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Ford 289 Engine Specs

Its Ford 289 motor is a 4.7-liter V8 engine that was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company between 1962 And 1969. 

It was a very popular engine found in a variety of Ford automobiles, including Ford’s Mustang, Falcon, Fairlane, And Thunderbird.


The 289 came in a variety of models with horsepower ratings ranging between 160 and 271. The most popular variant was a two-barrel carburetor that produced 200 horsepower.

The 289 is an incredibly admired engine due to its reliability and performance. It is a favorite option for restoration projects of classic cars and performance enhancements.


Here are a few specifics for the Ford 289 engine.

Displacement4.7 L (289 cu in)
Bore & Stroke4.00″ x 2.87″ (101.6 mm x 72.9 mm)
Horsepower (HP)160 – 271 HPVaries depending on configuration (2-barrel, 4-barrel, HiPo)
Torque (lb-ft)230 – 305 lb-ftVaries depending on the configuration
Engine TypeV8, OHV
Oil Capacity (qts)5 – 6Variable based on the year and the configuration
Oil Filter TypeSpin-onConsult the owner’s guide to find the exact filtering number.
Oil Change Cost (Estimated)$40 – $120It varies based on the type of oil and labor cost. DIY as compared to. professional service


It is the Ford 289 engine is a robust and reliable V8 engine that has proven to be A popular choice by car enthusiasts for a long time. 

With its incredible capabilities and performance 289 engine has become the most popular option for customizing And modifying A variety of Ford automobiles. 

I hope that you found this information on Ford 289 engine specifications instructive And interesting. I appreciate you exploring this incredible piece of engineering. Enjoy your day And a great driving!

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