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Kawasaki fx850v oil type: Remove the oil gauge and wipe it with a clean cloth.. Insert the oil gauge into the tube WITHOUT SCREWING IT IN. o . “. a . e e. ty] FX850V] 2.1 L (2.2 US qt) … FX850V e e e 84.5 x 76 mm (3.33 x 2.99 in.) Displacement 852 mL (52 cu.in.) m n n t m r) 56.4 kg (124 lbs) N OTE.. 40 M M A) NG e … defects or other reproductive harm. For repair/warranty assistance please contact your …

Understanding the Kawasaki FX850V Engine

To appreciate why it’s important to choose appropriate oil, first learn about Kawasaki’s FX850V engine.

This powerful engine can be located in much outdoor power equipment, such as commercial-grade mowers and compact utility vehicles and generators.


The incredibly powerful Kawasaki FX850V V-twin engine is built to handle high-end applications. It is equipped with an 852cc displacement as well as a production of over X horsepower. This makes it well-equipped to tackle demanding tasks effortlessly.

Its engine is equipped with cutting-edge technologies including forced-air cooling electric fuel injection as well as a dual-element air cleaner that ensures optimal performance and long-lasting.

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance and proper care are essential to preserve the engine’s performance and prolong the life that the Kawasaki FX850V motor.

regular oil changes, together with regular inspections, filter adjustments, and tune-ups are essential to maintain top performance. The selection of the appropriate oil is an essential part of this routine maintenance.

Kawasaki FX850V oil type

This Kawasaki FX850V engine generally requires 10W-30 of oil for maximum performance. However, it is always suggested to read the manual for your engine or call a Kawasaki dealer to get the most precise and current information about the oil type and specifications of your particular model of engine.

Kawasaki fx850v oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil of this Kawasaki FX850V engine is 2.2 Liters (2.3 quarts) after the engine has been completely empty and the oil filter has been replaced.

However, it is always recommended to read the manual for your engine or call a Kawasaki dealer to obtain exact information on the oil capacity specific to your model of engine.

Kawasaki fx850v oil Filter

A recommended filter to use for your Kawasaki FX850V engine comes with Kawasaki model number 49065-7007. It is highly recommended to make use of authentic Kawasaki filters or similar superior filters that work with the engine model you have chosen to ensure optimal performance and filtering.

Recommended Oil for Kawasaki FX850V

To ensure that your Kawasaki FX850V engine operates smoothly It is vital to make sure you use the correct oil. Let’s look at the recommended choices that are suitable for this model.

OEM Recommendations

Kawasaki as the producer of the FX850V engine has specific guidelines for the type of oil and viscosity.

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It is strongly advised to choose oils that are compatible with the specifications stipulated in the engine’s user manual, or on Kawasaki’s website of the official Kawasaki website.

The following OEM guidelines will ensure the compatibility of your engine and ensure optimal performance.

Synthetic as compared to. Conventional Oils

When you are deciding on the right oil to use on your Kawasaki FX850V You may encounter a choice between conventional and synthetic oils.

Synthetic oils are more efficient and endurance, particularly when working in high-stress and extreme temperature conditions.

They are better at protecting engines they resist breakdown and also provide extended intervals for oil changes.

If synthetic oils aren’t readily available or suggested by the producer, top-quality conventional oils that meet the specifications can provide sufficient protection and lubrication.

Steps to Change the Oil in a Kawasaki FX850V

A regular change of oil is essential to ensure the condition and performance of the Kawasaki FX850V’s engine. Take these actions to replace your oil in a timely manner:

