4.3l Mercruiser Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


4.3l Mercruiser Oil Type: The maintenance of the condition of your 4.3L Mercruiser is crucial to maintaining its performance and longevity. A major and essential aspect of maintaining your vehicle is periodic oil replacements. 

The correct type of oil and capacity, as well as the proper filter, is essential to keep your engine in top shape. 


In this article I’ll look into the specifics of 4.3L Mercruiser oil type, capacity, filter size, and the cost of changing it, helping you to make informed choices and ensure that your boat is in good shape.

4.3L Mercruiser oil type

The recommended type of oil to use for your Mercruiser 4.3L engines is Mercury MerCruiser High-Performance Synthetic Blend engine oil 10W-30. 


This oil is specially designed specifically for marine engines and meets the NMMA FCW Catalyst Compatible certification specifications. It offers excellent protection against corrosion and wear, even in harsh marine environments.

Here is a table listing the types of oil that are recommended that are recommended for Mercruiser 4.3L engines:

Engine TypeRecommended Oil Type
Mercruiser 4.3LMercury Mercruiser High-Performance Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Engine Oil 10W-30

Mercruiser 4.3L Oil Capacity

4.3L Mercruiser oil is 4.5 US Quart. Here are the serial range details.

Ser. # Range: 0A331455 – 08773242


Ser. # Range: 0F803800 – 0K999999

Oil Capacity: 4-1/2 US qt (4.3 L)

Ser. # Range: 08773243 – 0M299999


Oil Capacity: 4-1/2 US qt (4.3 L)


Ser. # Range: OL012009 – 0M299999


Oil Capacity: 4-1/2 US qt (4.3 L)


Ser. # Range: 0M300000 and up


Oil Capacity: 4 US qt (3.8 L)

MCM 4.3L & MPI

4.3l Mercruiser Oil Filter

Here are some options for oil filters on a Mercruiser 4.3L engine:

  • Mercury Marine Mercruiser oil filter 3.0L 4.3L 5.7 350V8 35-866340K01 is available on Amazon
  • Mercruiser oil filter – GM 4.3L V-6 available at Michigan Motorz
  • Quicksilver 883702Q engine block mount oil filter for MerCruiser Stern Drive engines V-6, now available at Amazon
  • Marine Engine offers a Remote Oil Filter (4.3l/4.3x Alpha One Engine (262 Cid Gen Ii)) for Mercruiser Engines.
  • Wholesale Marine offers the Mercury – -Mercruiser 4.3L V6 oil change kit, which includes an engine oil filter.
  • Marine Engine Depot offers the 18-7876-1 I/O oil filter, which is a replacement for various oil filters.

To ensure compatibility and proper performance, it’s essential to select the right oil filter for your vehicle.


4.3l Mercruiser Oil Change

  • The engine should be Warmed up for a couple of minutes. This helps to reduce the Amount of oil in the engine And allows it to drain.  
  •  Install the drain pan for oil underneath the drain Plug for oil at the side of the engine.  
  •  Unplug the drain plug from the oil And allow the oil to drain completely.  
  •  Replace the plug that Drains oil and tighten it up.  
  •  Set the wrench for the oil Filter over the oil filter.  
  •  Unlock the oil filter And take it off.  
  •  Apply a thin coating of oil on the gasket of the new filter.  
  •  Attach the new oil filter on the engine by hand until it’s snug.  
  •  Enlarge the oil filter by using the Wrench for the oil filter until it is tight.  
  •  The cap on the oil filler is Open at the side of the motor.  
  •  Install a Funnel inside The hole to fill the oil.  
  •  Pour 5 Quarters of 25W-40 MerCruiser oil into The engine.  
  •  Take the funnel off and replace the cap for the oil filler.  
  •  Start the engine And look for Leaks.  
  •  Shut off the motor and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.  
  •  Verify the level of oil with the dipstick. You can Add oil if needed.

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For optimal performance and longevity, it is vital to use the right oil in your 4.3L Mercruiser. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines.

Regularly check oil levels and perform timely oil changes to keep your engine in top condition for years.

Prioritize the use of high-quality oil and filters and consider synthetic oils for enhanced performance and protection.

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FAQs – 4.3l Mercruiser oil type

What kind of oil do you put in a MerCruiser?

Recommended Oil. Mercury Marine, the manufacturer of the 4.3L MerCruiser engine, specifies that the owner uses Mercury MerCruiser Full-Synthetic Engine Oil, 20W-40, with an NMMC EC-W rating. This specific oil is recommended by the company for all MerCruiser engines, including the 4.3L.

What are the specs for a Mercruiser 4 3 L engine?

The engine has the same dimensions as the 4.3L/V-6, but it generates 15 more horsepower (205 vs 190). Mercury Marine produces boat engines, including the MerCruiser 4.3L. This engine comes in a variety of configurations, including the 4.3L V-6, 4.3 LH V-6, 4.3L EFI V-6, and 4.3 V-6 MPI.

Do you need a quick reference for your Mercruiser oil capacity?

Need a quick reference for your Mercruiser oil capacity? PartsVu’s Mercury Mercruiser Engine Oil Capacity Chart specifies the oil capacity for your specific engine and serial number range. Simply select your engine family, then make sure you are reviewing the correct serial number range for the engine you own.

Does non-mercury spec oil void the Mercruiser warranty?

I read somewhere in the Mercruiser manual that if an engine failure occurs due to non-Mercury spec oil, the warranty will be voided. What does everyone else run in their MerCruiser engines these days?

What type of oil should I use for my 4.3L Mercruiser engine? 

A high-quality marine engine oil that matches the standards indicated in your engine’s handbook is suggested. Typically, a multi-viscosity oil with a rating of 15W-40 or 20W-40 is suitable for the 4.3L Mercruiser engine.