283 Chevy Engine Specs 2023


283 Chevy Engine Specs

The 283 Chevy engine, another legendary model within the Chevrolet small-block V8 line, was made from 1957 until 1967. 

Although not as well-known as its more famous sibling the 350 model, this engine has impressive specs and is an extremely popular choice for those who love to drive because of its reliability and ability to tune.


Here’s a summary of the 283 Chevy engine specifications:

Displacement283 cubic inches (4.6 liters)
Bore3.875 inches (98.43 millimeters)
Stroke3.0 inches (76.2 mm)
Horsepower185-283 horsepower (138-211 kW)Variable based on the year and the configuration (single/dual four-barrel carburetor and fuel injection)
Torque285-300 lb-ft (386-407 Nm)It varies based on the time of the year and the configuration
Compression Ratio9.5:1 – 10.5:1It varies based on the time of the year and the configuration
Fuel SystemCarburetor (single/dual four-barrel), Rochester Ram-Jet Fuel Injection (1957)
Engine Oil Capacity5 quarts (4.7 liters)
Engine Oil TypeConventional (consult the owner’s manual on viscosity)
Oil Filter TypeVariable based on the year and modelCheck the owner’s manual to find the part number of the oil filter.


The 283 Chevy engine the classic small-block V8 has left an irresistible impression on the world of automobiles.


With A capacity of 4.6 Liters, it could provide 283 horsepower and 283 lb.-ft. of torque and was a favored option for A variety of automobiles.

Its small size And light design made it a popular choice among racers and enthusiasts alike. The legacy of the 283 engine and its contributions to the history of automobiles are truly amazing.

I appreciate that you took the time to look into details about the 283 Chevy engine specifications with us. Thanks for taking the time to read And I hope you have a wonderful day!

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