Craftsman YS4500 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


Craftsman ys4500 Oil Type: The maintenance of your Craftsman tractor’s model YS4500 by using the correct oil type, capacity as well as capacity, and filter, And the cost of changing it is essential to ensure the highest performance and durability.

This guide will provide you with the essential details to ensure that your YS4500 remains in top condition.


Oil Type: The oil that is recommended to use with the Craftsman YS4500 is synthetic motor oil that has 5W-30 of viscosity. This kind is an oil that is designed to offer the most effective protection for your engine, Specifically in extremely cold temperatures.

Oil Change: Its capacity for the oil for the Craftsman model YS4500 is 60oz. It’s crucial to use the correct Quantity of oil in order to get the best oiling for the engine.


Oil Filter: This Craftsman YS4500 utilizes a Kohler-brand oil filter. This high-quality oil filter is designed to effectively remove dirt And other particles that can be discovered in the engine’s oil.

Cost of Oil Change: the price of changing the oil on the Craftsman YS4500 will depend on the kind of oil you choose Also, whether you complete the process by yourself, or get it Completed by professionals.

If you are doing it yourself, you can expect to pay around $20-30 to get the filter And the oil. If you’re doing it professionally, then you can be ready for pay between $50 & 70 bucks.

Craftsman ys4500 oil type

Craftsman’s ys4500 lawnmower requires a certain type of oil and a specific amount to work properly. The search results recommend the following oil types:

  • SAE 30 weight is the recommended oil for Craftsman’s ys4500 lawnmower.
  • The most suitable oil for Craftsman lawnmowers is SAE 10W-30, with a maximum capacity of 18-20 ounces in climates where temperatures are usually constant.
  • The Craftsman engine ys4500 has a capacity of 2 quarts or 1.9 liters.
  • Use 10W30 oil in a 1.5-quart (48-ounce) capacity with a filter change.

The Craftsman lawn mower ys4500 may use a different engine. Therefore, the type of oil and the amount will vary. The search results may mention different engines. It’s best to consult your owner’s guide or speak with a professional about the exact oil type for your model.

Craftsman ys4500 oil capacity

When changing the oil on a Craftsman lawn mower ys4500, it is important to consider its oil capacity. The search results suggest the following oil capacities:

  • Craftsman engine ys4500 oil capacity with filter replacement is 1.6 quarts.
  • The Craftsman YS4500 technical specifications list an oil volume of 1.48 quarts (1.40 liters).
  • The Craftsman 917.27660 engine YS4500 has a capacity of 1.9 liters or 2 quarts.

The Craftsman lawn mower ys4500 may have a different oil capacity depending on the engine. Consult the owner’s guide or a professional for the exact amount of oil needed.

Craftsman ys4500 oil filter

Oil filters are required for the Craftsman ys4500 lawnmower to protect the engine and keep it clean. Search results recommend the following oil filters:

  • LT2000 Oil Filter and Air Filter Tune-Up Kit for Craftsman T2200 T1400 42 inch 46 inch Lawn Tractor Riding Mowers with B&S Engines of 19.5hp, 20hp, 21hp.
  • SecosAutoparts air filter tune-up kit compatible with Craftsman lawn mowers YT3000, YS4500, and LT2000.
  • CRAFTSMAN Oil filter: Briggs: OEM # 492932. This replaces parts #492932 and 36563/740057A. This filter is compatible with Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, and other engines.
  • Jacks Small Engines offers Craftsman oil filters.

It’s also important to know that the type of oil filter required may differ depending on the engine in your Craftsman lawn mower ys4500. Consult the owner’s guide or contact a professional for the correct oil filter.


Craftsman ys4500 Oil Change

  • It is crucial to warm your engine over a couple of minutes so that the oil evaporates.
  • Find the valve that is responsible for draining the oil beneath the mower. Then, put the pan for draining oil beneath it.
  • Open the drain valve then let the oil go to the drain pan.
  • When the oil has exhausted, shut off the valve. Then, take off the filter using the wrench.
  • Clean the area surrounding the filter with an unclean cloth. Then, grease the gasket of your filter with oil.
  • Create the filter and adjust it manually.
  • Make sure that the engine is fully loaded by filling it up with SAE 30 oil using funnels. Be certain that you don’t fill it too much.
  • Check the level of oil with the dipstick, and then add oil, if required.
  • Get the motor running and let it run for a few minutes to circulate your oil.
  • Turn off the engine and examine the oil level. If needed you need to add additional oil.

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The maintenance of your Craftsman ys4500 mower is vital for keeping it operating efficiently and extending its life. Making the right choice of oil and changing it regularly is vital for optimal performance and long-lasting engines. 

Following the tips within this post, you will be able to make sure the mower you have purchased is in good condition in readiness for the following mow season.

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FAQs – Craftsman ys4500 Oil Type

What kind of engine does a craftsman ys4500 have?

Craftsman 917.27660 YS4500 Overview Engine Transmission Dimensions Photos Attachments 2006 Lawn tractor AYP built Production Distributor: Craftsman (a part of Sears) Manufacturer: AYP Type: Lawn tractor Craftsman 917.27660 Engine

What kind of oil do you use in a craftsman lawn mower?

It is an all-purpose oil that is employed in push mowers as well as riding mowers. Craftsman mowers also can use 5W-30 synthetic oil since it helps protect the engine for longer under all temperatures.

What kind of engine does a craftsman lawn tractor have?

Craftsman 917.27660 YS4500 Overview Engine Transmission Dimensions Photos Attachments 2006 Lawn tractor AYP built Production Distributor: Craftsman (a part of Sears) Manufacturer: AYP Type: Lawn tractor Craftsman 917.27660 Engine 22HP Briggs & Stratton 724cc 2-cyl gasoline Engine details … Mechanical Chassis: 4×2 2WD Steering: manual Cab:

How many gallons of fuel does a craftsman tractor hold?

Craftsmen riding lawn tractors have different fuel tanks. Check your tractor’s owner’s manual for fuel tank capacity. Most Craftsman tractor models have 1.5-2.5-gallon fuel tanks. For fuel pump lubrication, check the fuel level often and keep the tank at least 1/4 full.

Can I use SAE 5w30 in my Craftsman lawn mower?

Lawnmowers are compatible with SAE5w30. But ought you? I would advise you to avoid using 5w30 with your lawnmower if you will be working in extremely chilly circumstances.

How many quarts of oil does a Craftsman riding mower take?

Each oil change for the 19.5 HP lawn tractors requires 48 U.S. fluid Ounces or 1.5 U.S. Quarts of detergent motor oil. Oil must meet API service classifications SF, SH, or SG. SAE 30 motor oils are recommended for use at temperatures higher than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.