Hurricane Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


Hurricane Engine Specs

It is worth noting that the Willys Hurricane engine was A very small And low-powered machine, whereas the Stellantis Hurricane engine is a significantly more powerful and modern engine. 

Here’s A table that compares the specifications of both engines:

FeatureWillys Hurricane (4-cylinder)Willys Hurricane (6-cylinder)Stellantis Hurricane (SO)Stellantis Hurricane (HO)
Displacement134.2 cu in (2,199 cc)226.2 cu in (3,707 cc)182.6 cu in (2,993 cc)182.6 cu in (2,993 cc)
Horsepower72-75 hp105-115 hp420 hp510 hp
Torque112-114 lb-ft190 lb-ft468 lb-ft500 lb-ft
Fuel TypeRegularRegularRegular or Premium (recommended)Premium
Oil Capacity (qts)4-55-66.56.5
Oil TypeMulti-grade (SAE 10W-40 or similar)Multi-grade (SAE 10W-40 or a similar)0W-20Synthetic 5W-40
Filter TypeSpin-onSpin-onCartridgeCartridge
Filter Change Cost (USD)$5-$15$10-$20$20-$30$30-$40


The Hurricane engine, created By Stellantis the company behind it, is A revolutionary engine that provides remarkable efficiency in terms of fuel consumption And performance.


The engine is twin-turbocharged. 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine Has been engineered to provide high torque And V8-like performance. characteristics that make it an ideal option for A variety of Automobiles.


The Standard Hurricane, when paired with A plug-in hybrid can provide between 25 and 30 minutes of range on electric power And hybrid performance in the mid-20s.

This engine’s innovative design is A testimony to Stellanti’s dedication to making efficient And strong engines for its vehicles.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading more about the Hurricane engine and we thank you for taking the time to read!

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