Grease Monkey Oil Change Price, Coupon & Discount

Grease Monkey Oil Change Price, Coupon & Discount

Find the top Grease Oil Change Monkey price coupons, discounts, and coupons. Find the info you require to save money for your next oil change.

Grease Monkey offers a variety of oil change services which include conventional oil changes, synthetic changes of oil, as well as high mileage changes.

Grease Monkey also offers a wide range of other services including tire rotations brake inspections, as well as battery tests.

You will find Grease Monkey locations in most major cities across the United States. For the most competitive prices on oil changes near you, make sure to fill out their online form or contact their customer support line.

Here are a few of the current discounts and coupons on offer on Grease Monkey:

  • 10% off your oil change
  • 20 percent off oil changes for AAA members
  • A free tire rotation at every oil change
  • Purchase 3 oil change, and receive 1 for free

grease monkey oil change price

Grease Monkey Oil Change Price List 


Oil Change

Mobile 1 Synthetic$79.993 3.3 
Additional Quart (Mobile 1 Synthetic)$8.00  
Synthetic$69.99 3.2 
Additional Quart (Synthetic)$6.00  
Synthetic Blend$49.991 3.1 
Additional Quart (Synthetic Blend)$5.00 1.5 
High Mileage$49.99 3.9 
Additional Quart (High Mileage)$5.00  
Conventional$29.99 3.0 
Additional Quart (Conventional)$4.00  

It is also recommended to search for locations for stores as every store offers its special coupons and specials.

The need to change your car’s oil often can become expensive, particularly if you have a luxury vehicle. 

Perhaps you’d like to find how to find coupons for changing the oil? The Grease Monkey coupon for an oil change is offered in almost every service shop.

Utilizing Grease Monkey Oil Change Service along with our amazing Grease Monkey oil prices as well as Coupons is the most effective method to ensure high-standard oil exchange service.

About Grease Monkey

If you’re in need of the oil changed, among the best options, today is Grease Monkey. The company was established in the year 1976 with a single garage in Denver, Colorado, What was once a garage has now become an international company. 

Today, there are more than 300 Grease Monkey garages across the world, including locations in China and America, China. US in the US and China.

Grease Monkey garages specialize in full maintenance for vehicles to trucks. Their primary service is a complete oil change. 

If the time comes to bring your vehicle or truck the garage will provide you with an inventory of 16 items that includes cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle and a thorough examination of the fluids and lights inside the vehicle. All this is at affordable Grease Monkey prices.

Grease Monkey is not only about oil changes, however. US Grease Monkey locations also provide system cleaning, transmission repairs, and many other services. 

With highly trained technicians You can be assured that no matter what your vehicle’s issues are, they’ll be solved in this garage.

Below is the latest Grease Monkey price.

grease monkey oil change price 2022

Available Services At Grease Monkey  

The business may initially be started with an oil change but over the years, the range of services has grown rapidly, and now covers Air conditioning, filters brakes, batteries, and emission reduction services. 

Their expert team of technicians will also inspect your vehicle to determine whether it requires repair of the fuel filter, transmission service, lighting, or power steering. 

The company also offers radiator repair services, a replacement for your serpentine belt, tires windshields, transmissions, and much more.

Grease Monkey Full Service Oil Change  

The licensed and highly-trained technicians will also offer you an array of alternatives for your oil change. 

When you get a full-service oil change your car is protected from the wear and tear caused by high temperatures. 

In addition, an inspection of the full service at the business will ensure that your vehicle is fuel-efficient. 

When your vehicle is checked and maintained regularly possible issues can be prevented and also increases the life span of your vehicle.

You can also choose the synthetic blend complete oil change, which utilizes a combination of regular and synthetic oil. 

This procedure provides better protection for your engine, as well as prevents breakdowns of oil, and, more importantly, it reduces the use of oil, which leads to savings.

The full-service high-mileage oil change, for instance, is specifically designed to work on vehicles with high mileage. 

Additionally, the service comes with expert protection for engine parts that have greater than 75,000 miles and also helps stop the build-up of sludge and varnish. 

It also comes with seal conditioners to ensure that leaks do not develop, and you may make use of the High-Performance Oil Change to ensure optimal performance.

