2017 gmc acadia oil type [Update 2023] ❤️

Do you an owner of the 2017 Chevrolet Acadia? Would you like to know which oil type to use on your vehicle? You are at the correct spot if you selected “yes” to any of these questions.

you are in the correct place. In the article below we will examine the significance of selecting the right oil type, the various kinds of oil that are available in the market, and the best way to pick the most suitable option suitable for your 2017. GMC Acadia.

2017 GMC Acadia Oil Type

In 2017, the GMC Acadia is advised to apply synthetic 5W-30 oil that meets GM Dexos 1 specifications.

It is crucial to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for the type of oil and viscosity in order for optimal engine performance and safety. It is recommended that you can get the information in your owner’s manual for your vehicle.

2017 GMC Acadia Oil Capacity

The Acadia model from 2017 with a 3.6L V6 engine has an oil capacity of 6.0 Quarts (5.7 liters) for a typical oil change.

However, it is always recommended to refer to the manual of the vehicle owner for the recommended oil capacity as well as other essential information about maintenance.

Different kinds of oil For 2017 gmc acadia

There are three kinds of oil that are available in the market that are available: synthetic, conventional high mileage, and high mileage.

Conventional oil

Conventional oil is the most frequently used kind of oil. It’s a simple oil made by removing crude oil. It’s safe for all vehicles such as the latest GMC Acadia.

It’s not recommended for vehicles that are utilized in extreme conditions, or for performance automobiles.

Synthetic oil

Synthetic oil is an ultra-performance oil created to provide greater protection for the engine in your car.

It’s composed of chemical compounds that make it stronger and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Synthetic oil is more costly than conventional oils, however, it lasts longer and has better performance.

High mileage oil

Oil for high-mileage is made for cars that have over 75,000 miles countdown. It’s designed to reduce the amount of oil used leaks, oil consumption, and wear and tear on engines.

High mileage oil is enriched with additives to help recondition gaskets and seals, thus preventing leaks.

What should you look for in the right oils for your 2017? GMC Acadia

The process of selecting the right oil for your vehicle can seem overwhelming However, it does not have to be. When selecting the best oil to use on your Acadia in 2017, bear the following factors in mind. GMC Acadia.

Owner’s instruction manual

The owner’s guide for your vehicle should serve as your first source of information when choosing the right oil for your vehicle. The manual will give you the suggested oils, their viscosity, and type as well as other specifications.

Conditions for the weather

If you reside in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, like hot winters or freezing summers, you should choose an oil that is suitable to the climate.

For instance, in the event that you reside in an area with a hot weather zone, you should choose an oil that’s designed to withstand high temperatures.

Conditions for driving

If you are using your 2017 GMC Acadia for towing or hauling huge weights, you should choose an oil made specifically for the conditions. The high-mileage oil is an ideal option for vehicles that are utilized for hauling or towing.

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Personal preference

You can always ask your technician for advice or do some online research if you’re unsure of the sort of oil you need to select. You can take into consideration your preferences and your budget.

What is the Best Oil for GMC Acadia?

The right oil for your Acadia is crucial. A choice of the wrong viscosity may cause damage, and different brands can provide a range of benefits for your vehicle. 

In all versions of Acadia, such as the GMC Acadia, SAE 5W-30 is the most suitable option when it comes to engine oils. 

The only restriction is when driving at temperatures that are below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In those instances, you must make use of SAE 0.W-30.

It’s not enough to simply change your oil or mix the new oil with your old. Instead, you should remove your old one completely before and replace it with the new one. 

Also, you should change the filter that is dirty. If it’s not replaced, it won’t be able to hold dirt and grime, which can cause dangerous buildups of sludge and other particles.

If you’re planning to do this by yourself or opt to buy your own oil and bring it to a mechanic, remember that you’ll require several bottles. 

The GMC Acadia requires between 5 to 6 quarts of oil in accordance with the dimensions of the engine.

How often do you need to clean the engine on a GMC Acadia?

Because the Acadia makes use of synthetic oil for motors, you will only have to change the oil once every 7,000 – 10,000 miles. 

Certain kinds of oils allow you to extend the time between changing oil intervals, which can be anything between 10,000 to 20.000 miles. 

If you are using the extended drain type of oil ensure you are pairing it with an extended-life oil filter.

2017 GMC Acadia oil Filter for the Acadia.

A recommended filter for oil to be used in 2017. GMC Acadia depends on the engine type.

When the Acadia is fitted with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine The suggested oil filter is the ACDelco PF2257G.

In the event that your Acadia is equipped with a 3.6L V6 engine, the suggested oil filter is the ACDelco PF63E.

However, it is always recommended to check the manual of the vehicle owner for the recommended oil filter as well as other essential information about maintenance.

