Grasshopper Mower Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

Grasshopper mower oil types What kind of hydraulic fluid does the zero-turn mower need? 20W-50 motor oils or synthetic 15W-50 motor oil are recommended fluids for Hydro-Gear pumps and transmissions.

If the machine has oil reservoirs, they are mounted on the frame behind the seat for easy access and oil level monitoring.

Grasshopper mower oil type

Grasshopper Mower Oil Type

Grasshopper suggests using a premium synthetic oil for engines that is compatible with or exceeds API Service Category SJ, or greater in their mowers. 

It is essential to consult the owner’s manual to find the exact oil requirements for your particular mower model.

Grasshopper Mower Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil for oil capacity for a Grasshopper mower will be determined by the particular engine model. It is essential to check the owner’s manual to find out the exact capacity of oil that your machine.

The Most Recommended Grasshopper Mower Oil

Grasshopper Mower recommends using the Grasshopper True Zero Turn Hydrostatic Commercial Transmission Fluid (part number 345050).

This oil is specifically designed specifically for Grasshopper mowers and offers superior defense against wear and tear, corrosion, and corrosion. It comes with the API classification of GL-5, and the SAE viscosity level of 20W-50.

Grasshopper Mower Oil filter

Grasshopper mowers have a range of oil filters based on the model of the engine. It is essential to read the owner’s manual or consult a Grasshopper dealer to identify the proper oil filter for your particular mower. 

The most popular brands of oil filters employed in Grasshopper mowers are Wix, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton.

Understanding the fundamentals of Mower Oil

Before we go into the intricacies of Grasshopper mower oil it’s important to comprehend the fundamentals of the mower oil. 

The oil used in mowers is specially-formulated oil that is designed to shield the internal components of the mower’s engine from damage resulting from friction and heat. 

When choosing the best mower oil there are many things to think about, including the viscosity, additives, and performance ratings.

What exactly is viscosity?

Viscosity is the measure of the thickness of oil and the capacity to flow at different temperatures. It is measured by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) evaluates oil viscosity and it’s indicated by an amount that is followed by the letter “W,” which stands for winter. For instance, 10W-30 oil has a viscosity value for low temperatures of 10,, and 30 at higher temperatures.


Additives are substances added to the oil to boost its performance of the oil. Common additives include detergent dispersants, as well as anti-wear agents.

Performance Rating

The term “performance rating” refers to the ability of the oil to meet certain industry standards. The most popular evaluation of performance comes from that of the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating, which is composed of two letters and the first letter showing the oil’s performance as well as the other letter denoting the viscosity.

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grasshopper mower oil change

For changing the oil inside your Grasshopper mower take these steps:

  1. Start the engine by running it for a couple of minutes.
  2. Switch off the engine and remove that spark plug cable in order to prevent accidental ignition.
  3. Install an oil drain pan beneath the mower’s drain plug.
  4. Unplug the drain plug from the oil and let the oil drain completely.
  5. Replace the plug that drains oil and secure it.
  6. Clean the oil filter, then get rid of it correctly.
  7. Install a fresh oil filter, then tighten it in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.
  8. Fill the engine up with the recommended type and quantity, taking care not to overfill.
  9. Connect the spark plug wire, then begin the engine.
  10. Verify the level of oil by using the dipstick. Add additional oil if needed.
  11. Get rid of the old filter and oil correctly at a recycling center or an auto repair shop.

You should change your oil on the Grasshopper mower at least every 100 hours of operation, or at the very least every season. Always refer to the operator’s manual for detailed instructions and maintenance schedules recommended by the manufacturer.

Oil change on Grasshopper 329b

Grasshopper mower oil change

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Final Word

The kind of oil to apply to the Grasshopper mower will be based on the model you are using. It is always recommended to read your manual for the owner or Grasshopper Customer Service to find out the type of oil recommended for your lawn mower.

In general, the majority of Grasshopper mowers require 10W-30 and 10W-40 motor oils but it’s essential to check the specifications specific to the model you are using to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Be aware not using the correct kind of oil or not making regular oil changes could result in damage or wear and tear to your mower’s engine. So, it is essential to follow the specifications of the manufacturer for the type of oil and maintenance.