Grease Monkey Transmission Services  

The company also offers extensive transmission services, whether manual or automated. The pan of the transmission is cleaned and new filters and gaskets are fitted. 

Additionally, the pan’s fluid is taken out and filled and, at the end of the process, the transmission of your car is nearly as good as new. 

After the inspection is completed, you can count on the transmission will last longer because the manual transmission service they provide is extremely effective in reducing the consequences of oxidation and degradation caused by the heat.

grease monkey oil change

Grease Monkey Gearbox Services 

The services offered by the company can prolong the life of the transfer case and reduce the impact of oxygenation. 

In addition, the process reduces the effects of degradation caused by high-speed driving and extreme temperatures. 

Additionally, the service ensures that the gears do not crack or break easily and could cause issues if left in a secluded area.

Grease Monkey currently has more than 200 locations, and they are accepting franchises. Since 2008 the business launched numerous locations in China which is a clear sign that they are growing its operations.

Visit their official website to learn more about Grease Monkey and the services they offer or to find the nearest location. Make sure to check out the Grease Monkey Coupons page for deals and discounts.

Grease Monkey Coupons: How Can Your Money Be Saved?

There could be occasions when discount coupons are distributed to the masses and can help reduce the price of changing the oil in Grease Monkey. 

Of course, certain terms and conditions could apply. For example, some Grease Monkey coupons will be available only on specific dates of the week as part of an offer promotion. It is impossible to use the coupons after the dates mentioned.

Coupons for holiday shopping are offered every once in a while and are available only during a specific holiday. 

Also, there’s this discount for military personnel, where Grease Monkey offers solid discounts for active military personnel and veterans. In general, certain coupons or discounts may be offered only in a certain segment of time.

The Most Well-Known Grease Monkey Oil Change Coupons Include:

  • $5 off for any oil service that is full service.
  • Early bird discount of $9 Monday through Thursday before 11 AM
  • $15 off on any Mobile One full-service oil service
  • Discount of $10 off Full Synthetic Oil change

It is not uncommon to find the vast majority of Grease Monkey coupons on our website. Why pay full price for a replacement oil when you can purchase an affordable price and not have to shell out an arm? Coupons can provide an impressive discount on conventional, synthetic as well as high-mileage oils.

It’s as if you’ve underpaid the men in front of their eyes. So, be sure to check our website often to receive a discount on your next oil service with Grease Monkey auto repair center.

Additionally, you can register to get email alerts about the newest discounts.
There is ultimately no need to look elsewhere for cheaper prices. This is the only location where you can find Grease monkey coupons and discount coupons.

Grease Monkey Hours   

Monday8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Grease Monkey Oil Change Near Me


Grease Monkey is a popular choice for those seeking fast and reliable services, as an oil change is essential for maintaining a smooth-running vehicle.

The cost of Grease Monkey’s oil changes averages $39.99, but it may vary depending on the center’s location, the type of oil change required, and any additional services.

You will get the most price for your dollars when you purchase an oil change from Grease Monkey by being aware of the many kinds of oil changes that are offered and using any coupon or discount.

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FAQs Grease Monkey Oil Change Prices

Are there any discounts or coupons available for Grease Monkey oil changes?

Yes, Grease Monkey frequently provides discounts and coupons via their website or email newsletter. For additional savings, you can also check websites run by third parties.

Do Grease Monkey’s oil changes come with a warranty?

Yes, the oil changes at Grease Monkey come with a warranty. Ask your neighborhood Grease Monkey service center for more information as the warranty’s specifics may differ depending on where you live.

What is a Grease Monkey oil change price?

Greasemonkey provides oil changes ranging in price from $30 to $70.00.

Does Grease Monkey provide any discounts or coupons on oil changes?

Grease Monkey frequently offers coupons and discounts for oil changes. Grease Monkey’s website and local centers can provide you with current offers.

There are any extra fees or charges associated with an oil change?

Extra services like filter replacements and fluid top-offs may incur additional charges. Prices can vary. Check with your local Grease Monkey Center for specifics.

How often can I expect to receive an oil change from Grease Monkey?

How often you should change your oil depends on both the type of lubricant and the vehicle that you have. According to most vehicle owner manuals, oil changes should be performed every 3,000 to 5,001 miles.