  1. Step 1: Preparation
    • Make sure you have the items and tools.
    • Check that the engine is cooling and is parked in a level area.
    • Make sure you have a suitable container for the collection of used oil.
  1. Step 2: Draining the Old Oil
    • Find the drain plug for oil in the motor.
    • Place the container on top of the drain plug.
    • Unplug the drain and let the oil completely drain.
    • Install the drain plug and replace it securely.
  2. Step 3: Replacing the Oil Filter
    • Find the oil filter on the engine.
    • Unscrew the old filter in an anticlockwise direction.
    • Apply a thin layer of fresh oil on the gasket made of rubber on the fresh filter.
    • Install the new filter into the place and tighten it in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Step 4: Adding Fresh Oil
    • Consult the manual of use for how much oil to use.
    • Slowly add the recommended oil to the tube for filling with oil.
    • Do not overfill the tank; ensure that the level of oil is within the specified range.
  4. Step 5: Checking the Oil Level
    • Get the motor started and allow it to run for couple of minutes.
    • Switch off the engine, and allow it to rest for a few seconds.
    • Verify the level of oil with the dipstick.
    • If necessary, add more oil until you reach the ideal level.
  5. Step 6: Proper Disposal
    • Get rid of used oil and filter at a licensed recycling facility.

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The right type of oil is vital to ensure the performance, efficiency, and durability of Your Kawasaki FX850V motor.

If you follow the OEM guidelines, changing regularly the oil and performing regular maintenance, you will ensure that your engine is running at a high level for many years to come.

FAQ kawasaki fx850v oil type

What kind of engine does a Kawasaki fx850v have?

The FX850V engine is precision-built to bring power to the toughest jobs you’ve got. Serious torque is on tap with this V-twin 4-cycle engine with a heavy-duty shift-type starter and twin barrel, internally vented carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid. Major power and commercial-grade strength are on tap from the Kawasaki FX Series engines.

What kind of lubrication does the fx850v motor use?

The FX850V motor uses a high-performance lubrication system with a high-efficiency oil cooler and double or multi-stage canister air filter.

What type of oil is for Kawasaki fr730v?

Kawasaki’s oil recombinations are based on using conventional oils, but their only recommendation is using an API SF, SG, SH, Sj, or SL. Since those are all older ratings, you can use the latest API SN, since it is backward compatible. I have a Kawasaki FR730V and saw the oil recommendation are identical.

What oil do you use in your Kawasaki?

I’d just use the Kawasaki label 10w-40 Syn Blend w/ Zinc. It’s priced pretty reasonably for the quality of the oil. For extreme hot weather, they recommend the 20w-50 or the new Full Synthetic 15w-50.

What’s the suggested oil type for the Kawasaki FX850V engine? 

The recommended oil type to use with the Kawasaki FX850V motor is 10W-30 or 10W-40 oil for the engine.

What is the possibility of using synthetic oil in the Kawasaki FX850V engine?

Yes, synthetic oils are a possibility for the engine of the Kawasaki FX850V. It offers enhanced performance and protection.

 How often should I clean the engine oil of the Kawasaki FX850V engine? 

Oil in the Kawasaki FX850V engine needs to be replaced every 100 hours or at a minimum, once per year, whichever occurs first.

 What is the capacity of oil that the Kawasaki engine FX850V has? 

The capacity for oil for the Kawasaki FX850V engine is about 2.2 Liters (2.3 Quarts) after the oil filter is changed.

Do I need to change the oil filter after making changes to the oil of the Kawasaki FX850V engine? 

It is suggested to replace the filter every time you change your oil on the Kawasaki FX850V engine in order to ensure maximum performance and filtration.

How can check the level of oil in the Kawasaki FX850V motor? 

To determine the level of oil in the Kawasaki FX850V engine, make sure the engine is not running and is on an even surface. Dismantle the dipstick and clean it and then insert it back into the engine without screwing it back in, then verify the level of oil in the dipstick.

What do I do if my lower level of oil is in the Kawasaki FX850V Engine? 

If the level of oil is very low within the Kawasaki motor, start adding the recommended oil type gradually until the level is at the maximum limit of the dipstick. Be careful not to overfill.

Do I have the ability to mix different grades or brands of oil inside the Kawasaki FX850V Engine? 

It is generally advised to not mix different grades or brands of oil within the Kawasaki FX850V engine in order to ensure top performance and optimal quality of lubrication. Make sure to stick with the same brand and type for optimal results.

Where can I find more information on the oil requirements of the Kawasaki FX850V model? 

For complete and specific information on the oil requirements of Kawasaki FX850V, refer to the Kawasaki FX850V engine consult the engine owner’s manual, or contact the Kawasaki authorized Kawasaki Service center.