4.3l Mercruiser Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

4.3l Mercruiser Oil Type: The Mercruiser 4.3L was introduced by Mercury Marine in 1991. This engine is a V8 2-stroke engine that is used in trimarans, tenders, inflatables, personal watercraft, and other applications. Everything you need to know about oil capacity and type is provided below.

Did you know there are numerous Mercruiser 4.3L engine options?

This is correct. If your Mercruiser 4.3L engines are fitted, you need also to know what sort of oil to use.

Mercruiser 4.3L engines have become among the most popular on the market.

They are also not surprising. For many years, their engines have weathered the test of time and offered dependable power. Heck, the motor’s 30-plus-year-old engine has been utilized in auto races across the country.

You must understand everything about the strong Mercruiser 4.3L engine, whether you intend to use it for racing or merely to provide reliable power for your fishing boat.

You will learn more about Mercruiser’s engine type, oil type, and oil capacity.

Understanding the 4.3L Mercruiser Engine

Mercruiser 4.3L engines are popular among marine vessels and boats due to their balance between power and fuel economy.

The engine’s V6 configuration, 4.3-liter displacement, and reliable performance make it a good choice for boating. It has enough power to perform water sports, cruise, and other leisure activities.

Mercruiser 4.3L Oil Capacity

4.3L Mercruiser oil is 4.5 US Quart. Here are the serial range details.

Ser. # Range: 0A331455 – 08773242


Ser. # Range: 0F803800 – 0K999999

Oil Capacity: 4-1/2 US qt (4.3 L)

Ser. # Range: 08773243 – 0M299999


Oil Capacity: 4-1/2 US qt (4.3 L)


Ser. # Range: OL012009 – 0M299999


Oil Capacity: 4-1/2 US qt (4.3 L)


Ser. # Range: 0M300000 and up


Oil Capacity: 4 US qt (3.8 L)

MCM 4.3L & MPI

Recommended Oil Type For The 4.3L Mercruiser Motor

Mercruiser recommends using certain oil types in its engines. This engine should be lubricated with 25W-40 marine motor oil.

Please note that exact oil requirements are dependent on a variety of factors including the climate, operation conditions, and usage.

4.3l Mercruiser Oil Filter

Here are some options for oil filters on a Mercruiser 4.3L engine:

  • Mercury Marine Mercruiser oil filter 3.0L 4.3L 5.7 350V8 35-866340K01 is available on Amazon
  • Mercruiser oil filter – GM 4.3L V-6 available at Michigan Motorz
  • Quicksilver 883702Q engine block mount oil filter for MerCruiser Stern Drive engines V-6, now available at Amazon
  • Marine Engine offers Remote Oil Filter (4.3l/4.3x Alpha One Engine (262 Cid Gen Ii)) for Mercruiser Engines.
  • Wholesale Marine offers the Mercury – Mercruiser 4.3L V6 oil change kit, which includes an engine oil filter.
  • Marine Engine Depot offers the 18-7876-1 I/O oil filter, which is a replacement for various oil filters.

To ensure compatibility and proper performance, it’s essential to select the right oil filter for your vehicle.

4.3l Mercruiser Oil Change

I can give you instructions on how to change the oil in a 4.3L engine Mercruiser. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Prepare the materials needed: you will need a fresh oil filter (the type and amount of oil recommended by your engine manual), an oil filter wrench or socket set, an oil drain pan, and gloves.
  2. Prepare the engine. Start by warming the engine up for a few moments to ensure that the oil flows smoothly. To prevent accidents, make sure that the boat is anchored or docked securely.
  3. Find the oil drain plug. The oil drain plug is usually located at the bottom of the engine oil pan. Place the oil pan underneath the engine to catch the old oil.
  4. Drain the old oil. Remove the drain plug using a socket wrench or a socket set. Let the old oil drain into the drain pan. Replace the drain plug after all the old oil has been drained. Tighten it.
  5. The oil filter is located usually near the pan of oil. Oil filter wrenches are used to remove and loosen the old oil filters. Carefully avoid spilling any oil. Apply a thin oil film to the rubber seal on top of the filter before installing the new one. After that, tighten the filter by hand. Use the oil filter wrench to tighten this filter additional three-quarters of a rotation.
  6. Find the oil fill cap or dipstick tube. It is usually located on top of the engine. Remove the cap and place it aside. Pour the amount of engine oil recommended into the engine using a funnel. Dipstick is a good way to check the oil level. Add more if needed. Do not overfill your engine.
  7. Remove the old oil and clean up any spills. Use rags, paper towels, or a rag to wipe off any oil. Be sure to tighten the oil filter and drain plug. You can dispose of your old oil filter and oil at an authorized recycling facility, or at an auto parts shop that accepts used oils.
  8. Double-check: Before you start the engine, check the oil filter and the drain plug. Make sure they are securely tightened. If necessary, clean up any oil that has remained.
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That’s it! Your 4.3L Mercruiser engine is now ready for an oil change. Consult your engine’s manual if you need any specific recommendations or instructions.

