Bush hog gearbox oil type

3,895. Location. Beaver Dam Wisconsin then to Hohenwald, TN. Tractor. John Deere 3720. I acquired a Bush Hog and have no idea of the manufacturer. I beautified it but want to change the gearbox oil but am at a loss. Can you give me some direction as to type of oil. I am thinking 85 w 90 possibly.

FAQ bush hog gearbox oil type

What gear oil should I run in my Bush Hog?

I would stay with the manufacturer’s recommendation. I have a Taylor Way finish mower, and a King Kutter bush hog, they both recommend 90W gear oil. I am running AMSOIL 85W 140 in the King Kutter though.

Why buy genuine Bush Hog parts?

Your decision to buy only genuine Bush Hog parts will help you maintain your equipment in the safest, most economical and best performing operational condition. All parts are sold as individual parts and not a kit of the quantity required. If the illustration indicates a quantity of 2 required, then 2 must be ordered.

What type of oil to use in gearbox?

Yes 80w90 or John Deere corn head grease if the seals leak, even 75w90 synthetic gear oil will work…………. Click to expand… I put grease in my flail mower gearbox rather than spend $80 on new seals.

What kind of mowers do Bush hogs use?

BUSH HOG VIRTUAL FARM SHOW Zero-Turn, Finishing Mowers, Tri-Deck Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters Single-Spindle Rotary Cutters Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

Bush Hog Gearbox Oil

Bush Hog RDTH84 72 60 – Gearbox Oil Change

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