2017 gmc Acadia Oil Change

For the oil replacement on an Acadia from GMC Acadia in 2017, you will need: GMC Acadia, you will require the following items:

  • The recommended quantity and type of oil (synthetic 5W-30 which meets GM Dexos 1 specifications)
  • It is recommended to use an oil filter (ACDelco PF2257G, for the 2.5L engine as well as ACDelco P63E to fit the 3.6L V6 engine)
  • A wrench for oil filters
  • A drain pan
  • A funnel
  • A paper towel or rag

Below are the steps to take to change your oil:

  1. Make sure that the engine is cool and is parked on an even surface.
  2. Take off the cap for oil fill in the front of your engine.
  3. Find the drain plug for oil at the base of the pan and place the drain pan on top of it.
  4. Utilize a wrench to unlatch the drain plug. Then gently remove it by hand, and allow oil to drain away into the pan.
  5. When the oil has been completely removed After that, you can replace the drain plug and tighten it up to the torque specified by the manufacturer.
  6. Find the oil filter, and then use the wrench for the oil filter to take it out.
  7. With a clean rag or a paper towel clean the surface of the mounting for an oil filter that is new.
  8. Apply a thin layer of clean oil on the gasket made of rubber of the fresh oil filter.
  9. Install the new filter by hand, and then turn it counterclockwise until it is comfortable.
  10. Fill the engine up with the appropriate amount of oil by filling a funnel.
  11. Replace the cap that fills with oil.
  12. Get the motor started and let it run for a short time and then test the level of oil and add additional oil if necessary.
  13. Examine for any leaks in the drain and oil filter plug.
  14. Make sure to dispose of the oil used up and filter.
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It is essential to refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle for the suggested oil change intervals, as well as other vital information about maintenance.

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Regular maintenance is vital to ensure that the GMC Acadia is in good condition and in a good running period of time. A very crucial method of maintenance is keeping your oil changed on a regular basis. 

It is important to be sure to use the correct oil for your car while doing this. In this instance, it is recommended to use SAE 5W-30 dexos1 fully synthetic motor oil.

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FAQ 2017 gmc acadia oil type

What kind of oil should I apply in my new 2017 GMC Acadia?

The oil of choice is synthetic 5W-30 which meets GM Dexos 1 specifications.

Can I utilize traditional oil in place of synthesized in the Acadia?

It is advised to utilize the synthetic oils in the Acadia however, you can utilize conventional oil as an alternative.

When should be the interval between oil changes in my Acadia 2017?

The manufacturer suggests changing the oil at least every 7500 miles or for 12 months, whichever is first.

What is the capacity for the oil of GMC Acadia in 2017? GMC Acadia?

The capacity of oil in the year 2017 Acadia equipped with a 3.6L V6 engine is 6.0 quarters (5.7 milliliters).

What is the best oil filter to use on my 2017 Acadia?

A recommended filter for oil is based on the type of engine. For instance, the ACDelco PF2257G is suitable for the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. Likewise, the ACDelco PF63E is suggested to be used for those with the 3.6L V6 engine.

Can I last longer between oil change intervals if I’m using synthetic oil?

The good news is that it is possible to last longer between oil changes using synthetic oil, however, it is essential to adhere to the recommended intervals for oil changes.

If I fail to alter the oil in my Acadia?

If you don’t regularly change your oil in your Acadia then the oil can get dirty and reduce its effectiveness which can cause engine damage or even failure.

Do I have the ability to alter the oil in my Acadia by myself?

It is true that you can replace your oil in your Acadia at home if you have the tools required as well as follow the manufacturer’s suggested steps.

Do I need to warm the engine prior to changing the oil?

It is not required to heat up your engine prior to replacing the oil however it can assist in making the draining of oil easier.

What is the most effective approach to dispose of filters and used-up oil?

Filters and oil used in the past should be disposed of at recycling centers or an automobile parts shop that will accept old oil and filters to be recycled.

Do I have to reuse the oil filter?

The rule of thumb is that it is NOT recommended that you reuse the oil filter because it can be contaminated by dirt and particles after the previous oil change.

Do I have to blend different kinds of oils in my Acadia?

It is recommended to use the same type and brand of oil for your Acadia however, it is possible to mix several kinds of oil in the event of an emergency.

Do I have to apply oil on my Acadia without having to change the filter?

Absolutely, you can apply oil on your Acadia without replacing the filter, however, it is nevertheless recommended to replace the filter at each oil service.

What should I do in the event that have a mistake and overfilled my oil in the Acadia?

If you have filled the oil too much in your Acadia, you should eliminate the excess oil with a suction pump or by emptying the oil and refilling it back to the right level.