John Deere 310D Reverser Oil Type, Capacity & Change Cost

John Deere 310D Reverser Oil Type, Capacity & Change Cost

John Deere 310d reverser oil type: Maintaining your John Deere Reverser 310D is vital to ensure its durability and maximum performance. A major and important maintenance task is to change the oil frequently.

What kind of oil does the 310D Reverser make use of? What is the amount of oil it requires? But don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered!

In this complete guide, I’ll explore the world of John Deere’s Reverser oil 310D, addressing all aspects from recommended type of oil and size, to the cost of changing and filtering.

Also, whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or a beginner mechanic this guide will provide the information that will keep your John Deere 310D Reverser operating effortlessly.

John Deere 310D reverser oil type

The most recommended oil for reversers of the John Deere 310D is Hy-Gard a universal hydraulic fluid for transmissions. 

Hy-Gard is designed specifically to meet the needs of John Deere’s transmissions, torque converters, as well as hydraulic systems. 

It was designed to offer outstanding protection against wear as well as oxidation resistance. corrosion resistance.

Here’s a table that lists the oil types that are recommended that are suitable for reversers of the John Deere model 310D.

Oil TypeHighly recommended for
Hy-GardAll conditions
Low Viscosity Hy-GardCold weather conditions

John Deere 310D reverser oil capacity

The John Deere reverser’s oil capacity is 3 Gallons (11.4 Liters). The same capacity of the oil for both earlier and later models of backhoe loaders 310D. The oil of choice for reversers is Hy-Gard from John Deere or low-viscosity hydraulic oils.

This is an overview listing this John Deere 310D backhoe loader’s oil capacities:

ComponentCapacity for OilRecommended Oil Type
Engine5.3 Gallons (20 liters)15W-40 engine oil
Transmission8.5 Gallons (32 liters)John Deere Hy-Tran, Hy-Gard or Hy-Tran hydraulic oil
Hydraulic system18.2 Gallons (69 liters)John Deere Hy-Gard or Hy-Gard Low Viscosity hydraulic oil
The Torque Converter and Reverser System3 gallons (11.4 Liters)John Deere Hy-Gard or Hy-Gard Low Viscosity hydraulic oil

John Deere 310d reverser oil filter

The John Deere 310D reverser has no separate oil filter. The reverser is part of the hydraulic system with other parts of the machine, so it is the filter in hydraulic systems that filters the reverser’s oil. 

The filter in the hydraulic system has the model number RE57810, and it is located on the right-hand side on the right side of the unit, just behind an axle in front. 

It is recommended to replace the hydraulic system filter once every 500 hours once a year or as often as it is needed, depending on when the first occurs.

This table contains the listing of John Deere’s 310D loader location and part numbers:

FilterPart NumberLocation
Filtering oil in the engineRE57503The left side of the engine
Filtering the transmissionRE57510The right side of the transmission
Hydraulic system filterRE57810The right side of the machine, just behind the front axle
Fuel filterRE57533Right side of the engine beneath the fuel tank

John Deere 310d reverser Oil Change

Changing an oil filter in the Reversers of your John Deere model 310D is simple. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Place the machine on a Level surface, then Activate the brake for parking.
  2. Find the drain plug on the housing of the Reverse.
  3. Install a suitable container under your drain to hold the oil that has been Leaking.
  4. Unplug the drain And let the oil drain completely.
  5. Once the oil has gone down And the drain plug is replaced, you can replace it with a secure Plug.
  6. The fill plug is removed on the top of the housing of the reverse.
  7. With a funnel, put the oil Recommended to the port to fill until it is at the right Amount.
  8. Replace the filler plug And make sure it’s tightly secured.

Be sure to dispose of used oil in a Sustainable safe manner, observing local Laws.

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The correct oils for your reverser on the John Deere 310D backhoe loader are crucial to keeping its efficiency and durability. 

Always follow the guidelines of the manufacturer and apply the John Deere Low-Viscosity HY-GARD(tm) (J20D) transmission oil. 

Regular maintenance, which includes checking the level of oil and the proper disposal of oil that has been used, can ensure your reverser runs efficiently. 

If you follow these tips ensure that you maintain the John Deere 310D in great condition and maximize its performance at the work site.

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FAQs – John Deere 310d reverser oil type

What kind of oil do you use in a John Deere?

Plus-50™ II Engine Oil. Designed and tested by John Deere engineers. Recommended by engineers who design, develop, and test John Deere engines. Formulated to perform up to 500 hours in your John Deere engine*. Reduces downtime. Next-generation low ash CK-4 formula. Meets performance and emission requirements for all four-stroke diesel engines.

Where can I buy John Deere lawn mower parts?

Green Parts Direct specializes in parts for John Deere riding lawnmowers, riding tractors, blowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and a unique part-by-type search that allows you to search bearings, bushings, belts, cables, pulleys, springs, & wheels by part length, width, dimension, & style.

What are the different models of John Deere tractors?

John Deere 5D series includes PowerPro models and Value+++ models, offering our customers a wide range of tractors to select from. John Deere 5E Series tractors are available from 50HP to 75HP.

What is John Deere’s multi-purpose grease?

John Deere’s best multi-purpose grease. Top-notch protection against high temperatures and extreme pressure. Ideal for wheel bearings, U-joints, and other grease points that need heavy-duty protection.

What oil should I use to run the reverse of the John Deere 310D?

The recommended oil for the reverser of the John Deere 310D may vary. It is recommended to refer to the operator’s manual or talk to a John Deere dealer for a precise oil type recommendation.