Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices [Update 2022] ❤️

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices 2022

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices: This isn’t your typical oil change. No matter what type of oil you choose, whether it’s a conventional or synthetic blend, high mileage and full synthetic Jiffy Lube Signature Service(r) Oil Change is an all-inclusive preventive maintenance service to examine, change the oil, check, and fill up vital systems and parts in your automobile. We also vacuum the inside of your car as well as clean your exterior windows.

We also don’t forget to check on your car during oil changes. With every Jiffy Lube Signature Service(r) Oil Change, we provide complimentary fluid top-off service on vital fluids including motor oil (the same type of oil purchased originally), transmission, power steering, differential/transfer case, and washer fluids.

jiffy lube oil change prices

Simply stop in the vicinity of three miles of the mileage you have used for your service and we’ll fill up to 2 quarters of each fluid depending on the amount you require.

Jiffy Lube(r) assists you to pick the best engine oil to suit your vehicle. Find out what is the best oil for your vehicle using the chart of oil comparison below:


Jiffy Lube Oil Change

Pennzoil Conventional (Includes 5W-30 & 10W-30) $44.99
Formula Shell Conventional (Includes 5W-20) $44.99
Shell Rotella Triple Protection (Includes 15W-40) $69.99

Upgrade To Premium Oil

Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle $69.99
Pennzoil Synthetic Blend $71.99
Pennzoil Platinum $89.99
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum $99.99

Additional Oil (Per Quart)

Conventional $4.00
Premium $6.00
Full Synthetic $10.00
Additional Antifreeze $5.00

Preventive Services

Automatic Transmission Fluid/Filter Change $154.99
T-TECH Transmission Service (100% full Synthetic fluid change) $139.99
T-TECH Combo (with filter change) $169.99
Gear Box Fluid Change $44.99
Transmission Drain and Fill $44.99
A/C Evacuation & Recharge Service $134.99
Transfer case Service $49.99
Manual Transmission Service $49.99
Differential Service $59.99
Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service $99.99
Power Steering Flush Service $59.99
Engine Flush $65.99
Serpentine Belt Service $79.99
PCV Valve $10.99
Breather Element $7.99
Radiator Cap Replacement $12.99
Coolant Top Off $4.99
Batteries $129.99
Battery Cleaning Service $21.99

Fuel-Saver Services

Fuel Filter Replacement $69.99
Fuel System Cleaning Service $76.99

Cleaning Services

Engine Air Filter Replacement $15.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement $59.99

Safety Services

Rain-X Original Glass Treatment $9.99
Windshield Glass Repair $49.99
Headlight $17.99
Headlight Restoration Service $79.99
Conventional Wiper Blade (Per One) $13.99
Beam Wiper Blades (Per One) $24.99
Light Bulb $8.99
Light Bulb Replacement/Assembly Service $14.99
Lube Chassis Only $15.99
Additives $16.99
Tire Rotation Service $19.99
Safety Inspection & Emission Test $35.99
Safety Inspection Only $14.00
Motorcycle/Trailer $14.00
Emission Test Only $25.00
Out-of-State Reg. Form $1.00

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About Jiffy Lube

The name Jiffy Lube is a standout. The garage that specializes in oil changes was the first to join its first customers in Utah and then established itself as a nationwide franchise.

The brand’s recognition has made the garage a top choice in the field of car maintenance and you can anticipate plenty from your visit to the garage.

A regular oil change is a vital component of keeping your car in top condition. It will keep your vehicle’s engine in top condition and ensures a high level of performance.

It is the most important thing. Jiffy Lube offers this as its main service, along with offering a special Jiffy Lube oil change schedule that can be customized to the specifics of your vehicle.

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In addition to the oil change service, Jiffy Lube also provides car maintenance services. Beginning with your tires, and ending with your air conditioning, the service center’s technicians will look through your vehicle and suggest procedures to help you maintain the performance of your car. For Jiffy Lube prices, you are guaranteed to get a bargain.

Above are the most current Jiffy Lube prices.


  • Conventional
Good protection
Good performance
Good sludge protection
  • Synthetic Blend Oil
Better protection
Better performance
Better cleaning
Better fuel economy
Protects in temperature extremes
  • Full Synthetic
Best protection
Best performance
Better cleaning
Best fuel economy
Protects in temperature extremes

❤️ conventional oil: A lot of customers prefer to use the cost-effectiveness and familiarity of traditional motor oil, especially if the vehicle doesn’t have to endure harsh driving conditions, such as dusty/dirty roads, frequent short journeys, and driving in extreme cold or heat or towing large loads.

❤️ Synthetic Blend Oil An amalgamation of conventional and synthetic oils that acts as an intermediate between the two providing better protection and performance than conventional oils can provide, particularly in harsh driving conditions. However, it is not as effective as a complete synthetic oil.

❤️ Synthetic Oil (AKA “Full Synthetic Motor Oil”): Motor oil is specially designed to provide the best levels of security and efficiency to give you absolute security. A growing number of automobile manufacturers are now requiring it. Find out if yours fits part of one.

What Is Included in a Jiffy Lube Oil Change?

In addition to the reputation of the company, An oil change in Jiffy Lube is worth every cent because of the quality of services provided. There are many extras available that will prompt you to return when you require an additional vehicle service.

