Crf150r Engine Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

Crf150r is the engine oil type for the Honda CRF 150 R/RB (2007 AND AFTER) Which oil should be used on a Honda CRF CRF 150 R / RB model year 2007 or later? 2 Quarts Honda GN4 10W-30 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil.

Complete instructions for every component, including the cooling system, braking system, transmission, and engine.

Crf150r transmission oil type Crf150r transmission oil type Crf150r transmission oil type

Understanding the CRF150R Engine

Before diving into the different types of engine oils it is essential to be familiar with the CRF150R engine.

CRF150R engine. The CRF150R is a top-performing dirt bike that requires precision lubrication in order to ensure its durability and maximum performance on the track. 

Its engine is equipped with the latest technology and requires specific maintenance to ensure the high performance and dependability that you would expect from such a bike.

Crf150r engine oil type

The Honda CRF150R bike typically utilizes 10W-40 four-stroke engine oil. It is suggested to refer to the owner’s manual or a Honda dealer to get the most precise and current information on the specifications of your particular type and model.

Crf150r engine oil Capacity

The capacity of the engine oil on the CRF150R Honda motorcycle is around 0.8 milliliters equivalent to 0.85 quarts. It’s essential to read the owner’s manual or a Honda dealer’s for the exact oil capacity for your model and the year.

Crf150r engine oil Filter

It is a Honda bike that has an oil filter to eliminate contaminants from the engine oil. The particular oil filter that is used on the CRF150R will differ based on the year and model. 

It is suggested to refer to the owner’s manual or a Honda dealer to ensure that you choose the right oil filter to fit your motorcycle.

Recommended Crf150r Engine Oil

10W-30 or 10W-40 motorcycle oil is recommended for the Honda CRF150R engine. For the most up-to-date and precise recommendation for your bike, always consult the owner’s manual or a Honda shop.

Engine specifications for the CRF150

The Honda CRF150R (2021 model engine )’s characteristics are as follows:

  • Capacity: 149.17 cc
  • 66.5mm x 43.7mm for the bore and stroke
  • 11.0:1 compression ratio
  • Valve DOHC, 4-Valve Train
  • Electronic fuel injection using PGM-FI for fuel delivery
  • Full-transistor ignition Type
  • Leasing: Wet Sump
  • Multiple, Wet Clutch
  • 5-speed transmission
  • 13T/50T Final Drive with #520 Chain
  • Beginning: Primary Kick

Note: Depending on the bike’s year and model, specifications may change.

Crf150r engine oil Change

To change the oil in the engine on a Honda CRF150R motorcycle, take these steps:

  1. Get the engine warm by starting the motorbike and allow it to run for a short period of time to get the engine warm. Warm oil flows better and assists in flushing out toxins.
  2. Prepare the motorcycle by placing the motorcycle on a central stand or an elevated rear stand to raise your rear wheels off of the ground. This provides stability and access to the drain plug.
  3. Find the oil drain plug The drain plug for oil usually is located at in the middle of crankcase. Check the owner’s guide or ask a Honda dealer to determine the exact place.
  4. Remove the oil: Place an oil pan underneath the drain plug. make use of a wrench to pull out the drain plug. Allow that old oil completely drain. Get rid of the oil in a proper manner.
  5. Change the filter (optional) If you are required to take off the old oil filter and replace it the new one. Check the manual of the owner for details on the replacement of the filter.
  6. Installation of the drain pipe. Once the oil is completely drained then reinstall the drain plug and ensure that it is fastened with utmost care.
  7. Apply fresh oil: Find the cap for filling up with oil. It is usually on the upper part of your engine. Remove the cap, and then apply the recommended amount of fresh engine oil according to the owner’s manual.
  8. Examine the oil level Utilize the dipstick or a sight glass (depending on the model) to ensure that the level of oil is within the range recommended by the manufacturer. You can add more oil if needed.
  9. Reinstall the cap for the oil filler Make sure you fix the cap to the oil tank.
  10. Cleaning: Clean clean any oil that has spilled and make sure that all parts are tightened properly
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It is essential to read the owner’s guide or the Honda dealer to get the most precise and up-to-date specifications on oil for the model of your CRF150R and the year.

How to Change Transmission oil on Crf150r

Maintenance on my CRF150rb! Oil changes!!

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The choice of the best engine oil to use on your CRF150R is vital to ensure performance and longevity of your CRF150R. 

Synthetic oils, specially designed specifically for dirt bike engines provide superior protection and lubrication. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and performing routine maintenance tasks will ensure that your CRF150R’s engine functions in its optimal condition. 

Make sure you are taking safety into consideration and seek advice from a professional regarding any difficult questions or concerns.

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FAQ crf150r transmission oil type

What kind of oil should I put in my 2007 CRF150R?

The CRF150r/RB 2007 owners manual I have in front of me reads… Recommended Engine Oil: 10w-30 or 10w-40. Oil Capacity: 0.56 liter (0.59 US qt, 0.49 Imp qt) at draining. 0.59 liter (0.62 US qt, 0.52 Imp qt) at oil filter change <—-Pretty sure this one is what you want.

What oil do you use for engines and transmission?

I use 720ml on the engine with filter change and 800ml on the transmission side. what oil do you use and do you use the same or different oils for the engine and trans? Rossco – You’re overthinking this. Put 720 and 800 into the engine and transmission, respectively. Use any high-quality motorcycle oil that you choose. Change it often. Enjoy.

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Is a CRF150R a good beginner bike?

If you’re just starting out isn’t an ideal dirt bike for your first ride. It’s a bit difficult to get started in case you’re unfamiliar with the Kick-starter. It’s also very abrupt in its power and it’s likely to get stuck, particularly when your jetting system is off. These features and others make it a bad beginner bike.

What kind of transmission fluid should I choose to run my CRF150R?

It is recommended that the transmission oil used for the CRF150R would be Honda GN4 10W-40.

Do I have to use other types of transmission oils? 

Although other brands could work, it’s preferential to stick with the suggested Honda GN4 10W-40 transmission oil for optimal performance and safety.

What amount of transmission oil is required for the CRF150R?

The CRF150R generally requires 500 ml or 0.69 Quarts of transmission oils. Consult the owner’s manual to determine the exact capacity of the specific model and year.

What is the best time to change the oil in my transmission?

 It’s recommended that you change the oil in your transmission every 20 hours of driving or at least every year, whichever is first. Regular oil changes will help to ensure the longevity and performance of the vehicle.

How can I test the level of oil in my transmission? 

To determine the level of oil in the transmission be sure that the vehicle is sitting on a level surface take off the cap for filling up with oil from the left side of the engine and examine the oil level via the glass. The level of oil should be between the lower and upper marks on the glass.

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What is the recommended frequency to examine the level of oil in my transmission?

It is a good idea to examine the level of oil in your transmission prior to each trip to ensure that it’s within the recommended level.

What if I could recycle the engine oil?

It is generally suggested to change the transmission’s oil at the time of every oil change. Reusing oil that is old can impact the performance and safety of the transmission.

Do I have to warm the engine prior to making a decision to change or check the oil in my transmission?

It is recommended to warm up your engine prior to making a decision to change or check the oil of the transmission. Warmer oil flows more smoothly and allows for a more precise measure of the oil level.

 Do I have the ability to mix different types of transmission oils?

It’s usually advised not to combine various types or brands of transmission oils. Make sure to use the same type and brand of oil for consistent performance and compatibility.

Where can I get an oil recommended for transmissions on my CRF150R?

Honda GN4 10W-40 transmission oil is available from authorized Honda dealerships or motorcycle parts stores or online retailers that sell authentic Honda products.