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FAQ Grasshopper mower oil type

What kind of fluid do you put in a Grasshopper mower?

Replace with OEM-specified filter, and refill with OEM-specified fluid only. Transmission fluid change intervals for Grasshopper mowers range from 300 to 1,000 hours with specially formulated CoolTemp Hydro-Max™ fluid. Thoroughly clean all grease fittings and lubricate with SAE multi-purpose grease.

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Where can I buy a grasshopper lawn mower?

A Grasshopper lawn mower is available for purchase in a number of locations, including:
dealerships for grasshoppers
stores with lawn and garden supplies
retailers of home improvement
Online merchants like Amazon and eBay
To find a dealership close to you, utilize the Grasshopper dealer locator on their website:
In addition, you might try looking through internet stores like Amazon or eBay, which frequently offer a large selection of Grasshopper lawnmowers for sale.

How do I take care of my Grasshopper?

Practicing regular maintenance will extend the life of your Grasshopper and keep it in optimal working order. Simply follow these simple steps: Always check the engine oil before starting the mower. Change the oil at recommended intervals using the proper grade of oil, and always use OEM filters.

What kind of hydraulic fluid do I use in a Grasshopper 721?

What kind of hydraulic fluid do I use in a Grasshopper 721 1998 model with a Kubota engine The Hydros require Grasshopper Fluid, or Mobil DTE 26 Without a manual I will guess that it takes ISO68 Any oil labeled: DTE 26 AW ISO 68 ISO 68

What kind of oil does a Grasshopper mower use?

Recommendations for Viscosity for Liquid-cooled Models: Check the engine oil level on a daily basis. greater than 7oF (25o C) 32o (0o C) to 77o F (25o C to 77o F) SAE 30, 10W-30, or 15W40 (25o) Below 32oF, use SAE 20, 10W40, or 15W40 (0o C) For cold or hot extreme operating temperatures, use SAE 10 or 10W30. Consult the engine manual for additional viscosity recommendations.

How many quarts of oil does a Grasshopper mower take?

Grasshopper lawn mower oil needs vary by model and engine. Examples:
Most Grasshopper lawnmowers with a Vanguard V-Twin engine require 20W-50 motor oil and 4 quarts.
Most Grasshopper lawnmowers with a Kohler Command Pro engine require 48 ounces (3 quarts) of SAE 10W-30 or SAE 10W-40 motor oil.
Refer to your Grasshopper mower’s owner’s manual for the correct oil suggestion and capacity.

What kind of engine oil do I use on the Grasshopper mower?

Grasshopper suggests using high-quality synthetic engine oil 15W-50 that is compatible with API Service Category SJ, or better.

Can I make use of conventional oil instead synthetic oil for my Grasshopper mower?

Yes, you can utilize conventional oil as provided that it meets or exceeds the API services category of SJ and greater. However synthetic oil is suggested for the highest performance and engine endurance.

How often do I need to switch the oil of my Grasshopper mower?

The recommended interval for oil changes to Grasshopper mowers is each 100 hours or at least every season.

How much oil can my Grasshopper mower have?

The capacity of oil for the Grasshopper mower will be determined by the particular engine model. To find out the precise size of the oil needed for the mower you are using, see the owner’s handbook.

Do I have to mix different kinds of oil with my Grasshopper mower?

It is not advised to mix different kinds of oil. Use the oil-recommended kind for your mower.

Can I use older oil for my Grasshopper mower?

It is not recommended, the used oil must be properly removed from the recycling center or auto shop.

How can I dispose of old oil that has been accumulated in the Grasshopper mower?

Old oil is considered a risky waste that should be disposed of in a safe manner in a recycling facility or an auto repair shop.

What happens if I overfill the Grasshopper mower’s engine with oils?

The excess oil in the engine could cause damage to the engine. Always consult the owner’s manual to determine the precise capacity of oil that is required for your mower, and be cautious not to fill it too much.

If I apply the incorrect type of oil on the Grasshopper mower?

Making use of the wrong oil could cause damage to the engine and decrease the lifespan of your lawn mower. Make sure to use the recommended type of oil for maximum performance and long-term durability.