Honda EU3000is Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Honda EU3000is Oil Type: The Honda EU3000is Generators operate using engine oil. The right type and quantity of oil will ensure the generator is running efficiently.

I’ll go over the most appropriate oil that Honda EU3000is needs. I’ll also talk about the price to replace the filter, as well as how to replace the filter, as well as the oil.

It is just a short overview of the topics to be addressed:

  • Type of oil: Synthetic 10W-30 Oil, also known as 10W-40, is the best appropriate oil to use with Honda’s EU3000is engines. Synthetic oil is more safe than conventional oils, especially in extreme temperatures.
  • Its capacity is: Honda EU3000is motors have a maximum capacity of 16 inches. Don’t fill the tank to full oil because it may result in damage to your motor.
  • Filter for oil in the engine: Honda suggests using the Honda 17211ZS9A02 engine oil filter for use with the EU3000is Generator. This filter was designed to catch dirt and other debris in order to keep your engine clean.
  • oil change costs: The price for an oil change for the Honda EU3000 may depend on the place of installation. An oil change and replacement of the filter are priced between $30 and $50.


Honda EU3000is Oil Type

This Honda EU3000is engine is able to make use of different kinds of oil as indicated by the following results of a search:

  1. Honda 10W30 Motor oil It is the oil that is used to create the Pure Living for Life tutorial. Pure Living for Life tutorial.
  2. Honda 32 oz. 10W-30 Engine Oil It is an authentic Honda genuine oil that is able to maintain your generator’s engine in good health and well-lubricated.
  3. Honda suggests using synthetic 5W-30 oil however conventional 10W-30 oil can be utilized. It is important to remember that regular motor oil is not appropriate for this kind of generator.
  4. Amsoil Small Engine Oil ASE 30wt/10w-30 This is a suggested oil by a member of the Bob Is The Oil Guy forum.

When changing oil, you must include about 16oz of fresh oil. This should be just beneath the bottom of your threads.

The Honda EU3000is owner’s manual suggests including 0.58 US quarts of fresh oil using your oil tank. If you need to, get a tune-up kit from Amazon which comes with one quart of 10W30 oil.

Honda EU3000is Oil Capacity

The Honda EU3000is generator has a maximum oil capacity of 18 oz (0.55 L). The owner’s manual recommends using 10W-30 for moderate climates, 30 weight for tropical climates, and 5W-30 for colder climates. 

The manual also calls for .58 US quarts of new oil to be poured into the oil filler, which is equal to about 18.56 ounces, 2.32 cups, or 549 mL. The Honda genuine oil recommended by Honda is a 32 oz. 10W-30 Engine Oil. 

A user on the Bob Is The Oil Guy forum recommends using Amsoil Small Engine Oil ASE 30wt/10w-30. A tutorial on how to change the oil in a Honda EU3000is generator can be found on YouTube.

How to Check the Oil Level

Before you start your generator, make sure to test the level of oil. To determine the level, you need to take these actions:

  • Shut off the motor and let it cool down for at least 5 minutes.
  • The cap is removed for the oil filler, then the dipstick.
  • Insert the dipstick into the throat of the filler. Then remove it again.
  • The level of oil should be measured using a dipstick. It should lie between the lower and the upper marks.
  • Use oils to get it to its proper level, if it falls to below the mark.

Honda EU3000is Oil Filter

The Honda EU3000is generator uses the following oil filter:

Honda Part Number: 17211-ZS9-A02
Equivalent Part Numbers

  • Fram PH6017A
  • ACDelco PF2251G
  • Wix 57358
  • K&N KN-106

How to Change the Oil

For proper maintenance, it is advisable to perform an oil change on the Honda EU3000is every 100 hours or annually, whichever occurs first.

  • This is how to Start by turning off the motor and letting it cool for at least 30 minutes.
  • The cap on the oil filler needs to be removed along with the drain plug to empty the oil into an container appropriate.
  • Replace the plug and pour the appropriate quantity of oil into the body of the neck on the oil filler.
  • Verify that you have the correct level of oil with the dipstick. If needed, add more oil. needed.
  • Remove the cap from the filler then begin your engine. It should be running for about a few minutes to circulate fresh oil.

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Choosing the right oil type for your Honda EU3000is generator is crucial for its performance and longevity.

By using the recommended oil type and changing it regularly, you can keep your generator running smoothly for years to come.

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FAQs – Honda eu3000is an oil-type

What’s the Honda eu3000is oil capacity?

According to the Honda EU3000is owner’s manual, you should add approximately 0.58 US quarts of fresh oil through the oil filler. That’s equal to about 18.56 ounces, 2.32 cups, or 549 mL. The manual recommends 10W-30 for moderate climates, 30 weight for tropical climates, and 5W-30 for colder climates.

What is the OEM air filter for the Honda eu3000is generator?

The new OEM air filter with its part number is as follows: Honda 17211-ZS9-A02. If your Honda EU3000is generator is equipped with a foam filter, you can clean it with warm soapy water and let it dry. Then soak the filter in new engine oil, squeeze out the excess oil, and re-install it.

How much oil does a Honda 3000 generator take?

Considering this, what kind of oil does a Honda 3000 generator take? Half A Quart of New Oil The Honda EU3000 is what the owner’s manual calls for. 58 US quarts of new oil to be poured into the oil filler. That’s equal to about 18.56 ounces, 2.32 cups, or 549 mL.

Why choose the Honda eu3000is wheel kit?

Due to its great ergonomic and firm design, the movement of the Honda EU3000is becomes extremely effortless and comfortable. Being made to Honda specifications, the Wheel Kit is to complement every detail of the EU3000 Generator. Overall, the black powder-coated completion elegantly matches the Generator’s trim.

How long will the oil last in a generator?

Changing the oil in your engine is a necessary maintenance task. There is typically a 50-hour interval between oil changes for generators. Each generator is unique and has its own owner’s manual.