F-1 Engine Specs 2024 ❤️

F-1 Engine Specs

The specifications of an F-1 engine may differ based on the particular manufacturer and engine, however, this is a brief overview of the latest generation of engines that are used for Formula One:

Engine Type1.6-liter, 90deg V6, four-stroke, turbocharged
Power1,000 horsepower (746 kW) with the hybrid system activated
Maximum RPM15,000 RPM (electronically limited)
FFRThe limit is 100 kg/hour (220 lbs/hour)
WeightAbout 145 kilograms (320 lbs)
Hybrid SystemsMGU-K (recovers braking energy), MGU-H (recovers exhaust energy)
Other Features Notable to HTML0Direct fuel injection technology, DOHC, titanium components Advanced materials/coatings
Capacity for Engine OilNot publically available (considered to be confidential information)
Oil TypeSpecialized synthetic high-performance oil likely blended specifically for each team
Oil Filter and Change CostNot publically available However, it is likely to be extremely high due to oil that is specially formulated and labor requirements


Its F-1 engine, which was used for the Saturn V rocket, was an engineering marvel And produced 1.5 million pounds of thrust.

The engine was built in 1963 And played A significant contribution to the successful completion of Apollo missions.

Its remarkable specifications, such As the use of RP-1 Kerosene along with liquid oxygen for propellants and the huge turbopump that weighed 2,500 pounds showcase the creativity And skill of the time.

This F-1 engine’s contributions to the space program Are amazing and its legacy continues to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

I appreciate you taking the time to find out about this fascinating historical piece of engineering.

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