John Deere 410 Hydraulic Oil Type, Capacity & Engine Specs


John Deere 410 Hydraulic Oil Type: Maintaining the optimal level of hydraulic oil within the John Deere 410 tractor is essential to ensure An efficient operation, avoiding component wear And prolonging its life span. 

Selecting the correct type of oil, knowing the capacity, And maintaining the proper intervals for change Are crucial elements of ensuring proper hydraulic system maintenance. 


This guide, which is compiled from The official John Deere sources, provides the most current information About John Deere 410 hydraulic oil that is laid out in A clear And succinct table format for quick study.

John Deere 410 Hydraulic Oil type

John Deere recommends using John Deere Hy-Gard(tm) Low Viscosity Hydraulic Oil (LVHO) for your tractor model 410. 


This oil with high-performance properties is designed to meet the rigorous specifications of John Deere’s hydraulic systems.

It offers outstanding wear protection, superior cold-flow properties, And superior system performance over a wide temperature range.

John Deere 410 Hydraulic Oil Capacity

The John Deere 405 tractor’s hydraulic system’s capacity differs According to the type And model. Check the operating manual for exact capacity. This is a general guideline:

ModelCapacity (Liters/Gallons)
410A25.5 L (6.7 gal)
410B27.1 L (7.2 gal)
410C28.7 L (7.6 gal)

John Deere 410 Hydraulic Oil Filter

John Deere recommends using the John Deere RE50077 Hydraulic Oil Filter for your tractor model 410. 

This filter is of high quality And effectively eliminates contaminants from hydraulic oil, safeguarding your equipment from wear and wear and tear.

John Deere 410 Hydraulic Oil Change Interval

The recommended changing of the hydraulic oil And filter time for the John Deere tractor 410 is based on various variables, including operating conditions, type of oil, And the filter type. Refer to the operator’s manual for the recommended change interval for your particular tractor. 


It is generally recommended to change the filter and oil every twelve months or every 200 hours of operation or so, whichever is first.

John Deere 410 Hydraulic Oil Change Cost

The price associated with John Deere Hy-Gard(tm) LVO as well as the John Deere RE50077 Hydraulic Oil Filter will differ based on the area of residence And the retailer. Expect to pay $30 to $40 per gallon of oil and 10 to $15 to purchase the filters.

FAQs – John Deere 410 hydraulic oil type

What kind of engine does a John Deere 410D have?

The John Deere 410D is a 2WD or 4WD backhoe loader tractor manufactured by John Deere from 1991 to 1997. The 4.5 L (276.0 cu·in) four-cylinder diesel engine and transmission with 4 forward and 4 reverse gears equip the John Deere 410D.

What grade of hydraulic oil does John Deere use?

Contrastingly, Hy-Gard boasts a lower viscosity with ISO 32, distinct from its relatives with ISO 46 and 68. Tailored for John Deere, these hydraulic oils find application beyond, serving various non-John Deere machines.

Can I refill my John Deere tractor with hydraulic fluid?

For optimal performance, always use recommended fluids when refilling or topping off levels in your John Deere tractor. The choice of hydraulic fluid depends on the specific type of machine you own. What options are available for My Tractor Hydraulic Fluid?

How do you add oil to a John Deere tractor?

Add as much oil as necessary to reach the maximum level. John Deere HY-GARD or low-viscosity oil should be utilized when adding additional fluid. Reinstall the side panel, replace the engine cover, and close the rear service door.

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