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Cx500 oil type : What type of oil can I put in my cx500. Does it have to be mc specific or will any blended 10w/40 oil work? And what about the antifreeze? Thanks in advance . 1980 CX500 Custom. Save Share. Reply . JC · Premium Member. Joined Sep 1, 2014 · 3,265 Posts #2 · Nov 18, 2017. JASO MA rated oil – guarantees it won’t ruin your clutch. Honda CX500 shirt shop …


The Honda CX500, which made its debut in 1978, defied every convention the business was known for upholding.

Innovative elements and technologies, including liquid cooling, electric-only starting, low-maintenance shaft drive, modular wheels, and dual CV-type carburetors that were adjusted for lower emissions, were incorporated into the design.

If a complete electrical system fails, the motorcycle could be push-started and driven thanks to the electronic ignition system’s separation from the rest of the electrical system.

Several parts are available at Old Bike Barn to keep vintage motorcycles operating. You can repair and maintain your Honda CX500 using engine gasket sets, carburetor kits, fork seals, levers, cables, brake pads, and more.

Additionally, any machine may be converted into a Cafe Racer, Street Tracker, Brat, or Chopper, and we provide an extensive range of parts to equip practically any beast in those vintage styles.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries concerning your Honda CX500, as our team is both a rider and a mechanic!

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Q.1 What happened to the Honda CX-500?

ANS. Honda quietly dropped the CX500 from production and replaced it with the very strange VT500 later that year which had the engine turned around to be in-line with the frame. But at least the new engine was lightly longer in the stroke so the flexibility on the road was good.

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Q.2 What are the advantages of the CX500?

ANS. The huge advantage the CX500 had over everything else in its era was that it was unique, nothing came close. Some claimed the Guzzi was similar but they were wrong as the CX had a much shorter stroke, 4 valve rotated heads, narrow 80 degree angle vee, water cooling and the kind of long term durability that only Honda could produce.

Q.3 What do you know about the Australian CX500 user group?

ANS. Every CX500 enthusiast knows all about the booming Australian user group on the net. The bulletin board, where riders discuss all manner of problems is so popular that many internationals use it. (Go to The main stay of this is “Doctor Don” who lives in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Q.4 Can a Mazda CX500 be made into a custom?

ANS. So we’ve rounded up our five favorite custom CX500s—from builders that have miraculously managed to make the CX500 attractive. Wrenchmonkees This brutal ‘chopper-racer’ is proof that the rather bland CX500 can be transformed into something radical.

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