Chevy LS3 Engine Specs 2024


Chevy LS3 Engine Specs

The Chevy L3 is a 6.2L Gen IV small-block V8 engine manufactured at General Motors from 2007 to 2017. It is known for its outstanding performance, reliability, as well as the ability to tune.

 Here are some most important specifications that are associated with this engine: Chevy LS3 engine:

Engine TypeGen IV Small-Block V8
Displacement376 cu in (6.2 L)
Bore4.065 in (103.25 millimeters)
Stroke3.622 in (92 millimeters)
Horsepower430-436 HPIt varies based on the the model year and the exhaust configuration
Torque424-428 lb-ftIt varies based on the the model year and the configuration of the exhaust.
Compression Ratio10.7:1
Block MaterialCast Aluminum
Crankshaft MaterialNodular Iron
Connecting Rods MaterialPowdered Metal
Pistons MaterialHypereutectic Aluminum
Camshaft TypeHydraulic Roller
Valve Lift0.551 in (intake) / 0.522 in (exhaust)
Camshaft Duration (@.050 in)204deg intake / 211deg exhaust
Cylinder Head MaterialAluminum
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection
Oil Capacity6.0 1 qts (without filter)
Oil TypeAPI SN and higherSee the owner’s manual to find specific suggestions
Oil Filter TypeCartridge-styleSimple to replace and easily accessible
Oil Change Cost (Estimated)$50-$150It varies based on the type of oil the cost of filtering, the labor costs, and the location


The Chevy engine LS3 has A sturdy and flexible engine that is popular with automotive enthusiasts. With a horsepower rating of 426-436 hp, And an output of 422-428 ft./lbs The LS3 can put out plenty of power And can be upgraded with turbos, superchargers high-flow intake systems, cylinder heads as well As cams And Nitrous oxide.

It is the LS3 that makes up the GM Gen IV engine family and was found in high-performance vehicles like Corvette and Camaro.


Camaro As well As the Corvette between 2007 until the year 2017. I hope that you find this article informative and useful. Thank you for taking the time to read!