2017 rzr 570 s oil type

Joined Apr 14, 2017. ·. 259 Posts. #4 · Jul 25, 2017. SW570S said: I just did an oil change, dropped tank, crankcase and both turbo drain and opened filter housing to drain that as well. Engine was hot and I collected every drop. Measured out to 7.25L of oil. Dont skip the oil drains from the turbos that area of the crankcase holds a fair …

FAQ 2017 rzr 570 s oil type

What oil do you use in your RZR 570?

Sure it has been asked before but what oil are people using in your 570 and how many liters does it take when doing a oil change I’ve been running Mobil1 Synthetic 0W40 in my 2014 RZR 570, here in Minnesota (like you extreme lower temps vs. higher temps, so 0W40 should be just fine!). However recommended is Synthetic 5W50. As for the quantity….

What kind of oil do you use in your Polaris?

However recommended is Synthetic 5W50. As for the quantity…. Check your "Owners Manual" or the "Polaris Lube Chart"!! Otherwise it’s 2 quartz or 1.9 liters… Fully synthetic 5W-50 is the proper, recommended oil. 2 quarts is the proper, correct quantity. Click to expand… No it’s just ordinary motor oil. Full synthetic Polaris Oil.

How much oil do I put in my 2016 Ranger 570efi?

I’ve changed oil in my 2016 570efi midsize ranger twice now and have put the recommended 2 quarts in each time, however according to the dipstick it is way overfilled. I had to drain about 3/4 quart to get it down even close to the required level on the dipstick.

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Why is my oil level so high in my 570?

The moisture and gas in the oil will raise the oil level. The gas in the oil reduces its ability to lubricate properly, which will promote premature wear. Change the spark plug. 570s will eat a plug now and then. I’m going to change the plug and the fuel just to be sure, then just keep an eye on it.

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