C7 Corvette Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

C7 Corvette Oil Type: It is the Chevrolet Corvette C7 is an iconic sports car known for its powerful motors and thrilling performance.

Like any other performance-oriented vehicle it is the C7 requires regular maintenance and care to ensure that it is running efficiently. 

The most important aspect of this maintenance is choosing the correct oil. Finding the right oil options can be overwhelming especially when there is conflicting information on the internet. 

Therefore, I’ve compiled an authoritative information guide for C7 Corvette oil. It was which I sourced directly from official Chevrolet documentation, and with the most recent updates, laid out in a simple and succinct table format that makes it easy to refer to.

Model YearThe Recommended Oil SAE GradeAPI StandardDexos ApprovalAdditional Notes
2014-2018 (LT1, LT4)0W-40 Dexos2SN+NeededIt is recommended for both track and street use. track usage.
2014-2018 (Z06)0W-40 Dexos2SN+RequirementsRecommend for street and track usage.
2019-2020 (All Models)5W-30 Dexos2SN+RequirementsIt is suitable for all-day driving.
2021-2024 (All Models)5W-30 API Dexos2 SPRequirementsThe latest API standard provides improved performance and security.

C7 Corvette Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil in the C7 Corvette is dependent on the particular engine and features that come with it. Here’s how:

EngineZ51 PackageCapacity for Oil (with filter)
LT1 (Non-Z51)No7 quarts
LT1 (Z51)Yes9.8 quarts
LT4 (Stingray Z51 Grand Sport)Yes10.4 quarts
LT5 (Z06)Yes10.8 quarts

C7 Corvette Oil Filter

The right oil filter to fit the C7 Corvette will depend on the particular engine you own. Below are filters from the original factory for the most commonly used C7 engines:

FilterManufacturerCapacity of Oil (qts)Key FeaturesNotes
ACDelco PF64GM Genuine Parts8.0The Official Recommendation and Dexos2 approved High Filtration Efficiency Long-LastingCheap, readily accessible
Mobil 1 M1-113AMobil 18.0Synthetic Media. Long oil change intervals High Flow RateGood filtration, ideal for track usage
K&N HP-2005K&N Filters8.0High-Flow Design, Increased Engine Performance, Improved Capacity of FiltrationPerfect for use on track It is washable and reusable
Royal Purple 10-48Royal Purple8.0100 100% Synthetic Media, Outstanding Protection, Extremely High Filtration CapacityTop-of-the-line performance, ideal for demanding conditions