Honda gx160 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter, Level & Change Cost


Honda gx160 Oil Type: It is the Honda GX160 is a popular small engine that is used for a wide range of uses such as pumps, generators and lawnmowers. It can hold an oil capacity of 0.6 milliliters, and it needs SAE10W-30 oils.

The filter for oil should be replaced every 250 hours and the oil must be replaced each 100 hour or three months, whichever is first. The cost to change the filter and oil is around $20.


Here’s a more thorough description of the type of oil capacity, capacity, filter level, and cost of change on the engine Honda GX160.

  • Type of oil: SAE 10W-30
  • Oil capacity: 0.6 liters
  • Oil filter: Honda GX160 oil filter
  • Level of oil: Check the oil level every 50 hours, and make adjustments as necessary. The level of oil should be somewhere between “full” or “add” mark on your dipstick.
  • Cost of oil change: About $20

Honda gx160 Oil


Honda gx160 Oil Type

This Honda engine is advised to make use of SAE 10W-30 motor oils with API Service Classification SF or SG. The capacity of oil for the engine of the Honda GX160 is 0.6 Liters.

It is essential to consult the manual of the owner for the exact capacity of oil and then make sure that you fill the engine with the right quantity and type of oil.

Honda gx160 Oil Capacity

It is the Honda GX160 engine has an oil capacity of 0.6 Liters equivalent to 0.95 quarts. It is essential to consult the owner’s manual for the precise oil capacity and to load the engine with the correct amount and type of oil.

The oil recommended to use for the Honda GX160 engine is SAE 10W-30 motor oil that is formulated with API Service Classification SF or the SG.

Knowing what is the Honda GX160 Engine

Before we get into the requirements for oil first, let’s get acquainted with the Honda GX160 motor. This compact, four-stroke single-cylinder engine is frequently employed in diverse applications, such as generators, power equipment, in addition to industrial equipment. It is renowned for its reliability in durability, endurance, and top performance.

Engine Specifications

Its Honda GX160 engine features a displacement of 163cc with a compression ratio is 8.5:1 and an output power that is 5.5 horsepower, at 3,600 rotations per minute (RPM). This engine is air-cooled, has an overhead valve (OHV), and comes with a recoil starter.

Understanding these specifications can help us to understand the exact oil specifications to operate this motor.

TYPE4-stroke, overhead valve, single-cylinder, horizontal shaft
BORE & STROKE68 x 45 mm
NET POWER3.6kW (4.8HP) at 3,600 rpm
CONTINUOUS RATED POWER2.9kW (3.9HP) at 3,600 rpm
MAXIMUM NET TORQUE10.3 Nm at 2,500 rpm
IGNITION SYSTEMTransistorized magneto ignition
STARTING SYSTEMRecoil (Electric Starter Optional)
PTO SHAFT ROTATIONCounter-clockwise (from P.T.O. side)
DIMENSIONS312 x 362 x 346mm
OTHER OPTIONS2:1 Reduction – 2:1 Reduction with Clutch – 6:1 Reduction
RRPPlease contact your local Honda dealer for a great deal.

honda gx160 oil change interval

Based on the results of a search The interval between oil changes for the Honda GX160 engine could depend on the usage and manufacturer guidelines. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Honda suggests changing the oil within 5 hours of use or 25 hours of continuous use 50, or at least every year after that.
  • The level of oil must be monitored every 50 hours.
  • Honda recommends replacing the oil every 100 hours or once every six months, whichever is first.

It’s important to know that the interval for changing oil will vary according to the usage and the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

It is always recommended to refer to the owner’s manual or call the Honda dealer for the most up-to-date and specific information about the timings to change the oil for the Honda GX160 model.

honda gx160 oil change Kit

If you are trying to find the right oil kit to fit the engine of the Honda GX160, you should consider these parts to consider for the kit:

  1. Engine oil: Find a top-quality SAE 10W-30 oil for your engine that is compatible with or exceeds the specifications of the manufacturer. You can select traditional, synthetic blend, and full-synthetic oil depending on your preference and the conditions of operation.

  2. Oil Filter: Certain Honda engines could contain one. If your model has one, be sure to find the right oil filter for your GX160 engine.

