Hyundai Atos / Amica engine oil capacity And Engine types [Update 2022] ❤️

Hyundai Atos / Amica, MX (1997 – 2008) Engine Oil Capacity

Hyundai Atos / Amica engine oil capacity And Engine types: Welcome friends. Are you searching for Hyundai Atos / Amica, MX maintenance then here I share some information about Hyundai Atos / Amica, MX  engine oil capacity

Do you know how much oil require for your motor? here you get all Hyundai Atos / Amica, MX  engine and engine oil capacity

Choosing a right time for oil replacement is important for better performance I mentioned here oil grade and oil change intervals. For that see below table.

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Engine Engine oil Capacity Oil Grade Oil Change Intervals
Atos / Amica 1.0i (1997 – 2002) Epsilon 2,8 / 0,3 l Semi Synthetic 10w40 15 000 km / 12 months
Atos / Amica 1.1i (2003 – 2005)   3,1 / 0,3 l Semi Synthetic 10w40 15 000 km / 12 months
Atos / Amica 1.1i (2005 – 2008)   3,1 / 0,3 l Semi Synthetic 10w40 15 000 km / 12 months

Hyundai Atos with engine 1.0 l, engine oil capacity in quarts / liters.

  • Hyundai Atos, with engine 1.0 L.
  • Car fuel: gasoline.
  • Hyundai Atos engine cod: G4HC.
  • The engine’s capacity is 999 cubic centimeters (60,66 cubic inches).
  • Hyundai Atos engine capacity for oil: 3.1 liters or 3.27 Quarts US, equivalent to 0.81 grams US.
  • Hyundai Manual gearbox for Atos oil capacity: 2.5 l or 2.64 Qt equivalent to 0.66 gallons.
  • Hyundai Automatic gearbox atos capacity of oil: 3.4 l or 3.59 qt or 0.89 gals.
  • Hyundai Atos recommends engine oil 5w40.
  • Hyundai Atos recommends automatic gearbox oil, 75w90.
  • Suppose you’re interested in knowing exactly which engine oil is suggested for your vehicle. In that case, We invite you to leave an email on this page including the model and type of car, engine capacity gasoline or diesel, the year it was produced, and the amount of horsepower or kw you have in your vehicle.
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