Mercruiser 8M0182227 Sterndrive 4.3L V6 Oil Change Kit

Genuine Mercury-Mercruiser OEM Part.

This Mercury 4-Stroke oil change kit includes everything you need to change your Mercruiser V6 Sterndrives 4.3L 4.3L oil.

Mercury’s DIY oil change kits are ideal for do-it-yourselfers who value time, money, and convenience.

Mercury engine oil, an oil filter, and a seal are included in this kit. It also includes instructions.

4-Stroke Outboard Oil Change Kit for Mercruiser Sterndrive V6 4.3L

The kit includes:

1 Liter Mercury 25W-40 Motor Oil (5) (1) Oil changing instructions for the OEM 883702K oil filter

Mercury Marine Engine Oil Advantages

Why use Mercury oil in Mercury outboard motors?

Mercury’s 25W-40 engine oils have sophisticated corrosion inhibitors that beat all other oil brands and meet industry standards.

These inhibitors keep corrosion and rust at bay in moist settings and during off-season storage.

Mercury also employs cutting-edge additive technology to provide 33% more camshaft protection than competing marine oils.

Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
Keeps engine performance and dependability at their peak.
Extreme temperatures and loads prevent thermal degradation.

Mercury advises changing the oil in your engine every 100 hours or once a year.

How to do Routine Maintenance on your Mercruiser 4.3L and Alpha One Drive | PowerBoat TV MyBoat DIY

How to Change Mercruiser Oil / EASY

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For optimal performance and longevity, it is vital to use the right oil in your 4.3L Mercruiser. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines.

Regularly check oil levels and perform timely oil changes to keep your engine in top condition for years.

Prioritize the use of high-quality oil and filters and consider synthetic oils for enhanced performance and protection.

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FAQ 4.3l mercruiser oil type

What kind of oil do you put in a MerCruiser?

Recommended Oil. Mercury Marine, the manufacturer of the 4.3L MerCruiser engine, specifies that the owner uses Mercury MerCruiser Full-Synthetic Engine Oil, 20W-40, with an NMMC EC-W rating. This specific oil is recommended by the company for all MerCruiser engines, including the 4.3L.

What are the specs for a Mercruiser 4 3 L engine?

The engine has the same dimensions as the 4.3L/V-6, but it generates 15 more horsepower (205 vs 190). Mercury Marine produces boat engines, including the MerCruiser 4.3L. This engine comes in a variety of configurations, including the 4.3L V-6, 4.3 LH V-6, 4.3L EFI V-6, and 4.3 V-6 MPI.

Do you need a quick reference for your Mercruiser oil capacity?

Need a quick reference for your Mercruiser oil capacity? PartsVu’s Mercury Mercruiser Engine Oil Capacity Chart specifies the oil capacity for your specific engine and serial number range. Simply select your engine family, then make sure you are reviewing the correct serial number range for the engine you own.

Does non-mercury spec oil void the Mercruiser warranty?

I read somewhere in the Mercruiser manual that if an engine failure occurs due to non-Mercury spec oil, the warranty will be voided. What does everyone else run in their MerCruiser engines these days?

What type of oil should I use for my 4.3L Mercruiser engine? 

A high-quality marine engine oil that matches the standards indicated in your engine’s handbook is suggested. Typically, a multi-viscosity oil with a rating of 15W-40 or 20W-40 is suitable for the 4.3L Mercruiser engine.

How often should I change the oil in my 4.3L Mercruiser engine?

The oil change interval varies according to factors such as engine usage, operating conditions, and the kind of oil used. At least once a year, or every 50 to 100 engine hours, the oil should be changed.

Can I mix different oil brands or viscosities?

It is generally best to avoid mixing different oil brands or viscosities unless specifically recommended by the oil manufacturer. Mixing oils with different formulations can affect their performance and may lead to inadequate lubrication.

How much oil does my 4.3L Mercruiser engine require? 

The exact oil capacity can vary slightly depending on the specific engine model. To determine the correct oil capacity, refer to your engine’s manual. Typically, a 4.3L Mercruiser engine requires around 4-5 quarts (3.8-4.7 liters) of oil for an oil change.

Do I need to use a specific oil filter for my 4.3L Mercruiser engine? 

It is recommended to use a high-quality oil filter that is designed for marine engines and compatible with your 4.3L Mercruiser engine model. Consult your engine’s manual or a trusted marine retailer to ensure you select the correct oil filter.

Should I check the oil level with the engine running or when it’s off?

It is best to check the oil level when the engine is off. This allows the oil to settle back into the oil pan, providing a more accurate reading on the dipstick.

Can I reuse the oil filter during an oil change? 

It is not recommended to reuse oil filters. To guarantee effective filtration and engine protection, it is recommended practice to replace the oil filter with a new one at each oil change.