2018 Nissan Rogue SV Oil Type, Capacity, Filter, & Change Cost


2018 Nissan Rogue SV Oil Type: Maintaining the 2018 Nissan Rogue SV’s engine’s health is vital to ensure maximum performance and long-term durability. regular oil change is crucial for keeping your engine running effortlessly and effectively. 

In this thorough guide, I’ll go over the details of your Rogue SV’s oil requirements, such as the recommended type of oil capacity, filter, and the cost of changing.


Its Oil Type: In the case of your new Nissan Rogue SV, the manufacturer recommends using five-w-30, synthetically manufactured oil. This kind of oil offers greater security from wear and tear, especially at extreme temperatures.

Capacity of Oil: Your Rogue SV’s engine is equipped with an engine capacity of 4.9 quarters. It is essential to use the right amount of oil to guarantee the proper lubrication of your engine and avoid engine damage.


Oil Filter: It is recommended that you use an oil filter on the 2018 Nissan Rogue SV is the Nissan Genuine Oil Filter (part number 15208-9N030). This filter is specially designed to trap harmful pollutants and safeguard your engine.

Price of Oil Change: The price for an oil change on a new Nissan Rogue SV ranges from $66-$102, based on whether you go with an independent or a dealership repair shop.

2018 Nissan Rogue sv oil type

The Recommended type of oil for the 2017 Nissan Rogue SV is 5W-30. This is the type of oil that is outlined within the manual for owners. It is also the one that Nissan dealers employ when they perform oil changes on these cars. 

Some people prefer to utilize the 0W-20 oil on the 2018 Rogue SV, as this is a low-viscosity oil which can result in better fuel efficiency during cold Temperatures. The final decision on the type of oil to use is the sole decision of the owner.

Here is a table that Summarizes the oil-type Suggestions for the year 2018 Nissan Rogue SV:

   Engine      Oil Type   
   2.5L 4-cylinder      5W-30 or 0W-20   

2018 nissan rogue sv Oil Capacity

The oil capacity of the new Nissan Rogue SV depends on the type of engine. Its 2.5L 4-cylinder engine comes with five quarters, while the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine comes with the capacity to hold 4.9 4 quarts.

Here’s a table that summarizes the oil capacity of the new Nissan Rogue SV:

EngineOil Capacity
2.5L 4-cylinder5 quarts
2.0L 4-cylinder4.9 quarts

2018 Nissan Rogue sv Oil Filter

This year’s Nissan Rogue SV uses a spin-on filter for oil. The most recommended oil filter for this model will be that of the Nissan Genuine Oil Filter (Part number 15208-65F0E). 

This filter has been Specifically designed specifically for this model of the Nissan Rogue SV and will ensure the best Protection for your engine.

Here is a list of oil filter models that are Compatible with the 2018 Nissan Rogue SV:

   Filter Brand      Part Number   
   Nissan Genuine      15208-65F0E   
   Purolator      PL14612   
   WIX      53069   
   Bosch      3300   
   K&N      HP-3045   

2018 Nissan Rogue sv Oil Change

Changing your Nissan Rogue SV’s oil is a simple process that you can do yourself or have a professional perform. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you:

  1. Gather the required tools and materials, including an oil filter wrench (or wrenches), a drain pan, the new oil filters, and the recommended quantity of synthetic 0W-20 oil.
  2. Engage the parking brake and park your car on a level surface.
  3. Find the oil drain hole under the engine, and place the drain pan below it.
  4. Unscrew the drain plug, and allow all the old oil to drain.
  5. Once the oil has been drained out, replace the plug and tighten it securely.
  6. Oil filter wrench: Locate the oil filter, usually on the side or bottom engine.
  7. Install the oil filter manually, by applying a thin coat of oil onto the rubber gasket.
  8. Remove the oil cap from the top of the motor.
  9. Use the oil fill port to pour the recommended quantity of 0W-20 synthetic oil into your engine.
  10. Make sure the cap is properly tightened and replace it.
  11. Start the car and let it run. Then check for any leaks.
  12. Your engine should be turned off; let it alone for a while.
  13. Use the dipstick and add oil if necessary.
  14. Do not dispose of your old oil or filter in an unreliable manner.
  15. Note the date of the oil change for future use.


The most effective oil suitable for Nissan Rouge is the one that is compliant with the standards of LSAC GF-5 and GF-6. This includes the motor we mentioned earlier. 

When selecting the best oil, you should always take into consideration the quality of your car, oil benefits, as well as engine performance. Select the one that will provide your engine with maximum protection and efficiency.

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FAQs – 2018 Nissan Rogue sv oil type

What kind of oil does a 2018 Nissan Rogue take?

2018 Nissan Rogue: What is the oil type and capacity? The 2018 Nissan Rogue with a 2.0 L 4Cylinder engine has an A4 quart oil capacity while the 2.5 L 4Cylinder has an A4.9 quart capacity with the oil filter included. Nissan suggests using a fully synthetic SAE 0W-20 oil in both of those engines.

Why is my 2018 Nissan Rogue low oil alert?

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