Bush Hog Gearbox Oil Type, Capacity, Level & Weight

Bush Hog Gearbox Oil Type, Capacity, Level & Weight

Bush Hog oil type: If you want to maintain the condition of your Bush Hog machine, choosing the appropriate type of oil is a very important consideration.

The Bush Hog machine is only as good as its gearbox. It will ensure that the machine runs efficiently and lasts long.

This post will discuss how to determine the type of gearbox fluid best suited for Bush Hog machines.

I’ll cover the importance oil plays in gearboxes. What to look for when choosing oil and how to maintain your equipment. Let’s get started!

Bush Hog Gearbox Oil Type

Bush hog gearbox oil-type

The recommended oil for Bush Hog transmissions is SAE 8W90 API Gl-5. Heavy-duty engine oils are designed for high-temperature and pressure applications. Use the right gear oil for your Bush Hog for optimal performance.

Bush Hog Gearbox Oil Capacity

Bush Hog gearbox oils vary in size depending on the model. Most Bush Hog gearboxes, however, have a capacity of between 2 and 3 quarts.

Here is a chart of oil capacity for popular Bush Hog models:

ModelOil Capacity (Quarts)

bush hog gearbox oil weight

The viscosity or weight of the oil suggested for the Bush Hog gearbox can vary depending on the model and manufacturer’s guidelines. 

It is essential to check the specifications or manuals of the manufacturer to determine the exact weight of oil suggested for your particular Bush Hog gearbox. They’ll give the most precise information about the proper viscosity of the oil.

Bush Hog gearbox change interval

The Bush Hog gearbox change interval varies based on the model Bush Hog you have and the type of oil that you use.

Oil changes are recommended every 50-100 operating hours for the majority of Bush Hog Gearboxes.

If you use synthetic oil, however, you can increase the interval between oil changes to up to 100-200 operating hours.

How to Change and Check Gearbox Oil

Bush Hog equipment will perform better if you regularly inspect and replace the oil in the gearbox. These guidelines will help you to check and replace your gearbox oil.

  1. Then, apply the parking brake.
  2. Look for drain plugs as well as the filler in the gearbox.
  3. To prevent debris from entering the gearbox, clean the area surrounding the plugs.
  4. Test the oil level by removing the plug. You should check the level of oil according to the instructions for your equipment.
  5. Drain any old oil if it appears to be dirty.
  6. Install the drain plug after letting the oil drain completely.
  7. Fill up the gearbox using the oil recommended until it reaches the correct level.
  8. Install a fill plug and ensure that it is securely fastened.

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Choosing the right gearbox oil will help you get the most out of your Bush Hog machine.

Consider factors such as viscosity, the package of additives and the manufacturer’s recommendations when selecting the type of oil.

Inspection, maintenance, and oil changes in the transmission will ensure smooth operation and reduce damage.

Refer to your Bush Hog’s manual for instructions and consult an authorized retailer about recommendations based upon the Bush Hog and its operating conditions.

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FAQs – bush hog gearbox oil type

What type of oil to use in the gearbox?

Yes 80w90 or John Deere corn head grease if the seals leak, even 75w90 synthetic gear oil will work…………. Click to expand… I put grease in my flail mower gearbox rather than spend $80 on new seals.

What kind of mowers do Bush hogs use?

BUSH HOG VIRTUAL FARM SHOW Zero-Turn, Finishing Mowers, Tri-Deck Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters Single-Spindle Rotary Cutters Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

What kind of oil should I use for the Bush Hog gearbox? 

suggested using a high-performance grease or gear oil in your Bush Hog gearbox.