Ford 6.2 Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


Ford 6.2 Engine Specs

It is the Ford 6.2L engine commonly referred to by”the” Ford Boss engine is a naturally aspirated V8 engine that has been employed in a range of Ford automobiles since. It’s a strong and flexible engine that is perfect for hauling and towing.

Here are a few of the most important characteristics of Ford’s 6.2L engine. Ford 6.2L engine.

SpecDescriptionModel Year Range
Engine Type6.2L V8 Naturally aspirated2010 – Present
Displacement379 cu in (6,208 cc)2010 – Present
Bore x Stroke4.02 in x 3.74 in (102mm x 95mm)2010 – Present
Horsepower385 – 430 hp2010 to the present (varies according to model)
Torque405 – 475 lb-ft2010 to present (varies according to model)
Compression Ratio9.8:12010 – Present
ValvetrainSingle overhead cam (SOHC), two valves per cylinder2010 – Present
Engine Oil Capacity7 quarts2010 – Present
Oil Filter TypeThe filter type varies depending on the model year and the application. Refer to the owner’s manual for the specific filter types.N/A
Oil Change CostIt varies based on the location, type of oil used, And labor costs. The typical range is between $50-$150.N/A


This Ford 6.2 engine is an engine that is strong and flexible And has been used in A wide range of applications, such As vehicles and trucks.


With A power range ranging from 385-430, the engine can provide impressive efficiency in performance And effectiveness.


If you’re An avid enthusiast of off-roading, trucks, or simply interested in learning about the underlying mechanics of engines, it is essential to be aware of this model.

Ford 6.2 is A fascinating piece of technology. I hope you’ve been enthralled by the specifications and capabilities of this engine.

I appreciate being interested in this Area. I am grateful for taking the time to read And discover with us.

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