Cat 1693 Engine Specs 2023

Cat 1693 Engine Specs 2023

Cat 1693 Engine Specs

The Cat 1693 engine was an impressive diesel engine made by Caterpillar between the 1950s and the 1980s. 

It was utilized in a range of heavy-duty applications such as trucks, off-highway vehicles, along with industrial machines. Here are a few of its essential specifications:

Engine TypeA four-stroke engine, V-8 Turbocharged (Some models come with aftercooling)
Displacement893 cu in (14.7 liters)
Bore5.4 In (137 mm)
Stroke6.5 In (165 mm)
Horsepower325 – 425 HPVariable based on model
TorqueUp to 1200 lb-ft (1627 Nm)Models vary in their models
Fuel SystemDirect Injection
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Engine Oil CapacityApprox. 18 quarts (17 liters)Refer to the owner’s guide for the particular model
Engine Oil TypeSAE 15W-40 or a similar (depending on the operating conditions and environment)Check the owner’s guide for specific suggestions
Oil Filter TypeModels vary in their modelsCheck the owner’s manual or part catalog
Oil Filter Change Cost (Approx. )$50-$150It varies based on where you are located, the labor rate, and DIY in comparison to. professional service


Its Cat 1693 engine is a strong and durable V8 engine developed by Caterpillar. It was renowned for its performance And durability And varied in power from 270 – 425 horsepower.

The engine was innovative in its design concepts And was deemed almost indestructible by many. However, it was considered to be outdated as parts became increasingly difficult to locate.

Even though it was old, the engine of 1693 created a lasting impression And was A sought-after option in its day.

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