Kawasaki fr730v Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

Kawasaki fr730v Oil Type: To ensure that your Kawasaki engine operates at its maximum efficiency, make sure you regularly change and check the oil. 

It is recommended to perform the first oil change on a brand-new engine within 25 hours of use and followed by every 100 hours when required. 

We suggest you monitor your oil levels regularly and make sure you use genuine Kawasaki 4 Stroke Engine oil. 

To ensure that changing your oil is quick, simple, and easy buy yourself a Kawasaki oil drain hose! Check out the chart below for quick reference to determine the correct engine oil to fit your Kawasaki Engine fast.

Kawasaki FR730V (726 ccs, 22.2/24.0 HP) V-Twin vertical engine specifications: horsepower and torque, cylinder compression, valve clearance, …

Kawasaki Fr730v Type of Oil

The Kawasaki engine FR730V typically requires SAE 10W-30 oil to achieve the best performance. It is however recommended to check the owner’s manual to determine the exact type of oil and viscosity suggested by the maker.

Kawasaki Fre730v oil capacity

The capacity of oil for the Kawasaki FR730V engine will be about 2.1 quarters (2.0 Liters) in the event that the oil filter is also replaced.

However, it is always recommended to check the manual of the owner for the specific capacity for oil suggested by the company that makes it.

Kawasaki Fr730v oil filter

The oil filter on the Kawasaki engine FR730V is a typical spin-on type that is designed to eliminate contaminants from the engine’s oil.

The exact model of the oil filter and the part number suggested by the manufacturer is available in the user’s guide. To maximize engine performance and longevity, pick the manufacturer-recommended filter.

When replacing the oil filter, make certain to grease the rubber gasket of the new filter using only a tiny amount of oil that is fresh to ensure that the seal is good.

Kawasaki Engine Specifications

Engine Specifications

Model FR730V
Type 4-stroke, OHV, V-twin 90°
Displacement 726 cm 3 (44.3 cu-in)
Max. horsepower 22.6 PS (16.6 KW; 22.2 HP) at 3,600 rpm
24.3 PS (17.9 KW; 24.0 HP) at 3,600 rpm
Max. torque (crank PTO) 54.3 Nm (5.5 kg·m; 40.0 ft·lb) at 2,000 rpm
53.9 Nm (5.5 kg·m; 39.8 ft·lb) at 2,200 rpm
Carburetor Internally vented with fuel shut-off solenoid
Cooling system Air-cooling
Ignition system Electronic spark ignition
Lubricating system Full pressure with spin-on oil filter
Starting system Bendix type starter
Charging system 13A or 20A charge coil (option)
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline (octane number 86 or higher)
Fuel consumption 245 g/HPh
Cooling system Pressurized forced circulation type

Recommendations for Engine Oil for the Kawasaki fr730v

The Kawasaki FR730V engine oil recommended is a high-quality, 4-stroke motor oil that meets or surpasses the following specifications:

  • SF or SG API service classification
  • SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 viscosity grade
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It is critical to use the proper grade of oil for your engine and climate. Using the incorrect grade of oil might damage the engine and void the warranty. For more information on the recommended oil for your specific Kawasaki FR730V model, as well as the oil filter replacement interval, consult your owner’s manual or a trained mechanic.

Kawasaki Fr730v Oil Change

For the process of changing the oil on the Kawasaki engine take these steps:

  1. Start the engine by running it for a few minutes.
  2. Switch off the engine and locate the drain plug at the bottom of the engine.
  3. Install a drain pan under the drain plug. Remove the plug in order to drain the old oil from the pan.
  4. When the old oil has gone completely, you can replace the plug that drains.
  5. Get rid of the old oil filter with the wrench for oil filters, and remove it from the area in a safe manner.
  6. The gasket’s rubber should be lubricated on the oil filter using only a tiny amount of oil that is fresh.
  7. Install the new filter with your hands, and tighten it till the gasket is in contact with the engine, then tighten it another half turn.
  8. Pour the recommended amount of new oil into the fill port. Make use of a funnel to prevent spills.
  9. Check the oil level with the dipstick and add additional to reach the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  10. The engine should be started and left it run for a couple of minutes. Then, examine for leaks in the oil drain plug and the oil filter.
  11. Shut off the engine and then check the level of oil and add additional oil as needed.

