F1 Engine Specs 2023

F1 Engine Specs: Formula 1 cars are the ultimate example of speed and engineering skill and their engines testify to their.

The finely tuned machines are marvels of science and technology capable of producing immense power while adhering to the strictest rules. 

I delve into the realm of F1 engine specifications, supplying you with the most up-to-date information and details.

f1 engine specs

F1 Engine Specs

Formula 1 engines are incredibly complicated And powerful machines, expanding the boundaries of engineering And technology. Here’s a list of their most important specifications:

Type of Engine1.6L V6 Hybrid Turbocharged
Displacement1,600 cc (97.6 cu in)
Bore x Stroke80 mm x 53 mm (3.15 in x 2.09 in)
Maximum RPM15,000 RPM
Power OutputAbout 1,000 BHP (746 kW)
The Maximum Rate of Fuel Flow100 kg/h (220 lb/h)
Turbocharger TypeSingle-stage turbocharger that has a limit of 50,000 RPM
MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit – Heat)Max power is 120 kW Maximum RPM 125,000 RPM
MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic)Max power is 120 kW Maximum RPM 50000 RPM
Type of FuelE10 (10% ethanol)
Weight Limit150kg (330 lbs)
Capacity of Engine Oil4.5 L (1.2 US gal)


Thank you for taking part in this investigation of F1 engine specifications! I hope you found this information interesting and informative. 

These extremely complex machines are truly amazing engineering marvels and are pushing the boundaries of efficiency and power. 

I invite you to dive deeper into the F1 world F1 and marvel at the amazing talent and determination of the drivers and engineers who make these amazing machines possible. In the meantime keep your eyes fixed on the race and keep your heart pumping!

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