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Champion 3500 Watt Generator Oil Type: Champion 3500 Watt generators Are known for their durability, reliability, And versatility.

These generators can power everything from your RV to your home during power outages. But to keep your Champion 3500-watt generator running smoothly, you need to use the right oil type.


In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about the Champion 3500-watt generator oil type. I will discuss recommended oils, how to check and change the oil, And answer frequently asked questions.

Popular Oil Options for Your Champion 3500 Watt Generator:

The most popular oil options that you can use with Your Champion 3500 Watt Generator:

  1. Champion 10W-30 engine oil (API SG-Certified):

    • Price: ~$8-$10 per quart
    • Features: Affordable, easily accessible, and suitable for moderate climates.
    • Capacity: 1.1 quarts
    • The Oil Change Period: 25 hours or 3 months (whichever occurs first).).
  2. Mobil 1 5W-30 Fully Synthetic oil (API SN-Certified):

    • Price: ~$12-$15 per quart
    • Advantages: Protection against high temperatures is superior, extended time to use oil (up to fifty hours! ) Improved fuel efficiency.
    • Capacity: 1.1 quarts
    • oil change interval: 50 hours or 6 months (whichever is first).
  3. Castrol GTX Ultraclean 5W-30 Synthetic Blend oil (API SN Plus Accredited):

    • Price: ~$10-$12 per quart
    • Advantages: Great cleaning ability reduces deposits and sludge excellent protection against various temperatures.
    • Capacity: 1.1 quarts
    • The Oil Change Period: 35 hours or 4 months (whichever occurs first).).
  4. Rotella T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Oil (API CJ-4 Certified):

    • Price: ~$15-$18 per quart
    • Advantages: designed for heavy-duty engines, outstanding wear protection, and high-temperature stability.
    • Capacity: 1.1 quarts
    • oil change interval: 50 hours or 6 months (whichever is first).).
  5. Honda genuine Synthetic oil 0.W-20 (API SN Plus Accredited):

    • Price: ~$14-$16 per quart
    • Advantages: Outstanding cold weather performance surpasses industry standards, specially developed, especially for the Honda engine (compatible with Champion).
    • Capacity: 1.1 quarts
    • The Oil Change Period: 50 hours or 6 months (whichever is first).

Champion 3500 Watt Generator Oil Changes

Changing the oil on your Champion 3500-watt generator is an essential maintenance task that should be performed regularly. This is how you do it:

  • Shut off the generator and give it some time to cool.
  • Find and remove the oil drain plug from the engine’s bottom.
  • Old oil should be drained into a container.
  • The drain plug was replaced and tightened firmly.
  • When the dipstick reads “full,” remove the oil fill cap and continue to add the recommended oil type.
  • To circulate the new oil, turn on the generator and let it run for a while.
  • Check the oil level once more after shutting off the generator. If more oil is required, add it.

Champion 3500 Watt Generator Engine Specs

Gasoline Starting Watts4375W
Gasoline Running Watts3500W
Gasoline Starting Amps at 120V36.5A
Gasoline Running Amps at 120V29.2A
Outlets120V 30A (TT-30R), 120V 20A Duplex (5-20R), 120V 30A Locking (L5-30R)
GFCI OutletsNo
Covered OutletsYes
Covered Circuit BreakersYes
Gasoline Run Time at 1/2 Load14 h.
Noise Level68 dBA
Parallel CapabilityNo
DC OperationNo
Automatic Voltage RegulationYes
Start TypeRecoil
Engine BrandChampion
Engine Size212cc
Engine Type4-stroke
Engine Speed3600
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel GaugeYes
Gasoline Capacity4.7 gal.
Gasoline Tank MaterialSteel
Engine Oil Type10W-30
Engine Oil Capacity0.5 qt.
Engine Oil IncludedYes
Low Oil Shut-OffYes
PGMA G300-2018 CompliantNo
EPA CertifiedYes
CARB CompliantYes

FAQs – champion 3500-watt generator oil type

How much oil does a champion 3500 generator use?

Changing the oil in a Champion 3500 generator is simple and only takes a few minutes. It uses just over ¾ qt. of oil in an oil change. Personal experience has shown the Champion generator to be an excellent product that will start on the first pull, even after a zillion hours of operation.

How long will a champion generator run at 50% load?

Rely on the Champion 208cc engine and enjoy up to 12 hours of run time at 50% load with a dBA of 68. Featuring Intelligauge, this generator is your perfect portable power solution. The Champion Power Equipment 100559 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator is the perfect combination of versatility and convenience.

How do you change the oil in a generator?

Turn on the generator and allow it to run for a few minutes to heat up the oil. Place the generator on a level surface and disconnect the spark plug wire. Wipe any oil and grime away from the oil drain plug so you can see what you’re doing.

What kind of oil do you put in a generator?

5w30, 10w30 synthetic oils, or 0w40 or 5w40 synthetic oils are a good pick. Also, can I use SAE 30 in my generator?

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It’s essential to use the proper oil type to keep your Champion 3500-watt generator operating smoothly and effectively.

Stick to the recommended SAE 10W-30 oil with an API rating of SJ or higher, and consider using a synthetic blend for even better protection.

Keep in mind to regularly check the oil level and change the oil as directed by the manufacturer. You can make sure your Champion 3500-watt generator will deliver dependable power for many years to come by carrying out these easy maintenance procedures.

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