John Deere 855 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


John Deere 855 Oil Type: The maintenance of maintenance on your John Deere 855 tractor is vital for maximum performance And long-lasting. A crucial part of Maintaining is making sure your tractor is running the correct type of oil And capacity. This guide will give you all the details you require to ensure your tractor John Deere 855 works Effortlessly.

Oil Type: The most recommended type of oil for the John Deere tractor is 5-W-40 synthetic oils. This oil is specifically designed to offer superior protection in many operating conditions.


Capacity Of Oil:  The capacity of your oil for the John Deere tractor is roughly 8.5 cubic inches. It is crucial to make sure you use the right amount of oil in order to avoid filling too much or underfilling the tractor’s engine.

Oil Filter: The most recommended oil filter for your John Deere 855 tractor is a John Deere 3000A filter. This filter is made to trap harmful pollutants and safeguard the engine of your tractor.


Oil Change Cost:  The cost of changing the oil on an 855-type John Deere tractor is between $50-$100. The Cost will depend on the labor cost in your area as well as the kind of oil you are using.

John Deere 855 oil type

The suggested oil for John Deere 855 is John Deere PLUS-50™ 15W-40 Engine Oil—a premium synthetic blend crafted to precisely cater to John Deere engine requirements.

This high-performance oil offers exceptional protection against corrosion, wear, and high temperatures, while also enhancing emissions and fuel efficiency.

The capacity of oil for the motor is 3.8 quarters (3.6 milliliters). The capacity of the oil filter is one pint (0.5 quarts/0.47 Liters).

Here is an overview of the oil type that is recommended to use on the John Deere 855:

Engine oilJohn Deere PLUS-50(tm) 15W-40 Engine Oil3.8 quarts (3.6 liters)
Oil filterJohn Deere JDM762811 pint (0.5 quarts/0.47 liters)
Hydraulic fluidJohn Deere PLUS-30(tm) Hydraulic Fluid4.5 quarts (4.3 liters)
Front axle fluidJohn Deere PLUS-15(tm) Front Axle Fluid2.25 quarts (2.1 liters)

John Deere 855 Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil tank on the John Deere 8555 can differ based of its model year and the engine configuration. 

The general capacity of the oil in a John Deere 855″ is 1.7 1 liters (1.8 quarts) after a filter change. This includes engine oil as well as an oil in the front differential for 4WD.

Here is an overview of the capacities of the oil for various John Deere models:

Model YearEngineCapacity for Oil (with filter)
2001-20044004S1.7 liters (1.8 quarts)
2005-20094004SS1.7 liters (1.8 quarts)
2010-20194004SSV1.7 liters (1.8 quarts)
2020-Present4004SD1.7 liters (1.8 quarts)

John Deere 855 Oil Filter

The John Deere 855 has an engine oil filter that is spin-on. Its John Deere part number for the oil filter is M801002. The other compatible filters for oil are:

  • WIX 51353
  • Baldwin P169078
  • Napa 169078
  • K&N HP-2009

The oil filter is situated on the right-hand part of the motor near in front. To replace the filter it is necessary to require a socket wrench with a diameter of 27mm.

John Deere 855 Oil Change 

Change the oil in the John Deere 855 tractor a straightforward job that you can complete yourself. Here are some guidelines to remember:

Check the Oil Level: Prior to changing your oil be sure you check the level of oil. The oil level should be between the marks of high and low at the bottom of your dipstick.

Warm Up the Engine: The engine must be warmed up for a few minutes before changing the oil. Warm oil flows more easily and aids in the removal of any contaminants.

Remove the Oil: By putting a drain pan on top of the drain plug and taking out the plug, you may drain the oil. Once the oil is evaporated, replace the plug.

Replace the Filter: Take the oil filter off to replace it with a fresh one. Make sure you coat the gasket on the new filter with oil prior to putting it in place.

Add the New Oil: Apply the recommended type of oil to the motor. Verify the level of oil with the dipstick, and add additional oil as required.


Based on my study, the preferred oil for the John Deere 855 tractor would be 10W-30 or 15W-40 oil that has specifications of American Petroleum Institute (API) service classification of CF or higher.

It is crucial to choose premium oil that is in line with these requirements to ensure adequate engine performance and lubrication. engine.

Furthermore, it is essential to replace the oil frequently in accordance to the manufacturer’s suggested intervals to ensure the engine’s health.

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FAQs – John Deere 855 oil type

What kind of oil do you use in a John Deere?

Plus-50™ II Engine Oil. Designed and tested by John Deere engineers. Recommended by engineers who design, develop, and test John Deere engines. Formulated to perform up to 500 hours in your John Deere engine*. Reduces downtime. Next-generation low ash CK-4 formula. Meets performance and emission requirements for all four-stroke diesel engines.

What kind of engine does a John Deere 950 have?

The John Deere 950 is a 2WD or 4WD compact utility tractor from the 50 Compact series. This tractor was manufactured by Yanmar for John Deere from 1978 to 1989. The JD 950 is equipped with a 1.7 L three-cylinder diesel engine and gear-type transmission with dry disc clutch and 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

What kind of grease does John Deere use?

Multi-Purpose SD Polyurea Grease John Deere’s best multi-purpose grease. Top-notch protection against high temperatures and extreme pressure. Ideal for wheel bearings, U-joints, and other grease points that need heavy-duty protection.

How much horsepower is a John Deere 5D tractor?

John Deere 5D series tractors range from 36 HP to 55 HP. The 5D series tractors are multi-utility in nature and efficient in both agricultural applications as well as heavy-duty haulage.