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BMW 330i Engine Oil Capacity

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How many quarts of oil does a BMW 330i take? In simple words, talk about the BMW 330i taking 7.5 liters. 


you can see here engine, engine oil capacity, and oil change intervals given table as on following the under. guys, do you know what kind of oil a BMW 330i takes?

if you don’t know then let’s see here the duration many car makers can use natural oils and BMW 330 requires synthetic  Engine oils. with some model procedures, different kinds need for others.


E46(1998-2006), E90/E91/E92(2004-2013),E93(2007-2013),F30/F31/F80(2012-),F34(2013-)

EngineEngine Oil capacityOil change Intervals
330i (2000 – 2006)M54 B306.520 000 km / 24 months
330xi (2001 – 2005)M54 B306.220 000 km / 24 months
330i (N52B30) (2005 – 2013)N52B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330i (N53B30) (2007 – 2013N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330xi (N52B30) (2005 – 2008)M52 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330 xDrive (N52B30) (2008 – 2013)M52 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330xi (N53B30) (2007 – 2008)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330i xDrive (N53B30) (2008 – 2013)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330i (N52B30) (2005 – 2013)N52 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330i (N53B30) (2007 – 2013)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330i (2007 – 2010)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330i (2010 – 2013)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months
330d (2007 – 2010)MS7TU26.530 000 km / 24 months
330d DPF (2007 – 2010)MS7TU27.530 000 km / 24 months
330d (2010 – 2013)N577.530 000 km / 24 months
330d DPF (2010 – 2013N577.530 000 km / 24 months
330d (2012 – )N57D30n/a30 000 km / 24 months
330d xDrive (2013 – )N57D30n/a30 000 km / 24 months
330d GT xDrive (2014 – )N57D30n/a30 000 km / 24 months

What happens if you fail to alter the oil of your BMW 2021 330i?

Motor oil can also serve additional benefits and functions that include:

  • Aids in cutting heat – in addition to the explosions caused by the spark plug or gasoline, heat comes from friction between engine parts. This heat could cause major breaks in the conclusive parts of an engine. When oil circulates around the engine, heat is transferred out to cooler components. This process of dispersing heat ensures that every part of the engine will get too hot.
  • Reduces the possibility of engine knocking. Since parts, just like your engine’s pistons, do not touch the oil. It helps to lubricate them and stops the components from coming into contact. This prevents issues and breaks caused by knocking.
  • Helps protect the engine parts from corrosion. The additive found in the majority of oil is specifically designed in reducing oxidation and stopping corrosion.
  • Keeps the BMW 330i 2021 engine clean. This confirms that the engine operates at its maximum efficiency. The oil is able to pick up dust particles and dirt and then transport them to the filter, where they get caught. This decreases the chance of dirt accumulation within the engine, causing damage to the engine.
  • Helps improve fuel efficiency. The less slippery the parts of the engine, the less force is required to move them, meaning less fuel is needed to power the motor.

How often will the BMW 330i model from 2021 require an oil Change?

Oil replacement is among the most fundamental and massive services you can get for your vehicle. Synthetic oil should generally be changed every 12,000-15,000 miles. 

BMW recommends that you get your 2021 BMW 330i’s oil and filter replaced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for regular oil. 

It is recommended to read the owner’s guide and consult with your dealer to determine the best intervals for your car. 

Plaza BMW offers oil change options to keep your BMW 330i in top shape. Our service center aims to identify your vehicle first to determine if you need to change your oil or new transmission. 

This will save you time in the dealer, and money on unnecessary repairs, or unneeded repairs to your vehicle. We’re proud to be able to assist all BMW owners and are the most convenient place to maintain your 2021 BMW 330i in St Louis and the greater metropolitan region. 

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What oil does a BMW 330i take?

Depending on the model year and engine type, different types of oil are advised for BMW 330i vehicles. For the majority of the BMW 330i model years, however, BMW advises using synthetic oil that complies with the BMW Longlife-01 (BMW LL-01) specification.

BMW Longlife-01 oil is a totally synthetic, high-performance motor oil that was created especially to suit the strict specifications of BMW engines. It is made with great engine protection, lessened engine wear, and increased fuel efficiency in mind.

To make sure you are using the proper oil type and viscosity for your unique engine and model year, check your owner’s manual or speak with a BMW dealership. Additionally, it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s advised oil replacement intervals.

How much oil does a 2006 330i take?

SAE 5W-30 oil powers this 2006 BMW 330i. Five Quarts will fill it. BMW advises replacing oil with full synthetic.

How much oil does my BMW need?

Most engines require between 5 and 8 quarters of oil. For instance, a four-cylinder engine requires at least 5 quarts of motor oil, whereas a six-cylinder engine requires approximately 6 quarts. Call Richmond BMW today and talk with one of our customer service representatives for additional information.

Can I put 5W40 in my BMW?

Registered. This Castrol oil BMW used to determine the spec was in the middle of the weights of 30 and 40. Anything between 0W30 and 5W40 is acceptable if it is either the LL-98 or the LL-01 rating.

Can I put 10w40 instead of 5W30?

Your car does not require the 5W-30 type of oil. The suggested oil viscosity that your automobile needs, as per Kia documentation is 10W-40. If you are driving your vehicle in frigid conditions, with temperatures well less than 32°, it is possible to apply 5W-30 oil, but 10W-40 is perfectly acceptable to use when temperatures outside are lower than freezing.

What happens if you put too much oil in a BMW?

Numerous issues might arise when a BMW engine is over-oiled. If there is too much oil, it may foam and get aerated, which could lead to the oil pump sucking in air rather than oil. This may result in less lubrication and more internal engine component wear. The oil pressure sensor may also malfunction as a result of the frothy oil, which could harm the engine or trigger dashboard warning lights.

Another problem is that too much oil can cause the crankshaft of the engine to splash about in the oil, aerating and foaming the oil. This could result in the oil pump losing prime, reducing lubrication, and increasing wear on the engine’s internal parts.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil capacity and viscosity is crucial. Oil leaks from overfilled engines can be dangerous and expensive to repair. It’s crucial to constantly check the oil level and only add oil when necessary.

Do BMWs need special oil?

While many car brands are able to use organic oils, BMWs require synthetic engine oils in some models, needing different requirements than others. Synthetic oils are created using chemical compounds using controlled processes, which eliminate the presence of contaminants.


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