John Deere 345 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter, & Change Cost


John Deere 345 Oil Type: Ensuring that the John Deere lawn mower has the correct oil is vital to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. 

In this thorough guide, I’ll go over the specifics of John Deere 345’s oil, including its recommended size, type, and specifications, as well as the average price of changing the oil.


Oil Type: John Deere 345 lawn tractors need high-quality SAE 10W-30 or SAE 5W-30 detergent oil. These oils are multi-grade and provide superior protection in all operating conditions, so that your engine operates effortlessly and effectively.

Capacity: The John Deere lawn mower comes with an engine capacity of 1.7 Liters (1.8 Quarts). It is essential to regularly check and change the oil is essential to ensure good lubrication and to avoid engine damage.


Filter: The lawn mower John Deere 345 is equipped with an M806848A Oil Filter from John Deere. This filter is effective in removing contaminants in the oil which ensures the lubrication is clean and efficient.

Price of Change: The average cost of an oil change on a John Deere 345 lawn mower can range from between $20 and $40. This is inclusive of material and labor like oil and an oil filter replacement.

John Deere 345 Oil Type

The John Deere 345 is a garden and lawn tractor. The recommended type of oil to use for the John Deere 345 engine is 10W30. 

It is essential to choose an oil of high quality that is in line with the specifications of the API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications. 

In addition, it is suggested to select an oil that is specifically made for small engines or gardening equipment and lawnmowers. 

Always consult the owner’s manual or talk to John Deere dealers for the most current and accurate information on soil types and specifications for your particular model.

John Deere 345 Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil tank for the John Deere 345 lawn tractor and garden tractor is 1.8 quarters (1.7 milliliters). 

It is crucial to check the oil level frequently and keep it within the recommended levels. Consult the owner’s guide or talk to John Deere dealers for the most precise information on the capacity of oil for your particular model.

John Deere 345 Oil Filter

It is the John Deere 345 lawn and garden tractor is equipped with an oil filter whose item number is AM125424. The recommended filter is for the John Deere 345 model. 

It is crucial to choose authentic John Deere filters or filters that conform to the specifications of the manufacturer to ensure proper filtering and performance. 

You can purchase the right oil filter through the authorized dealers of John Deere or authorized retailers.

John Deere 345 Oil Change

The process of changing the oil in the John Deere 345 is an easy process that can be accomplished in only a couple of steps.

Materials Needed:

  • 10mm wrench
  • Oil filter wrench
  • 2 4 quarts of SAE 30 oil
  • Filter for oil (Kawasaki FRAM PH49 -67 or John Deere M136432)
  • Funnel
  • Drain pan
  • Shop clothes


  1. Start the engine: Start the engine and allow it to run for a couple of minutes to warm the oil. This will allow it to flow much more smoothly after draining it.
  2. Switch off the engine, and then remove the drain pipe: The drain pipe should be placed underneath the engine to find its draining plug. Utilize a 10-mm wrench to loosen the drain plug, And let the oil be drained out.
  3. Change the filter on your oil: After the oil is been completely Removed, you can remove the old filter with an oil wrench. Apply a thin layer of new oil on the seal of your new filter And secure it by making sure it is secure.
  4. Fill your engine’s oil tank: Utilize a funnel and pour two quarts of SAE 30 engine oil. Replace the dipstick and verify the level of oil. The level of oil should be in between those “full” and “add” marks on the dipstick.
  5. Begin the engine, and look at whether there are leaks: Begin the engine, And allow it to run for a couple of minutes. Look for leaks around the drain plug or the oil filter.
  6. Remove old filters and oil properly: Take your old oil And filter to an auto parts store to dispose of it Properly.

John Deere 345 Engine

engineKawasaki FD590V gasoline 2-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement585 cc
35.7 ci
Bore/Stroke2.91×2.68 inches
74 x 68 mm
Power18 hp
13.4 kW
Air cleanerdry with foam precleaner
Rated RPM3400
Starter volts12

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The selection of the right type that is suitable for your John Deere 345 is vital to ensure its highest performance and last.

If you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and are aware of the specifications, and considering the environment in which you operate it is possible to be certain the lawn mower you have purchased is in good shape.

Regular oil replacements and utilizing the right kind of oil will guarantee that the machine runs smoothly and has a tidy lawn.

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FAQs – John Deere 345 oil type

What kind of tractor is a 345 John Deere?

The John Deere 345 is a 2WD lawn and garden tractor from the 300 series of John Deere lawn tractors. The John Deere 345 garden tractor was manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA from 1995 to 2001.

What kind of engine does a John Deere gx345 have?

The John Deere GX345 is a 2WD lawn and garden tractor from the GX series of John Deere lawn tractors. The John Deere GX345 was manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA from 2002 to 2005. This garden tractor used the Kawasaki FD611V gasoline engine and Tuff Torq K71 hydrostatic transmission.

What kind of transmission oil does a John Deere tractor use?

NOTE: The machine is filled with John Deere Low Viscosity HY-GARD® (J20D) transmission oil at the factory. Do not mix oils. Use only Low Viscosity HY-GARD® (J20D) transmission oil.

What kind of engine does a John Deere 355D have?

→ 355D GX345↓ Production Manufacturer John Deere Type Garden tractor Factory Horicon, Wisconsin, USA Original price $7,295 (1995 ) John Deere 345 Engine 18HP Kawasaki 585cc 2-cyl gasoline Fuel tank 3.5 gal 13.2 L

What kind of oil will the John Deere 345 need?

It is the John Deere 345 that needs 10W30 engine oils.

Can I use any type of oil to run the John Deere 345?

We recommend that you use top-quality oil that meets API specifications. Although you are able to use various brands, it is recommended to choose a brand specifically designed for small engines as well as garden and lawn equipment.