It is essential to get rid of old oil and filter it according to local regulations.

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The powerful and reliable four-stroke, air-cooled, V-twin gasoline engine Kawasaki FR730V is utilized in lawn tractors and other outdoor power equipment. Its two-cylinder, 726 cc engine develops 23.5 horsepower at 3,600 rpm and 37.5 lb-ft of torque at 2,600 rpm.

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A full-pressure lubrication system, electronic ignition system, and big air filter improve performance, dependability, and durability.

It’s designed for vertical shaft engines and commercial and heavy-duty use. For engine specs and maintenance, see the owner’s manual or a licensed mechanic.

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FAQ kawasaki fr730v oil type

Kawasaki fr730v?

Lawn tractors and other outdoor power equipment employ Kawasaki FR730V four-stroke, air-cooled, V-twin gasoline engines. Two-cylinder, 726cc, electronic ignition. It’s built to last.
A full-pressure lubrication system with an oil filter and a big air filter improves airflow to the engine and lengthens its life. It’s a good commercial and heavy-duty engine for larger lawns and mountainous terrain. Vertical shaft engines are great for machinery that needs them.

What kind of oil does a Kawasaki fr691v take?

Although 10W-40 engine oil is recommended for most conditions, the oil viscosity may need to be changed to accommodate seasonal temperature changes. What oil filter fits a Kawasaki fr691v? The Oil Filter for Kawasaki 22 – 24 HP Engines is designed for use with Kawasaki engine models FR651V-AS04, FR691V-AS04, and FR691V-AS05.

What kind of oil does a Kawasaki fs730v take?

Although 10W-40 engine oil is recommended for most conditions, the oil viscosity may need to be changed to accommodate seasonal temperature changes. Click to see the full answer. Similarly, what kind of oil does a Kawasaki fs730v take?

What kind of engine does the Kawasaki fr series have?

This forced air-cooled v-twin engine has a rotating grass screen and electronic spark ignition. Pros trust Kawasaki Power for dogged toughness in their machines, year after year. That same strength and quality are ready for deployment at home in the all-new FR Series engines.

What kind of engine oil do I put in the Kawasaki FR730V engine?

Kawasaki suggests using SAE 10W-30 oil that has API classifications of SF, SH, SG, SJ, and SL or higher.

Can I use synthetic oil on the engine of my Kawasaki F730V?

Yes, synthetic oils with an API classification of SF, SH, SG, and SL or greater can be utilized in the FR730V engine.

What is the capacity of oil for the Kawasaki FR730V motor?

The capacity of oil in the FR730V engine is about 2.2 quarters (2.1 Liters).

How often do I need to replace the oil on the Kawasaki FR730V engine?

Kawasaki recommends replacing the oil and filters every 100 hours or every year depending on what happens first.

Do I have to make use of Kawasaki brand oil in my FR730V motor?

There is no need to, Kawasaki does not require to use their brand oil. Any oil that meets the API classification SF and SG or SH SJ, SL or greater is acceptable.

How can I test the level of oil in the Kawasaki FR730V engine?

The level of the oil can be measured by using the dipstick on the rear that of your engine. The engine should be at a comfortable temperature and level before you check the level of the oil.

Are there any ways to combine different kinds of oils or brands within my engine of Kawasaki’s FR730V?

It isn’t advised to mix different weights or brands of oil within the FR730V engine.

Can I use the same oil filter from the Kawasaki engine?

It’s not, Kawasaki recommends replacing the oil filter at every oil change to ensure that the filter is functioning properly.

If I put the wrong oil in the Kawasaki FR730V engine?

Making use of the wrong oil can cause engine failure or damage, and could void the warranty. Always ensure that you use the correct oil type and make sure to change the oil in accordance with guidelines for.