  3. Drain Plug Washer: An updated drain washer is usually installed to avoid leaks from oil. It’s recommended to replace the washer with every oil service to make sure you have that there is a perfect seal.

  4. gloves: Gloves that are disposable can assist in keeping your hands clean when performing changing the oil.

  5. funnel: A funnel makes it easier to pour fresh oil in the motor, without spilling.

  6. Shop Rags or Towels: These are handy to clean up drips or spills from an oil replacement.

  7. The Oil Pan and Container: The oil container, or pan used for it is designed to capture the old oil after it has been removed from the engine.

When you purchase one of these kits ensure that all elements are compatible with Honda’s GX160 engine. 

Honda gx160 Oil Filter

The Honda GX160 uses a 17mm spin-on oil filter. Here are a few recommended oil filters for Honda GX160:

  • Honda OEM oil filter (17mm): This is the OEM (OEM) oil filter that is compatible with GX160. Honda GX160. It’s designed to meet the requirements of the motor, and also provides adequate quality filtration.
  • Wix 24205 Filter for Oil: This is a top-quality oil filter constructed to exceed or meet the specifications of the original equipment. It is constructed using a sturdy filter media that gives excellent filtration as well as bypass valves that stop the starvation of oil.
  • Mahle O241 Oil Filter: This is a high-end oil filter made to be able to meet or exceed specifications of the original equipment. It’s constructed with pleated filtering media that offers excellent filtration as well as bypass valves that stop the starvation of oil.
  • Fram PH3024 oil filter:It is a budget-friendly oil filter made to meet specifications of the original equipment.It is made from cellulose filter media that offers adequate filtering.

Honda gx160 Oil Type


How do you check and change the oil?

Checking and changing the oil in the Honda GX160 engine is crucial to ensure its longevity and performance.  Here is the procedure in detail:

  1.  Checking the oil’s level

    • Start the engine, and then let it warm up for a few minutes.
    • Shut off the engine, and then locate the cap for filling up with oil and dipstick.
    • Take off the cap for the oil filler and clean the dipstick.
    • Re-insert the dipstick completely and then take it off to determine the level of oil.
    • The level of oil should be in the middle of those low marks and high markings on the dipstick. You can add oil if needed.
  2. Change the Oil:

    • Install a drain pan under the engine to catch any old oils.
    • The drain plug must be removed or valve to let all the oil that was used up.
    • Install a new drain plug or shut off the drain valve completely.
    • Fill the engine up with the recommended type of oil to ensure it’s at the right level.
    • Replace the cap that holds the oil.

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Selecting the correct type of oil for the Honda GX160 engine is crucial to its efficiency, performance, and durability.

Following the manufacturer’s suggestions and observing an oil change schedule that is regularly scheduled You can make sure that your engine runs well and effectively.

Make sure to check the owner’s manual to learn about specific requirements regarding oil and guidelines.

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FAQs – Honda Gx160 oil type

Honda gx160 oil type?

Honda gx160 oil type? We’ll inspect and change our Honda GX160UT2QX2’s oil today with authentic Honda Engine Oil, 08207-10W30. Check oil before use. After 20 hours or one month, change the oil, then every six months or 100 hours.

What are the primary characteristics of a Honda GX160?

The Honda GX160 T1/K1 has the following features: 1 OHV model 2 Magneto ignition with transistors 3 carburetors horizontal with butterfly valve 4 governors centrifugal 5 lubricating systems of the splash type Electrical starter or recoil system

What kind of oil is OK for a Honda tiny engine?

What kind of oil is suitable for a Honda tiny engine, furthermore? Honda advises using SAE 10W-30 oil under typical operating circumstances, which are air temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, use SAE 30 to lessen internal wear if you intend to operate your lawnmower for extended periods of time in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees.

Honda gx160 T1 engine design?

The Honda GX160 T1 engine includes an OHV (overhead valve) design, a high compression ratio for fuel efficiency, a horizontal carburetor with a butterfly valve, heavy-duty recoil or electric starter, and transistorized magneto ignition.

What type of oil should be utilized in a Honda pressure washer?

SAE 30W oil without detergent will also work. Use only the amount of oil specified in your pressure washer’s owner’s manual, as excess oil can cause leaks and seal damage. What type of oil does a Honda Tiny engine require in this manner?