2018 RAV4 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

2018 RAV4 Oil Type: It is important to change your oil regularly to keep the engine of your 2018 RAV4 running smoothly. 

But which type of lubricant should you use in your 2018 RAV4? How much oil does the RAV4 require? How often do you need to change your oil and filter?

I’ll answer your questions on how to change the oil in your Toyota RAV4 2018. I will cover the best type of oil, capacity, And filter As well As change costs.

This is a brief overview of what will be covered:

  • Oil Type: For a Toyota RAV4 2018, the best synthetic oil is 0W-20. Synthetic oil offers better protection And performance in extreme temperatures than conventional oils.
  • Oil capacity: A 2018 Toyota RAV4 can hold 4.6 quarts of oil. Don’t overfill the tank with oil, As it can damage your engine.
  • Filter: Toyota recommends that you use the Toyota 90915YZZF1 Oil filter for your 2018 RAV4. This oil filter is designed to trap dirt, and debris and keep your engine clean.
  • Cost of oil change: Prices for An oil change on A Toyota RAV4 vary depending on the location. Expect to pay between $30-$50 per oil change, including the replacement of filters.

2018 rav4 oil type

2018 Type of oil rav4

The recommended oil for A Toyota RAV4 2018 is a synthetic oil 0W-20. Synthetic oils Are Better At protecting And performing than conventional oils in extreme temperatures, particularly. The oils flow better at low temperatures and can improve fuel efficiency.

Here Are some examples of 0W-20 synthetic oil that is suitable for A Toyota RAV4 2018:

  • Mobil 1 Extended Performace 0W-20 Full-Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Pennzoil Platinum Full-Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil
  • Castrol Edge 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor oil
  • AMSOIL Signature Series Full Synthetic Motor oil 0W-20
  • Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, 0W-20

Please note that depending on the climate And driving conditions, the recommended oil type for your 2018 Toyota RAV4 will vary. For more information, please consult your owner’s guide.

2018 rav4 Oil Capacity

The engine oil capacity of this year’s Toyota RAV4 is approximately 4.6 quarters (or 4.3 milliliters) when it is equipped with four-cylinder engines.

Be aware that the capacity of oil may differ depending on the specific engine model And other variables. Always consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle to determine the exact capacity of oil for your specific model.

2018 Rav4 Engine Specs 

This table provides the specifications of the engine of the new Toyota RAV4:

EngineHorsepowerTorqueTransmissionDriveFuel Economy (city/highway)
2.5L I4176 hp172 lb-ft6-speed autoFWD23/30 mpg
2.5L I4176 hp172 lb-ft6-speed autoAWD22/28 mpg
2.5L Hybrid194 hp295 lb-ftCVTAWD39/36 mpg

2018 Rav4 Oil Change

  • Parking the RAV4 is easy. Just park it on A flat surface.
  • Turn off the engine And engage the parking brake.
  • Allow the engine At least 15 minutes to cool.
  • Locate the cap on the oil filler. Remove the cap, And place it aside.
  • Place the oil pan underneath the oil drain plug.
  • Remove the oil drain plug using the wrench. Allow the old oil to drain into the pan.
  • Replace the oil drain plug with the wrench once the old oil is drained.
  • Use the oil filter wrench to remove the old filter.
  • Apply a thin layer of new oil on the gaskets of the new filter.
  • Install the new filter by hand, until it is snug.
  • Replace the old oil in the engine And follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Start the engine after replacing the oil cap.
  • Check for leaks after letting the engine run for several minutes.
  • Check the oil level after turning off the engine. If necessary, add more oil.


Selecting the correct oil type is essential to ensure the highest performance And protection that your Rav4 2018.

Synthetic oil, SAE 0W-16 is the preferred oil for this particular vehicle. it has many advantages over conventional oils.

Be sure to monitor the level of your oil frequently And change your oil according to suggested intervals to keep the engine operating smoothly.

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FAQs – 2018 rav4 oil type

What kind of oil does a 2018 Toyota RAV4 take?

A 2018 Toyota RAV4 uses fully synthetic oil, SAE 0w-20 in all temperatures. The SUV’s 4-cylinder engine has an oil capacity of 4.6 quarts. It is recommended to change Your oil every 7,500 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.

How often should I change the oil in my Toyota RAV4?

*Some model year Rav4 may have synthetic oil and require only one oil and filter change every 10,000 miles or 12 months. If your Toyota vehicle uses 0w-20 synthetic oil, the manufacturer has approved an oil change interval of 10,000 miles or 12 months.

How many liters of oil does an RAV4 xa50 take?

RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4,5 L (Service fill), 5,4 L (dry fill), Filter capacity 0,3 L 7500 km/ 6 months 0W-20, 5W-30, 15W-40, 10W-40 RAV4 XA50 (2018-2021) Engine Capacity Change interval Oil type RAV4 2.5 2WD Filter capacity 0,3 L, 4,5 L

How many liters of fuel does an RAV4 hold?

Oil type RAV4 2.0 16V VVT-i 2WD (USA) ACA26 4,2 L (Service fill), 4,9 L (dry fill), Filter capacity 0,2 L 5000 miles/ 4 months

What oil should I choose for my RAV4 2018?

For the 2018 Toyota RAV4 typically requires SAE 0.W-20 viscosity grade oil.

What is the recommended synthetic oil to be used in the 2018 RAV4?

It is, indeed. Toyota advises the use of synthetic oil on the 2018 RAV4. Synthetic oil is more efficient and protective, particularly in extreme temperatures and difficult driving conditions.

What if I used an alternative grade of viscosity in my RAV4 from 2018?

It’s best to stick with the recommended SAE viscosity grade oil 0W-20 for the best effectiveness and efficiency in fuel. Utilizing a different viscosity level could impact the engine’s performance as well as the efficiency of fuel.