Chevy LT1 Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


Chevy LT1 Engine Specs

Three distinct engines known as Chevy LT1 through time To give you the most precise specs I’ll have to know which you’re looking at. 

This is A breakdown of the engine:

SpecValueAdditional Notes
Engine Type6.2L Gen V Direct Injection V8Block made of all aluminum with internal forged
Displacement376 cu in (6.2L)
Horsepower460 HP (with an optional exhaust)
Torque465 lb-ft (with an exhaust option)
Bore x Stroke4.065 in. x 3.622 in (103.25 millimeters x 92 millimeters)
Compression Ratio11.5:1
Fuel SystemDirect InjectionHigh-pressure system to increase efficiency
ValvetrainDOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft)Variable valve timing to ensure maximum performance throughout the rev range
Oil Capacity8.6 Quarts (with filter)The exact amount may vary based on the application
Oil TypeFull Synthetic 5W-30GM suggests Dexos2 oil to ensure the best performance
Oil Filter TypeK&N HP-2010 or a similarThe high-performance filter is recommended for prolonged drain intervals
Oil Change CostIt varies based on the location and type of oil employedExpect to pay between $80-$150 at a dealer and less at the local shop


This Chevy LT1 engine with its outstanding performance and cutting-edge technology, is An absolute powerful engine. 


It has a rich history that helped to establish the famed LS series The LT1 remains A top choice for builders and fans. 


Whether you’re looking At an affordable Gen II or the modern-day Gen V masterpiece, the LT1 provides a variety of options to meet your Requirements. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this world of Chevy LT1 engine As much And you’re just as enthusiastic about its capabilities As I am. Thank you for taking part in this exciting journey!

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