Kawasaki FR651V Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


Kawasaki fr651v oil type: If you’re the owner of an engine and you’re aware of the significance of having it maintain the highest velocity.

The most crucial aspect of maintenance for your engine is making sure you use the correct oil. If you use the wrong oil could cause damage to your engine or reduce performance and even invalidate your warranty.


There is a myriad of types of oil to choose from it can be difficult to determine which type you should choose to use on your Kawasaki FR651V engine.

In this article, we’ll detail everything you should be aware of about Kawasaki FR651V type of oil. We will discuss the specifications along with recommended brands, as well as maintenance tips to help keep your engine running efficiently for the years to come.


Kawasaki Fr651v Oil Type

The Kawasaki FR651V engine needs 10W-30 of oil to achieve the best performance. It is recommended to use top-quality oil that conforms to or surpasses that of the API (American Petroleum Institute) classification of SJ or later. 

Always consult the user’s manual or consult manufacturers for the most up-to-date and up-to-date information about maintenance and oil types.

Kawasaki fr651v Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil for the Kawasaki FR651V engine will be 2.2 milliliters (2.1 quarters). It includes oil filters. If you are changing your oil, it’s advised that you add 2.0 Liters (1.9 Quarts) of oil, and then examine the level. If required, add additional oil until the level is at that “full” mark on the dipstick.

This is a list listing capacity of oil that are available for Kawasaki FR engine models:

Engine ModelOil Capacity (liters)Oil Capacity (quarts)

Kawasaki FR651V Oil Type Specifications:

Before we get into the recommended oils Let’s review the specs of the Kawasaki FR651V oil type. Kawasaki the FR651V type of oil:

  • Type of Oil: 4-stroke, and 4-cycle motor oil
  • Oil Viscosity: SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40
  • Capacity for Oil: 2.1 quarts (2.0 liters) with filter change 1.9 Quarts (1.8 Liters) without change of filter

It’s crucial to choose the correct viscosity of oil that is appropriate for the engine you are using. The viscosity refers back to how well the oil circulates at various temperatures.

SAE 10W-30, as well as 10W-40, are both appropriate to be used with Kawasaki’s FR651V engine. Kawasaki FR651V engine. In warmer climates, use 10W-30 and 10W-40.

Kawasaki fr651v Oil Filter

The Kawasaki engine FR651V typically has an oil filter with #49065-7007. It is nevertheless important to read the user’s manual or consult the manufacturer to confirm the proper oil filter that is suitable for your particular model. 


Following the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding oil filter selection and replacement will ensure the engine’s efficiency and endurance.

Kawasaki fr651v Oil Change

For an oil replacement on your Kawasaki FR651V engine follow these steps:

  1. Start the engine. Start the engine and run it for 5 minutes or so to warm the oil. This will help it easier to drain.

  2. The drain pan should be placed. Place a drain pan underneath the drain plug, which is on the lower part of the engine.

  3. Disconnect the drain plug for oil. Use a socket wrench to take off the plug that drains oil. Make sure not to Overtighten the drain plug after you install it.

  4. The oil should be removed. The oil should go to the pan for Draining. Let the oil completely drain.

  5. Change the filter. Wipe off the surface of the oil filter that is used to mount it. Spread a small Amount of new oil on the seal of the filter. The new oil filter should be screwed onto The surface of the mounting by hand until it is secure. Do not over-tighten.

  6. Replace the draining plug. Install the oil drain plug and then tighten it in Place using the socket wrench.

  7. Make sure to add new motor oil. Use a funnel to Add 2.0 Liters (1.9 Quarts) of the latest SAE 30 Motor oil into the.

  8. Check the level of oil. Use the dipstick to determine the level of oil. The Level of oil should fall somewhere between the “min” & “max” marks on the dipstick. If needed, Add more oil.

  9. Begin the engine. Start the engine And allow it to run for a short period of time. Examine for leaks around the drain plug for oil And the filter.

  10. Get rid of old oils and filters. Properly dispose of the filter And oil that is no Longer in use at an auto recycling center or parts retailer.

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Final word

The Kawasaki FR651V engine requires SAE 10W-30 oil for operation. It is important to use a high-quality oil that meets the API classification SJ or later.

Be sure to check the oil level regularly and change the oil at the recommended intervals outlined in the owner’s manual to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your engine.

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FAQs – kawasaki fr651v oil type

What kind of oil does a Kawasaki fr691v take?

Although 10W-40 engine oil is the recommended oil for most conditions, the oil viscosity may need to be changed to accommodate seasonal temperature changes. What oil filter fits a Kawasaki fr691v? The Oil Filter for Kawasaki 22 – 24 HP Engines is designed for use with Kawasaki engine models FR651V-AS04, FR691V-AS04, and FR691V-AS05.

How much oil do you put in a fr651v oil filter?

Coat the seal on the new filter with new engine oil, then screw it onto the engine. Once it seats, turn the filter another ¾ turn to get a good seal.
The FR651V, FR691V, and FR730V all hold 1.9 quarts of oil with the filter installed. When replacing the oil filter, add 2.2 quarts of oil to top off both the crankcase and the filter.

How do you maintain a Kawasaki fr651v?

Here’s what you need to know to maintain your Kawasaki FR651V, FR691V, or FR730V. – Change the oil. – Clean the paper air filter element. – Clean the cylinders and fins. – Check nuts and screws on the engine for tightness. – Change the oil. – Clean and gap the spark plugs.

What kind of engine does an FR651V have?

The FR651V has 90 90-degree V-twin design with a vertical PTO shaft, overhead valves, cast iron cylinder liners, and spherical combustion chamber, rotating metal grass chopper screen. The engine is equipped with an electronic spark ignition system and an internally vented carburetor with a fuel shut-off solenoid.