3126 Cat Engine Specs 2023


3126 Cat Engine Specs

It is the 3126 cat engine that has become a legendary workhorse of the world of diesel engines, known for its durability, power, and versatility. 

It was first introduced in 1995. it was Caterpillar’s initial foray into mid-range electric engines and quickly became a popular choice for people working in various fields. Here are some of its key specifications:

Engine TypeInline 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Bore & Stroke4.72 in (120 mm) x 5.91 in (150 mm)
Displacement660 cu in (10.8 L)
AspirationTurbocharged, Aftercooled
Compression Ratio16.5:1
Horsepower300-755 hp (224-563 kW)
Speed Range1,800-2,400 rpm
Torque1,450 lb-ft (1,971 Nm)
Fuel SystemHigh-pressure common rail
EmissionsEPA Tier 3, IMO Tier II
Length71.2 in (1808 mm)
Width40.2 in (1021 mm)
Height52.0 in (1321 mm)
Weight2,315 lb (1,050 kg)
Oil Capacity13.7 US gal (52 L)
Cooling System Capacity20.8 US gal (79 L)


Thanks for being with me for this tour of the 3126 Cat engine’s capabilities. I hope that this article will provide you with useful information about its strengths and capabilities. 

When you begin an adventure with this powerful engine keep in mind that it’s much more than an engine. It’s an aid in reaching your objectives. Therefore, get out there to conquer your goals and have fun!