GY6 150CC Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


GY6 150CC Oil Type: Your GY6 150cc bike requires the correct oil to ensure it runs effortlessly and efficiently. However, with the many types of oil available on the market, it’s difficult to decide which is suitable for your motorcycle.

In this article, I’ll go over everything you must learn about GY6 150cc oils including the proper kind of oil to apply, the amount of oil you’ll need, as well as how to replace the oil filter.


The type of oil: The best type of oil for the GY6 150cc scooter is a synthetic 10W-40 oil. Synthetic oil can be more expensive than regular oil but it is more secure for your engine and can last longer.

Capacity: The amount of oil that can be used on GY6 150cc scooters is typically 1 Liter (33.8 fluid ounces). But, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual to confirm.


Filter: The oil filter on the GY6 150cc scooter is usually found on the left side of the engine, close to the bottom. It’s a rounded, metal canister approximately the size of a tennis ball.

The cost of changing the oil: The cost to change the filter and oil on the GY6 150cc scooter can vary according to where you use it. But, you should expect to pay between $50 and $75.

GY6 150CC Oil Type

Different opinions exist on what type of oil is best for the GY6 150cc. Here are a few options:

  • According to the Engine Oil Capacity, use conventional 15W-40 or SAE 20W-50 engine oils for summer temperatures and SAE10W-30 for winter temperatures.
  • According to a Reddit thread on r/scooters, most GY6 engines require 15W-40 engine oils.
  • According to ScootDawg, 15W40 engine oil is the recommended maximum viscosity for the GY6.
  • According to a ScooterTalk post, synthetic blend or fully synthetic engine oils are recommended because they reduce internal friction while enhancing performance.
  • According to the Engine Lubrication Guide of GoKartsUSA, you should use SAE 10W/30 in winter and 15W/40 in summer.

Check the owner’s guide or consult a mechanic to determine the correct oil type for the GY6 150cc.

GY6 150CC Oil Capacity 

Search results show that the GY6’s 150cc oil volume can vary depending on the manufacturer. Here are some estimations:

  • According to ScootDawg, 0.7L-0.8L.
  • According to the oil change guide for BMS 150cc Gy6, fill up the engine with 10W-40 and let it run for five minutes.
  • According to a BuggyNews Buggy forum post, there is well over a quarter.

Check the owner’s guide or consult a mechanic to determine the oil capacity of your GY6 engine 150cc.

GY6 150CC Oil Filter  

Here are some options for an oil filter on a GY6150cc engine.

  • Oil filter for gy6-150cc available at VTT LACHUTE.
  • Shop for GY6 Engine Oil Filter 50-150cc Scooters ATVs and Go Karts at Walmart.
  • Amazon has a GOOFIT oil filter for GY6 ATV go-kart moped scooters 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc.
  • Amazon has oil filter and drain plug sets for the qmb139 and gy6 motors.
  • VMC Chinese Parts offers the GY6 150cc engine with an oil cooler and a Chinese oil filter.
  • Hammerhead Oil Filter for 150cc – 6.000.218 replaces 14514, 3023344, c108002, 82635R, Hiflo-HF183 available on Hammerhead Performance.

To ensure compatibility and proper performance, it’s essential to select the right oil filter for your vehicle.

The steps to changing the oil in a GY6150CC engine

Draining The Old Oil

To change the motor oil on a GY6150CC engine, first, locate the drain hole underneath the engine. Place a drainage pan underneath and remove the plug to let the old oil drain. Disposing of used oil properly according to local laws is very important.


Replacing Oil Filter

After draining out the old engine oil, find the oil filter. Replace it with a brand-new one. The oil filter helps to remove contaminants from the oil and ensures it remains clean. This will allow for optimum engine performance.

Adding fresh oil

Once the old oils have been drained and replaced with new filters, you should add the recommended amount of fresh oil. Use a spout to prevent spills. Do not overfill the engine. It can cause problems.

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The right oil is essential for the performance, durability, longevity, and reliability of your GY6150CC engine.

The advantages of synthetic and conventional oil are both present. It is important to choose the right oil by considering viscosity, API classification, and other factors.

Regular oil changes, proper maintenance, and dealing with oil-related issues quickly are all important for a healthy motor.

You can make sure that your GY6150CC engine is running smoothly and efficiently by following these guidelines.

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FAQs – gy6 150cc oil type

What oil for Chinese 150cc GY6?

oil for Chinese 150cc GY6? Typically engine oil is conventional 15W-40 . . perhaps 20W-50 in Las Vegas or Phoenix summers. 80W-90 in the rear gearbox . . use plastic drinking straw extension. Synthetics enhance leak odds. Awesome, thank you!

What gear oil do you use in your GY6?

As far as my gear oil, I use Valvoline 75W-90 conventional. I do highly suggest that OP use synthetic oil since the GY6 is an air-cooled engine. A synthetic will help against viscosity breakdown when the engine is hot and will help the oil flow better than conventional oil when the temps are low. Thanks for the input.

What kind of engine does a GY6 125cc 150cc have?

GY6 125cc 150cc (152QMI 157QMJ) Performance Parts The 152QMI (GY6-125) & 157QMJ (GY6-150) (QMI152 QMJ157) is a horizontal, single-cylinder, four-stroke, forced air-cooled engine. This has a displacement of 149.6cc (157QMJ) a bore size of 57.4mm and a stroke of 57.8mm. This type-A Honda clone engine has an automatic CTV transmission.

What size air filter do I need for a GY6 125cc?

This is a very high-quality Air Filter, 42mm, 4-Stroke HP Air Filter, Straight, Shielded Chrome Cone (approx 90mm long) for the 152QMI 152QMJ 157QMI 157QMJ GY6 125cc 150cc and many other engines. This is a very High-Quality OEM Air Filter for high airflow in the GY6-125cc 150cc 152QMI 152QMJ 157QMI 157QMJ engine.