An excellent “fleet” oil to use in every piece of equipment. Exceeds API service rating SJ.