Most of the time the oil change service at Jiffy Lube includes the following:

  • The replacement of the high-quality five-quart motor oils based on compatibility with the engine
  • The process of changing oil filters
  • Checking of critical elements, such as engine air filter system, wiper blades, a reservoir for coolant outside lighting, serpentine belts, and the chassis
  • Filling and checking tire pressure and windshield washer fluid Power steering fluid and transmission fluid
  • Cleaning windows on the exterior and vacuuming the floors in the interior

How much, again, is the cost of an oil replacement in Jiffy Lube? Jiffy Lube offers four different types of oil change that include Conventional Oil ($29.99), Synthetic Blend ($59.99), and High Mileage oil ($59.99) or Full Synthetic Oil ($74.99).

The Story Of The Company

Jiffy Lube may be known for its low-cost products however since its inception the business has been primarily driven by ingenuity. It was founded on the year 1971 by Edwin Washburn in Ogden, Utah The growth of the initial shop led to the establishment of a franchise model that has spread across the United States.

When JLI was listed on the stock exchange in 1987, JLI had grown to more than 1,000 franchises. It then increased to 1,500 franchises in the 1990s. The expansion continues, securing JLI’s position in the ranks of the largest service companies in America.

To find out more details about JLI as well as Jiffy Lube, visit their corporate website.

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JLI Services

Along with quick engine oil change, Jiffy Lube offers inspections as well as preventative maintenance and cleaning of engine components. They regularly offer specials and provide coupons to make their services cheaper.

If owners take their vehicles to a franchised store for repair it is given an extensive inspection that includes exterior lights as well as engine filters, and the levels of coolant.

The typical price for oil changes they mention in their advertisements can include up to 5 quarters of oil.

Other services include filling and checking the reservoir for the power steering fluid and transfer case fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and battery electrolyte. When a car is maintained, it will also get its windows cleaned, and the carpets in the interior cleaned.

Preventative Maintenance Services

JLI also provides maintenance-related services like the maintenance of filters, belts as well as air conditioners, and brakes.

The shops also perform emission tests and state inspections at locations where this is mandatory and also repairs to windshields as well as transmission and cooling system maintenance.

Alongside these maintenance services, they also offer more sophisticated inspections of the electrical, drivetrain, and fuel components of the system.

Certified Professional Technicians

JLI employs more than 22,000 highly skilled and professional technicians at their centers for service all over the U.S. JLI has its own internal training program, called “Jiffy Lube University” (JLU) which all technicians have to be able to pass in order to work in their stores.

This program includes computer-based and technical training and on-the-job instruction under guidance from highly skilled technicians.

The program is highly regarded as well as the firm has been recognized as a result of The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as an Accredited Training Provider.

Jiffy Lube Select Service Prices

Fuel System Cleaning $59.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement $39.99
Engine Air Filter Replacement $14.99
A/C Evacuation & Recharge $109.99
Differential Service $74.99
Engine Flush $59.99
Tire Rotation Service $24.99
Light Bulb Replacement $10.99

Jiffy Lube Hours

The working hours of Jiffy Lube car centers are from 8 am to 7 pm every day, except on Sundays when they work until 5 pm. DISCLAIMER: Jiffy Lube’s working hours may vary depending on location.

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 8:00am – 5:00pm

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How Do I find a Jiffy Lube Near Me?

If you want to find the nearest Jiffy Lube auto center, you can use our locator. Search locations by street and city or ZIP code. You will be shown a map with the nearest Jiffy Lube car service center in your neighborhood.

Jiffy Lube FAQs:

❤️ What’s the price for a Jiffy Lube oil change?

The cost for this Jiffy Lube oil change varies between $27.98 for Conventional and up to $69.98 for a Full Synthetic change.

❤️ What’s included in the Jiffy Lube oil change?

Jiffy Lube oil change is up to 5 quarts of premium motor oil and an oil filter that has been replaced. Sometimes, with Jiffy Lube coupons, you can get a free inspection of your car. Jiffy Lube coupon, you will receive a free brake inspection, car battery test, and tire rotation.

❤️ Does Jiffy Lube good for an oil change?

Jiffy Lube is one of the most renowned chains of automotive services with a reputation for high-quality and low-cost services for oil changes.

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❤️ Is it true that Jiffy Lube does free oil adjustments?

The service isn’t absolutely free. However, Jiffy Lube charges a basic oil change for only $27.98 when you present coupons that you can locate on our website.

❤️ How much will the cost of Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change?

Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change is just $27.98 using a coupon on our website. The usual cost is $44.99 therefore you’ll save $17 when your next motor oil replacement.

❤️ What is the cost of an oil change for synthetic blends in Jiffy Lube?

The usual cost of the synthetic oil change in Jiffy Lube is $66.98, however, with the coupon on our website, you’ll cut down by $21 while paying $44.98.

❤️ How much will an oil change with high mileage from Jiffy Lube?

The cost of Jiffy Lube’s high mileage oil changes is contingent on the quality of the oil, i.e. the type of oil you decide to put into your engine. Prices range from $51.99 ($45.99 discount price) up to $69.99 price for Pennzoil high mileage motor oil.

❤️ How much will a full synthetic oil replacement from Jiffy Lube?

The cost for Jiffy Lube’s synthetic full-synthetic oil changes will be as low as $66.98 depending on the discount you choose. of our discounts on our website the price to $99.98 in Pennzoil Ultra Premium Full Synthetic Engine Oil.

Conclusion – How Much is an Oil Change at Jiffy Lube?

The price of changing your oil in Jiffy Lube, depending on the type of oil that you receive It is as follows:

  • Conventional Oil: $29.99
  • Synthetic Blend: $59.99
  • High Mileage Oil: $59.99
  • Full Synthetic Oil: $74.99

Jiffy Lube is among the most reliable places to receive an oil change. They have years of experience as well as a pool of highly skilled personnel.

They offer reasonable prices, though they will vary based on a variety of variables, including the kind of oil used.

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