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3208 Cat Engine Specs

Caterpillar 3208 is a versatile engine. Caterpillar 3208 is A plethora of engines that offer A variety of specs based on the particular design And model. 

To provide the most exact details, I’ll need more information regarding the engine 3208 that you are interested in. 


Here Are A few questions to assist me in narrowing the search:

SpecValue (Range)Notes
Engine TypeV8, 4-stroke cycle diesel
Bore x Stroke4.25″ x 4.73″ (108mm x 120mm)
Displacement636 cubic inches (10.4 liters)
AspirationTurbocharged, naturally aspirated or even aftercooledPower and torque are dependent on the aspiration
Compression Ratio17:1 to 18:1
Power Output175 to 250 horsepower (130 to 175 to 186 kW)
Torque450 to 650 lb-ft (610 to 881 Nm)
Fuel SystemMechanical injection
Cooling System Capacity18-22 gallons (68-83 Liters)
Engine Oil Capacity16-20 quarts (15.1-18.9 liters)Variable based on the model and the sump configuration
Engine Oil TypeAPI CI-4 or newerUse the oil recommended by Cat to ensure the best performance
Oil Filter TypeSpin-on or cartridgeRefer to your engine’s manual for the specific type of filter that you require.
Oil Filter Cost$20-$50Variable based on the brand and where it is located.
Oil Change Cost$100-$200Variable based on the labor rate and the disposal of oil fees.


Caterpillar 3208 engine Caterpillar 3208 is an extremely sturdy And reliable diesel engine that’s been employed in numerous applications, such as industrial, marine, And on-highway vehicles.


With An engine that can produce horsepower ranging between 210 and 435 And torque ranging from 520 to 720 pounds, it’s an adaptable engine that can be used for A variety of tasks.

When working with this engine, you must reference the exact specifications for the torque of different components to ensure that they Are properly assembled and function. I hope this article can be helpful to you in your requirements.

I thank you for spending the time to research 3208 Cat engine specifications, I wish you a lot of success in your endeavors!

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