Best type of frankincense oil for cancer

Frankincense oil ( boswellia serrata ), made from the tree that grows in Africa and Arabia, is no exception — but it may have exceptional anti-cancer power. There was a reason the Three Wise Men brought this special oil to Jesus as a young child. Since biblical times, frankincense has been known as an anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting …

FAQ best type of frankincense oil for cancer

Can frankincense oil treat cancer?

Can Frankincense Treat Cancer? 1 Known to some as the “king of oils,” frankincense is derived from sap found in trees… 2 The benefits of frankincense. Its active component, boswellic acid, is an anti-inflammatory. 3 What the research says. Frankincense oil has been linked to treatments for ovarian, breast,…

Can essential oils help fight cancer?

Researchers concluded that, when administered, the oil appears to differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells. The oil can also suppress cancer cell viability. Similar results were found in a assessing the effects of oil from B. sacra on breast cancer cells.

Can you ingest frankincense oil?

You shouldn’t ingest any essential oil. Instead, dilute one to two drops of frankincense oil with 1 to 2 drops of a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil. Carrier oils help reduce the potency of essential oils to prevent your skin from having an adverse reaction.

What is the best carrier oil to use with frankincense?

Sacred Frankincense works extremely well with Rosehip carrier oil or Jojoba carrier oil, give either a try for another very good topical application option. Frankincense is spiritually calming and centering.

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