Hemi Engine Specs 5.7 2024 ❤️


Hemi Engine Specs 5.7

Similar to the L48 engine, the L48 5.7 Hemi engine has been utilized in numerous Automobiles over A variety of years with different specifications. 

To give you the most precise Information, I have to be aware of the exact vehicle And the year that you’re interested in.


But, I will provide you with A basic outline of 5.7 Hemi specs:

SpecificationTypical Values (2023 Ram 1500)
Engine Type90deg V8
Displacement345 cu in (5.7 L)
Horsepower (HP)395 HP (standard)
Horsepower (HP) with eTorque410 HP
Torque (lb-ft)410 lb-ft (standard)
Torque (lb-ft) with eTorque410 lb-ft
Compression Ratio11.3:1
Fuel SystemMulti-port fuel injection
Oil Capacity (quarts)7 Quarts
Oil Type5W-20 synthetic oil or 5W-30 synthetic oil
Oil Filter TypeSpin-on oil filter
Oil Change CostBetween $50 And $150 (depending on the type of oil used As well As labor costs And the location)


Its Hemi 5.7 engine can be described as A robust and reliable option for A variety of applications, offering A mix of durability And performance. 


With its remarkable horsepower And torque, this 5.7 Hemi is A true engine that is capable of handling a variety of assignments And challenges. 

I hope you’ve had fun exploring the capabilities And features that come with this Hemi 5.7 engine, and that you are enthusiastic about its possibilities just as I am. 

Thank you for coming along as I explore this world full of powerful engines!

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