Johnson 55hp gear oil type [Update 2023] ❤️


Johnson 55hp gear oil type: When you are looking to maintain maintenance on your Johnson 55hp Outboard Motor selecting the correct gear oil is essential. 

The type of gear oil you select will not only guarantee the smooth operation of your motor but also safeguards the internal parts of the engine. 


In this article, we’ll look at the various types of gear oil that work with the Johnson 55hp Outboard Motor and provide useful information on their advantages and uses. Let’s begin!

Johnson 55hp Gear Oil type

It is believed that the Johnson 55hp Outboard Motor requires a certain kind of gear oil to ensure the best performance.


The recommended type of gear oil for the Johnson 55hp outboard motor is usually a marine-specific gear oil that is in line with the specifications of the manufacturer.

It is important to read the manual of the owner or the Johnson outboard dealer for the specific gear oil type and specifications for your particular type and model.

Making sure you use the right gear oil will ensure the smooth operation and proper lubrication of gears inside the motor.

Johnson 55hp Gear Oil Capacity

The capacity of the gear oil in a Johnson 55hp motor outboard can differ depending on the particular model and the year.

It is recommended to check the manual of the owner or a Johnson outboard dealer to find the exact capacity of gear oil for your specific motor. They can give you the most accurate information on the particular version and the year.

The recommended capacity of the gear oil will ensure that you have the correct lubrication and performance for an outboard motor.

Selecting the Best Gear Oil for your Johnson Outboard motor 55 HP

OEM-Recommended Gear Oil

For the best quality and durability, it’s recommended to make use of the gear oil recommended by the manufacturer of the original equipment (OEM). 

The recommended gear oil by OEM is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Johnson 55hp outboard motor. It is compatible and offers an excellent shield against corrosion, wear, and foaming.

Synthetic Gear Oil

Synthetic gear oil gives you better protection and lubrication compared to conventional mineral gear oils. 

It has specially engineered additives that increase resistance to oxidation, heat, and shear. Synthetic gear oil can also provide more efficient cold-weather performance and extends the life of the components in your gearcase.

Mineral Gear Oil

Mineral gear oil sometimes referred to by the name conventional gear oil is an economical alternative to maintain your Johnson 55hp Outboard Motor. 

It meets the essential needs of lubrication for gears and offers adequate protection against corrosion and wear. 

Although mineral gear oil might not provide the same efficiency as synthetic oil does, it’s an excellent option for routine maintenance.

How do you change Gear Oil in the Johnson 55hp outboard motor

The regular maintenance of the gear oil on the Johnson 55hp motor outboard is crucial to maintaining the highest performance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you in the procedure:

Gathering the necessary tools and Materials

Before beginning you must gather all the equipment and materials, including the right container for storing the old oil as well as a socket wrench, an Allen wrench (depending on the drain plug model) as well as a gear oil pump, fresh engine oil, and a new gasket to drain the oil from your plug, should you require it.


 The old Gear Oil

Find the drain plug in the gearcase and remove it with the correct tool. Allow the old oil to completely drain into the container. Remove the drain pipe and examine the gasket for signs of wear or damage.

Inspection of the Oil Drain Plug and Gasket

Examine the drain plug of your oil for any metal shavings. If you spot any serious wear or damage you should consider replacing the plug. Also, look at your gasket, and replace it when you find it necessary.

Then fill your Gearcase with Fresh Gear Oil

Attach the pump for the gear oil to the new container for oil in the gear and then insert the pump nozzle through the oil fill hole in the gear case. 

Inject the gear oil through the case until it is at the recommended oil level as specified by the manufacturer.

Verifying the Level of Oil

After filling the gearcase with oil, replace the plug to fill with oil with a secure fit. Remove any oil that has spilled. 

Begin with your Johnson 55hp Outboard Motor, and let it run for a couple of minutes. Make sure to check the oil level and add more oil if required.


Selecting the correct motor oil that is suitable for the Johnson 55hp motor for the outboard is vital to maintaining the highest performance and securing all internal elements. 

Take into consideration the recommendations of the manufacturer as well as your particular usage needs and the specific characteristics of the gear oil. 

Regular maintenance and regular oil replacement intervals will ensure efficient operation and prolong the life that your motor outboard.

FAQs – Johnson 55hp gear oil type

How much oil does a Johnson Evinrude hold?

not present JOHNSON/EvINRUDE JOHNSON/EvINRUDE JOHNSON/EvINRUDE JOHNSON/EvINRUDE Model Year Oil Capacity Std. Oil Capacity Metric Filter 4/5 2003-05 23.6 Oz 700 ml N/A 5 2000-01 27.0 Oz 798 ml N/A 6 2003-04 27.0 Oz 798 ml N/A 13 more rows …

How do I change the oil in the gearcase?

You simply remove the lower drain screw, place an oil pan under the gearcase, remove the vent screw, and let the old oil fully drain. Note the color of the oil that exits first.

Where to get Gearcase Lube?

I would personally go to your local dealer and pick up a bottle of the Hi-Vis Gearcase Lube and the needed oil. Don’t forget to get some new crush washers for behind the drain and vent screws.

Are Johnson/Evinrude lower units interchangeable?

It is true that Johnson / Evinrude lower units can be interchanged however, you can’t rely on visual comparison alone. I want to share with you two things in this blog:

What kind of gear oil do I need to use in the Johnson 55hp motor? 

The gear oil recommended for the Johnson 55hp outboard motor is usually a marine-specific type of gear oil that complies with the specifications of the manufacturer.

Why is it essential to select the recommended type of gear oil?

 The recommended type of gear oil will ensure the proper lubrication and security for the gears of your outboard motor, which will ensure efficient operation and increase the life of your motor.

Do I have to use auto gear oil in place or marine-specific gear oils?

This isn’t recommended. use automotive gear oil on the marine outboard motor. The marine-specific gear oil has been designed to stand up to the specific operating conditions and exposure to moisture within marine conditions.