Circle K Car Wash Prices 2022 ❤️

Circle K car wash is offered in three different packages three options: standard, premium, and ultimate. Express is available only for single-wash services. 

At the moment, Circle K is using an app-only method for the monthly memberships. This is quite convenient as you can sign-up for a single month of membership on the internet.

Every transaction has only required by the app. No stickers or other equipment are required. To access the subscription service, all you need to do is generate an app-generated code and then enter it into the terminal. At the moment there is only Soft Touch or Touchless Car wash are offered.

Circle K Car Wash Price List

Here is the most recent pricing schedule for the Circle K car wash. Be aware that the pricing and availability for each of the above services could differ for each location. 

You can however avail your monthly membership at any franchise location that is a member in the event that they are equipped with car wax facilities.

Circle K Unlimited Car Wash Prices


Package Offerings:

Soft Touch/ Touch Free

Price: (Solo)

Price : (Family)


Basic Wash, rinse, dry, and Tri-color treatment

Soft Touch / Touch Free




Standard + Tire clean and Rain-X

Soft Touch / Touch Free




Premium + Undercarriage / Powe Side Blaster, Road Grime Wash, and Armor All Shine Wax

Soft Touch



Circle K Single Car Wash Prices


Package Offerings:



Wash, rinse, and dry



Express + Tri-color treatment



Standard + Max Protection


Ultimate Season

Premium + UltraShine


The history of the Circle K Car Wash Subscription Program

Lars Hecht, Global Lead for the category of car washes at Circle K since 2016, has led the company through the complicated and exciting process of carefully considering and ultimately adopting a new model of business for subscription car wash services.

The background for car washing during 2016 has become a common scenario for business owners of all kinds. 

Circle K was relatively successful in sustaining profitable prices for its customers who used their car wash, but due to the fact that it was able to protect its margins sales were declining which is why Hecht began to research an idea that could help drive both.

The team of car washers identified some strategy drivers in the beginning stages. Customers are looking to wash their cars in the shortest time and with as little effort as they can. 

Anything that can reduce the time required to wash their car improves their overall perception of the company. 

Additionally, they are known to purchase in a hurry when they’re close to a convenience store, such as gasoline or a car wash, and it is normal to expect some up-sells and cross-sells from customers who use car wash services.

With all the advantages, Hecht saw great potential in the power of subscriptions, and even though he admitted that it initially felt as if “stepping on ice”, He worked with his team to study about, assess, model, and evaluate the possibilities for subscriptions. He did this till Circle K launched its first program in January of 2018.

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Final Word

Circle K is still a more convenient convenience store and gas station which is evident in the number of locations that offer car washes. 

However, if you’d like to wash your car in the middle of taking time off from the driving They have pretty easy and affordable services for washing cars.

Don’t expect extra services such as detailing or other amenities that fully-fledged carwash franchises offer.

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