Different types of coconut oil [Update 2023]

Different types of coconut oil: Here are the sub-types of refined coconut oil: Hydrogenated Coconut Oil – This type of refined coconut oil isn’t edible. Better stay away from it if you’re planning to… Expeller-pressed Coconut Oil – This type of refined coconut oil is extracted by going through a mechanical ‘physical… Liquid …

What Are the Different Types of Coconut Oil and How Are They Made?

The two varieties of coconut oil often found on shelves in supermarkets include refined and unrefined (also known as a virgin).

Coconut oil that is refined, as the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health explains, is typically extracted by pressing the dried coconut meat called “copra.” There are times when chemicals like hexane are employed to extract the oil.

The extracted oil is heated or steamed to eliminate the smell of the oil and then filtered to get rid of impurities and bacteria.

The process of filtering, typically carried out using clay, is why refined coconut oils are frequently called “refined, bleached, and deodorized” or “RBD” coconut oil.

Unrefined coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat. The meat is either cold-pressed or expeller-pressed and then separated to create the oil.

Coconut oil that is not refined is typically produced using less intense heating and is not subject to bleaching or deodorizing.

This is why coconut oil that is not refined has an aroma of fresh coconut and a pleasant smell. In contrast, refined coconut oil is much more subtle and often has an indistinct coconut aroma and taste.

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So, what is virgin coconut oil? Coconut oil that is not refined and Virgin coconut oil are the same. Both terms can be employed in conjunction if you’re looking for coconut oil.

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