Different types of olive oil and their uses

Olive oil is one of the oldest, most celebrated foods on the planet. In fact, this culinary staple has been consumed for thousands of years.Way back in the day, olive oil was made by crushing olives in many ways, most often with stones mills of various types. Today, the process has definitely been modernized in several ways, but for the highest quality, most …

FAQ different types of olive oil and their uses

What are the different types of olive oil?

The wide world of olive oil can be confusing. But essentially, there are three main types of olive oil you’ll find in grocery stores or online retailers: extra virgin olive oil, pure or regular olive oil, and light and extra light olive oil.

How to choose the right olive oil for cooking?

So if you are switching to olive oil for health reasons, choose extra-virgin and virgin. You may choose pure olive oil for deep frying and baking over other PUFA-rich refined oils like soybean or sunflower. But try to avoid lite olive oil and olive-pomace oil.

What is pure olive oil and how is it used?

Pure olive oil is a blend of extra virgin and refined olive oil. It is also lower in nutritional value as compared to virgin olive oil and Agarwal recommends using it as a hair and skin oil instead of cooking purposes. It is not preferable to use pure olive oil for cooking because when it is heated, it has a distinct smell that is not appetising.

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What is the source of olive oil?

Olive oil is obtained from olives which is a fruit derived from a small tree belonging to the family Oleaceae. Whole olives are pressed in order to obtain oil from them. Olive oil is used in different fields like in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cooking, and many more. It is known for its great health benefits.

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Are you buying the right olive oil?

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