Atc 250 big red oil type

Big Red: Model Code: TE04: Product Code: HA0: Frame VIN Location: On left side of frame neck: Engine Serial Location: … Engine Type: OHC single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled: Cylinder Arrangement: Single cylinder inclined 20 degrees: Valve Train: Overhead camshaft – chain drive … Starter Type: Electric starter and forward kick start: Oil Capacity – Total: 2.5 L …

FAQ atc 250 big red oil type

What is the best oil for my 86 250Es Big Red?

When I go to do an oil change on my 86 250es big red what is the best oil to use when I change it? Anything 10w-40 for wet clutches will do the trick.

What year did the Honda atc250es come out?

1985 ATC250ES Specifications Manufacturer Honda Year 1985 Model ATC250ES Model Name Big Red 63 more rows …

What kind of oil do you use in your ATV?

The Honda GN4 oil is the stock oil recommended for the application.. At about $20/gal it’s the same price as most of the major brand ATV oil. Why not avoid the guessing and go that way..??

What are the dimensions of a 1985 atc250es?

1985 ATC250ES Specifications Ground Clearance 165 mm (6.5 in) Dry Weight 184 kg (405.7 lb) Caster Angle 19.5° Trail 0 mm (0 in) 63 more rows …