B20b Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


B20b Oil Type: To keep your B20b running, it takes the correct oil filter, knowledge, And oil. With a myriad of options And contradicting information on the internet, picking the right one can be like trying to navigate A maze. Be assured, brave motorist! 

This guide will cut through the clutter by providing you with current, accurate information about B20b types of oil capacities, filters, and costs for changing them As well As an easy-to-read table in a format that is easy to understand.


B20b Oil Type

B20b engines are specifically designed to run blends of biodiesel specifically B20 which is a mix of 20 percent biodiesel And 80 percent petroleum diesel. Selecting the correct type of oil is essential for optimum performance and longevity of the engine. 

Here’s a brief overview of the options Available:

Oil TypeDescriptionBenefitsDrawbacks
Oil B20 approved by the FDAParticularly designed specifically for B20 blendsMake sure that the engine is properly lubricated and has protectionCould be a little more expensive than regular diesel oils.
Diesel oil (CJ-4 or higher)Generally, B20 blends are compatible with B20 blendsAffordable and widely availableIt may not provide the same degree of protection as B20-approved oil

B20b Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil in the B20b engine you have will depend on the particular model And the year. Refer to the owner’s manual for the exact amount. 

Here’s an approximate number to give you an idea of the range:

Engine SizeApproximate Capacity of Oil
2.0L4.5 – 5.0 quarts
2.5L5.0 – 6.0 quarts
3.0L6.0 – 7.0 quarts

B20b Engine Specs

The B20B engine, a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder by Honda (1996-2001), powered vehicles like the Honda CR-V, Orthia, Stepwgn, and S-MX.

Below are some of the details for the engine B20B:

Type of Engine2.0L Naturally-Aspirated DOHC 4-cylinder
Bore x Stroke84mm x 90mm
HorsepowerThe engine produces 146 horsepower at 6800 RPM (US) or 142 hp at 7200 rpm (EU)
Torque737 lb-ft at 5200 rpm (US) or 133 lb-ft at 5500 rpm (EU)
Compression Ratio11.0:1
Redline7800 rpm
Valve TrainVTEC (Variable Valve Lift and Timing)
Fuel SystemMulti-point Fuel Injection (MPFI)
Ignition SystemDistributorless ignition System (DIS)
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Capacity for Oil4.5 Quarts (with filter)
Transmission Options5-speed manual

B20b Oil Filter

The selection of the best engine oil filter is essential to ensure efficient filtration and the optimal health of the engine. Always refer to the owner’s manual to determine the recommended part number for your filter. 


Some of the most popular choices are ACDelco the PF63e model, Wix 57356 as well as Fram Ph8933.

B20b Oil Change Cost

The price of an oil change for the B20b will differ depending on the location you live in As well As the type of oil and filter you select And whether you decide to do it yourself or go to An expert mechanic. 

Expect to pay between $50 to $150 for a simple oil change, but synthetic oil and filters that are premium increasing the price to $100 to $200.

B20b Oil Change

  1. The engine should be warmed up for a couple of minutes to warm the oil And Allow it to run more smoothly.
  2. Place your vehicle on an A level area and use your parking brake.
  3. Find the oil drain plug in the lower part of the pan for oil in the engine. Place the drain pan on top of the plug.
  4. Utilizing a wrench, unlatch the plug that drains the oil. let the oil go completely out of the pan.
  5. Once the oil is evaporated, you can remove the old oil filter by using the wrench for oil filters. Be sure not to spill any oil.
  6. Apply a light coat of fresh oil on the gasket of the brand-new oil filter. Attach the new oil filter with A hand-tight and tighten it for another 1/4 turn with the wrench for the oil filter.
  7. Install the drain plug for oil and tighten it up to the torque specified (consult the owner’s manual to find the torque specifications).
  8. Inject the new oil And then check the dipstick regularly to ensure that you don’t fill it too full. The B20B engine normally requires around 4 four quarts of oil.
  9. Begin the engine, and allow it to idle for A couple of minutes. Look for leaks around the drain plug for the oil and filter.
  10. Shut off the engine And then check the level of oil by using the dipstick. If necessary, Add more oil to bring it to its full level.

FAQ b20b oil type

What kind of engine does a Honda B20B have?

Honda B20B engine reliability, problems, and repair It is the largest engine of the Honda B-series, which also includes B16, B17, and B18. In this engine, an aluminum cylinder block with cast iron liners was used; its deck height was 211.84 mm.

What are the specs of a b20b/b20z?

Honda B20B/B20Z engine specs Manufacturer Honda Motor Company Also called Honda B20 Production 1995-2002 Cylinder block alloy Aluminum Configuration Inline-4 21 more rows …

What is the difference between the Honda B20A3 and B20A5?

The B20A3 and B20A5 are the predecessors to the B family. All B-series engines were based on the B20A, but most engine components are not compatible. For more information, refer to the F3-series Honda race car that used a B20A engine. Also, see the Honda B20A engine.

What is the valve clearance of a B20B engine?

The valve clearances for B20B are 0.08-0.12 mm for intake valves, and 0.16-0.20 mm for exhaust valves. The first modifications of the B20B engine had a compression ratio of 8.8 and a power of 126 HP @ 5,400 rpm, and the torque was 180 Nm @ 4,800 rpm.

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