John Deere B Oil Type, Capacity & Engine Specs [2024] ❤️

John Deere B Oil Type: The ownership of A John Deere B tractor is A responsibility that includes maintaining it properly And that you use the right oil is A vital aspect of it. 

In this post I will look at the best oil choices that work with this John Deere B tractor, highlighting their advantages, capacity, And recommended intervals for oil changes.

Top Oils for John Deere B

  1. Modern Multigrade Detergent Oil

    • This oil would be recommended for a John Deere B tractor. 
    • Benefits: Provides superior cleaning of the engine as well as wear and tear protection.
    • Capacity: According to manufacturer’s guidelines.
    • Oil Change Period: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. 15W-40 Oil

    • 15W-40 is an often employed oil that is used by tractors for instance, those made by the John Deere 2. 
    • Benefits: Provides all-weather performance, as well as engine protection.
    • Capacity: By the manufacturer’s guidelines.
    • Oil Change Period: Follow the guidelines of the manufacturer.
  3. Shell Rotella 10W-30 or 15W-40

    • These oils can be used in 2-cylinder Deere Tractors, including those of the John Deere B.
    • Benefits: Ensures reliability as well as engine safety.
    • Capacity: Per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
    • Oil Change Period: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

John Deere B Engine Specs 

General Specifications

ModelJohn Deere B
Length3,180 mm (125.2 in)
Width2,120 mm (83.5 in)
Height (hood)1,470 mm (57.9 in)
Wheelbase2,150 mm (84.6 in)
Weight (shipping)1,315 kg (2,899 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity45.4 liters (12 US gal.; 10 Imp. gal)
Cabin typeOpen operator station


Engine modelJohn Deere
Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel typeAll-fuel
Displacement2.9 L, 2,868 cm2, (175.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke114.0 mm X 140.0 mm (4.49 in X 5.51 in)
Compression ratio4.71:1
StarterHand-crank or electric (optional)
Oil capacity:6.6 L (7 US. qt, 5.8 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity:23.7 L (25 US. qt, 20.9 Imp. qt.)

FAQs – John Deere B oil type

What is a John Deere B tractor?

John Deere B, a small tractor model, serves row-crop farmers. It caters to those seeking a smaller alternative to the John Deere A model.

What are the specs of a John Deere B engine?

The John Deere B model is equipped with a 149 ci (2. 4 L) 2-cylinder thermoelectric cooling engine. It has a dry air cleaner system and produces a gross power of about 22. 2 hp to 27. 58 hp. The engine’s bore stroke is around 4. 25×5. 25 inches or 108 x 133 mm. And Its compression rate is 4. 71:1.

Where is the serial number on a John Deere B tractor?

The serial number plate of the John Deere B Tractor is located on the rear of the tractor. Below is the chart of serial numbers against their manufacturing year.

What kind of transmission does a John Deere tractor have?

John Deere B is provided with an unsynchronized transmission system with a dry disc clutch system. The tractor has 4 forward and 1 reverse gear. Its transmission system has an oil capacity of 7 qts (6.6 L) and 22 qts (20.8 L) coolant capacity.

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choosing the right oil And following the suggested intervals for change is vital for ensuring the longevity And performance of the John Deere tractor. 

Always read the tractor’s manual And the instructions of the manufacturer of your oil to get the most effective results.

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